2016: A Review

DISCLAIMER: Photos of celebrities are not mine. Credits to the owners.

Waking up on the last day of 2016, at least in this part of the world, at noon, gives me but 12 hours (or less at time that this post is… well… posted) to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. This may be enough time for most people to just give a one sentence summary of their 2016, but not me; this year has been good to me, and I will take you by the hand and take you back to the best parts of the year, some bad parts that are far and in between, and you will know why this has been my year.

Let’s start off with the obvious bad parts of the year, though it may not have affected my life directly, these personalities were a big part of my childhood that I can’t go unaffected by their deaths. I am, of course, talking about the celebrity deaths. Now deaths are never nice, no matter the person, no matter the time, and I felt that it was such a bad coincidence that their time came up in 2016 giving 2016 such a bad rap. The deaths that hit me hard were that of John Glenn, Mercury 7 astronaut; I am an avid fan of anything to do with space and the early 60s space race that led up to the Apollo missions and landing on the moon were of my favorite in science history. John Glenn and the rest of the Mercury astronauts paved the way for NASA and all other space agencies we know today and the science of space travel we know today. And like his flight before launch, God Speed… John Glenn.


Next on my list is David Bowie; being a fan of the rock scene from 50s-90s, it is no surprise that I am gutted by his death. I in particular love his songs Life on Mars, Rebel Rebel, Starman, Heroes, and The Man Who Sold the World. You may ask me why Space Oddity is not in the list, if you know well enough, I tend to not like songs that become too mainstream. His style of music and fashion for his time was definitely ahead of his time. So influential that he influenced my all time favorite band, The Cure, to come into fruition. You are now one with the stars, Mr. Ziggy Stardust.


Alan Rickman makes the list not for his contributions in the Harry Potter movies, but for my personal favorite movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as the Sheriff. He definitely cut our hearts out with a spoon.


Florence Henderson, now of course I wasn’t born yet in the original run of the Brady Bunch, I did catch a lot of the reruns and I remember watching them almost daily with my mom in the afternoons when I was younger. We honestly need more shows like the Brady Bunch again that shows family values, and having Florence Henderson as Mrs. Brady is perfect as she portrayed a mother to us all giving us wisdom.


Erik Bauersfeld, the voice actor for Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortun, as well as Kenny Baker, who portrayed R2-D2, both are, of course, from Star Wars movie lore, and being a Star Wars fan, this definitely gutted me. My love for science fiction truly began with Star Wars and losing them is like saying goodbye to my childhood and my humble beginnings for my love of science fiction. It reminds me I am no longer that kid anymore and I am an adult now, yet still loving science fiction and Star Wars.



Speaking of Star Wars, we can’t cap off this topic without talking about my original princess, Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia. All geeks like me would remember her in her Golden Bikini in Return of the Jedi, but I will always remember her for her smile in the outtakes; they were magical and perfect. This was the death that got me the most. And then sadly, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, also passed just a day after her.


Now honestly, that is the only bad I can say that happened this year. Even if it doesn’t affect my life directly, like I said earlier, they were a big part of me growing up, and it is just a confirmation that I am no longer a kid anymore with their deaths. With that out of the way, let us talk about the good! This may take awhile, but don’t worry, I still have a firm grip on your hand on this one.

Let us begin with the good stuff with… what is the greatest thing that happened to me in my life thus far, and that is, of course, me becoming an officially licensed physician.

Now let us go back a bit to 2014, where I had my knee operation and forced me to delay finishing my medical internship by at least 2 months and thus also forcing me to miss out on the August 2015 Physician Licensure Examination with my classmates.

I will admit, I was envious when my classmates took the exam and all passed the exam, whereas I, still had to finish my internship and waiting for March 2016 for my exam.

Needless to say, March 2016 came by, 12 difficult exams across 4 days in 2 weekends, and 2 days later, on March 16, 2016, they announced the successful passers of the physician licensure exam and there was my name.


I still can’t forget that day: I was out for lunch and coffee with my close friend Amanda, who was visiting the country as she moved to China for work and studies. She was here for a few weeks and we decided to meet up and hang out and just to help me calm down after the exam. The funny thing was I wasn’t able to eat a lot and she knows me well enough that I eat a lot despite my size, but I guess I was really feeling the effects of the exam at this point. After Japanese lunch (our favorite) and coffee we decided to go around the mall and we ran into my sister, Debbie, who happens to be a licensed physician too and is already a consultant at this point. The importance of running into my sister is apparent once me and Amanda decided to go home: I got a call from my sister, and since I just saw her in the mall, I thought she was calling me if I needed a ride going home, but it goes like this:

Debbie: Hey doc! (take note, we usually call eachother doc as a sign of professionalism and respect, so this was nothing new)

Me: Hey doc… sup?


Me:…………………………………….YOU LIE!

It turns out her bestfriend since their medical school days and co fellow in AUFMC Section of Cardiology, Dr Cheng, called her up after Doc Cheng’s boyfriend, Dr. Lloyd, found out I passed when he was checking the website.

I didn’t really believe it myself since I was at the website and was like refreshing it every 15 minutes. So when I went back and saw my name, I was on cloud 9. Truth be told, my right knee still hurts but I jumped for joy and the pain of jumping on my bad knee was worth it.

The best part was when I stormed out of my room and shouted from the door to my mom just across the living room laying down on the couch watching TV. As soon as I said it, I just blinked once, and she was right at my face giving me a tight hug! Then my dad got home from his afternoon jogging and when he found out he ordered pizza for us and the neighbors. It was nuts!

I got a barrage of messages/calls and what not from friends and mentