Review of the JJC Multi-Function Battery Case

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a professional reviewer; I review the things I buy as a consumer. I am not at all sponsored. I am an average consumer, giving my consumer thoughts.



I mentioned this before in a post that my LYNCA WATERPROOF MEMORY CARD CASE WITH BUILT-IN USB 3.0 CARD READER, that I also happened to have reviewed before, has bit the dust. In my review, I also mentioned its flaw in that the contact where you connect the USB cord has no rubber seal or gasket to inhibit water from seeping into it and causing problems on the reader itself. And so, it get water damaged because there was indeed water seeping into the flaw and destroying the card reader and rendering the LYNCA WATERPROOF MEMORY CARD CASE WITH BUILT-IN USB 3.0 CARD READER a glorified SD card case. (It is nice to note, I have since bought a Transcend USB 3.0 Card Reader to transfer my photos to my PC)

Photo from JJC


I stumbled upon the JJC BC-2XQD1 Multi-Function Battery Case for the Nikon EN-EL15 battery that also houses an XQD card and that got me thinking if they had one that can house an SD card or 2, because this may help with organization and when I travel or have shoots.

Photo from JJC


I then found the JJC BC-UN2  Multi-Function Battery Case that can house different battery models (one of which is a Nikon EN-EL15), and lo and behold, it holds an SD card! Make that 2!

My only caveat is that I have 3 EN-EL15 (1 from Nikon and 2 from Wasabi Power), 4 SD Cards (2x SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB, 1x SanDisk Ultra 32GB, and 1x SanDisk 16GB), and 1 MicroSD Adapter. Technically, I can house all my cards if I do purchase 3 cases, but it can get crowded in my bag if I have so many of these cases that I juggle around to get a battery or a specific card.

A few months ago I saw this:

Photo from JJC


The JJC BC-3SD6 Multi-Function Battery Case is similar to the JJC JJC BC-UN2  Multi-Function Battery Case as it universally houses different types of batteries and 2 at that. It now houses 6 SD Cards and it also houses its own JJC CR-SDMSD1 USB 3.0 Card Reader.

This is near perfect, only that I have 3 EN-EL15 batteries. Thankfully though, when I do go out on shoots, travel, or whatnot, I obviously have 1 of the EN-EL15 batteries in my D7200 already, so the other 2 are on standby, thus this case can still work for my needs.

The only problem will be when I’m at home since this only houses 2 batteries and the third battery will become, well, a third wheel of sorts. However, I have Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, so the 3rd battery, if charged, will be placed in my dry box in certain container, in a certain orientation, to remind me that it is indeed charged. The 2 batteries in the case will always be charged, but in the event that I used up one of the batteries at home, I will then move the 3rd battery in the case, so I can still remind myself that these are the charged ones. The consumed battery will now be relegated to the container where the 3rd battery was, and now in a different orientation telling me that it is consumed. If in the rare chance that I am out and about and I consumed a battery and need to replace it, the consumed batter will be placed in the case UPSIDE DOWN to tell me that I used that battery already. And lastly, I did place a sticker with a number, so I know in what order of batteries I have already used. So there, my long, unnecessary explanation on how I can still use this albeit only housing 2 out of my 3 EN-EL15 batteries, along with how I use my batteries in a certain order. ANYWAY!

So I ordered one in Lazada, but to my chagrin! I didn’t read what I ordered! I ordered another model!

Photo from JJC


The JJC BC-3LPE6 Multi-Function Battery Case is marketed as a case specifically for the Canon LP-E6 or LP-E6N and no mention of the Nikon EN-EL15! I was trying to cancel it but the order was already processed and on its way to the logistics facility.

Panicked and disappointed in my obvious brain farting moment, I decided to research if the 2 batteries are similar enough in dimensions for me to still use this with having to do something really drastic to it.

First off, when reading my intended order, the JJC BC-3SD6 Multi-Function Battery Case, as it universally fits other types of batteries, I looked to see if there was the Canon LP-E6 or LP-E6N in the compatibility list, and thankfully it was there! So in theory, if this also houses the LP-E6 or LP-E6N, and that it houses the EN-EL15, then the model I ordered should be able to accommodate my batteries, right?

Unconvinced, I looked through the interwebs and found the data sheet for both batteries from a 3rd party manufacturer and compared the dimensions, and by looking at the dimensions, in theory again, this model should fit my batteries. I should breathe a sigh of relief now, right?

Still unconvinced and in desperation mode, funny how desperation makes one think creatively, I recalled that there is a battery provider stall in the local mall and decided to have them visit. I explained if I can see both the Nikon EN-EL15, as well as the Canon LP-E6, that they both had on hand, and compare the dimensions since I screwed up my order. The salesman was very understanding and made me compare the batteries, and there was a very great chance that it will fit.

As the item arrived, I was all worried if it really does fit, and well, it did! That was the first time I screwed up an order for anything, so that was an eye opener and I really need to triple check my orders before confirming.

That’s enough of my introduction and a bit of story time, now let’s go for some specs!


Photo from JJC


The specs will be for the JJC BC-3LPE6 Multi-Function Battery Case, but the dimensions will be similar across other models. I will however include the measurement for this particular model’s cut foam for the battery and that of the USB card reader.

Weight Net  Weight(g) 106g
Gross Weight(g) 121g
Size Full Size 126*88*31mm
Package Packaging type Carton
Packing size 90*165*33mm
Material PC+Silica gel+EVA

Product Highlights:
1. 2 in 1 multi-function battery case
2. Fits different battery models
3. Can store extra memory cards
4. Made of high quality PC material, sturdy and durable
5. Protects your cards from dust, shock and water splashing
6. Better protection for your battery, make it away from short circuit

1. Canon LP-E6/E6N x 2
2. SD Card x 6
3. JJC CR-SDMSD1 USB 3.0 Card Reader x 1 (Sold Separately)

Below are the measurements of the cut foam for the battery and USB Flashdrive or Card Reader. Both the foam to hold the batteries/Card Reader and the SD Cards are held in place with 3M adhesive.


The case has a black semitransparent frosted finish (the only finish). You can see a yellow trim, and that is the rubber gasket in yellow (only color), and it can be removed as it is not permanently placed – that provides pros and cons which will be discussed later. This is for “water splashing” protection.

In the above picture, you can also see how the latch is not the usually unlatches “upward” in relation to the top half of the case.

Plastic is made of polycarbonate (PC), silica gel, and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA); now I am no expert with these materials and such, but by JJC’s wording “Made of high quality PC material, sturdy and durable” and the fact it “Protects your cards from dust, shock and water splashing”, it sounds like this can take a beating when dropped, but in my review below, I didn’t do the drop test.


All packaged simply, as well.

I would also like to mention the other models available:

BC-3NPW126 for Fujifilm NP-W126/W126S x 2 and SD Card x 6; Photo from JJC
BC-3SD6AA for AA Battery x 8 and SD Card x 6; Photo from JJC
BC-3XQD3 universal for batteries ≤ 59 x 39 x 20mm and XQD Card x 3; Photo from JJC
BC-3CF2 universal for batteries ≤ 59 x 39 x 21mm and CF Card x 2; Photo from JJC
BC-3SD6 universal for batteries ≤ 59 x 39 x 22mm and SD Card x 6 (THIS IS THE MODEL I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET); Photo from JJC


I will not mention the other models that only house one battery.

Now let us move on to the actual review.


Let’s start with the build quality and overall aesthetics: the build quality is indeed high. Even being made of entirely plastic, with only metal rods holding the hinges for the latch and the hinges for the 2 halves of the case, it still feels quality. Aesthetically, it only comes in a semitransparent black frosted finish and a yellow rubber gasket, and in that aspect, I’m alright with; most of my gear is already black anyway, but the yellow accent helps with what would be yet another pure black item. Love the clean lines and the overall simplicity of the design; I believe I mentioned this before in my review of the LYNCA WATERPROOF MEMORY CARD CASE WITH BUILT-IN USB 3.0 CARD READER, that I didn’t like the suitcase look of it and would have rather had clean lines and simple design. And that’s what I got with this JJC BC-3LPE6 Multi-Function Battery Case.


The foam is held in place with 3M adhesive as mentioned in the specifications portion of this post, and it certainly hold the foam in place when removing batteries/SD cards from their housing. It also helps that the cutouts for the SD cards and that battery is such a snug fit that when opening the case, there is no chance of them falling off their cutout foam housing. Of course, the batteries may fall off with force if held upside down, but that is why the battery cutouts are on what is the bottom half of the case.

Not sure if it was because I got the wrong model since this is for the LP-E6/LP-E6N models, but at first it was a bit tough placing my EN-EL15 batteries (albeit, reading back to how I checked the data sheet for their dimensions, read the JJC site for the max dimensions of the cutouts, and going to the mall to physically compare the dimensions, it should have fit without too much force). Maybe a millimeter off the width, but eventually, the foam, with a bit of coercion, was able to accommodate the EN-EL15 a lot easier now since it loosened up a bit.

As for the SD card cutouts, again, they fit snugly, but my only gripe would be the notch on the side in order to lift it from the housing; it is a tad too small even for my pinky to fit in and easily lift of the card (and note, I have small hands, owing to the fact I’m a small guy). It is possible, but really fiddly, and if you are in a hurry to change SD cards, this may slow you down. Finger nails, as long as you have a reasonable length that won’t gouge someone’s eyes out, then you can indeed lift it off from the housing, but still not as intuitive.

Both are minor gripes, but gripes to take note of.


Now let’s talk about the rubber gasket that is not permanently placed. It is great for cleaning purposes, for being a bright yellow rubber gasket, in time it may get scuffed up, and removing it from the case makes it a breeze to clean up and looking as new. The bad thing about that is that it is quite easy to accidentally remove it from the case, and it you are not paying attention, may drop it and lose it.

At first, I wouldn’t care if I did lose it as its purpose is to prevent dust or water from going in for the most part, but I soon realized that it has yet another purpose.


Upon discovering that, it is now imperative not to lose the gasket and being unable to lock down your case (in desperation, I guess you can just use a rubber band to tie the case down).

As mentioned, I didn’t have the drop test (LOL), but it looks sturdy enough to survive a certain fall, from a certain height, on a certain pavement, and at a limited number of times.

As for the “water splashing” protection, I decided to test it as an actual water proof test by submerging the case in water for at least 2 minutes. Without any of my batteries of cards inside, of course (LOL).


Since I use a pail of water as I was lazy to wait around in the sink of the bathroom to do this test, I submerged each side for a minute each (thus 2 minutes total), thoroughly dry it off before opening it.


Overall it is indeed dry, but expect some residual water between the top half of the case and the gasket and it can cause a splash back unto the case. But this minute amount of water is not a cause of concern. And if you did accidentally drop this case in the pool, surely you will try and recover it quickly, then dry the exterior thoroughly, and opening the case to remove the items inside it and place them aside just to avoid any water that may have entered the case.

My only concern at this point are the metal rods used in the hinges if they are stainless steel. But only time will tell after this test.

Now let’s have my final thoughts!

Final Thoughts:

As someone that is very particular with organization, both when out shooting or even in storage at home, this is a perfect item for me. The fact that it house 2 out of my 3 EN-EL15 batteries and can hold all up to 6 SD cards all in one case, this is a great add on for my photography gear when I’m out; instead of looking for my extra battery, then look for my SD card case separately, and it is another thing too keep in mind to make sure I don’t leave any of the separate items. Having them in one case, makes it tidier in any of my bags, and again, they are all in ONE case, as opposed to being separate.

I wished the USB card reader cutout was a little more of “standard” size of USB flashdrives, so I could have place my Transcend card reader there along with an OTG dongle, so absolutely everything is one place.


So for now, the OTG dongle and my card reader are on a separate case, as well as my tools and microfiber cloths are still on separate cases, but I’m alright with that. Especially when I’m looking at the Tycka cleaning kit that comes with a nice hard case. I can then put my tools and cleaning accessories also in one case, and who knows, maybe the OTG dongle and card reader as well.

Image result for tycka cleaning kit
My next possible purchase


Going back to the JJC BC-3LPE6 Multi-Function Battery Case, do I recommend it? ABSOLUTELY. And if you are reading this review, most likely you are also particular with organization, both on the shoot or for storage at home, and this one is perfect for that need.

And with that!

‘Til next time! PEACE!!

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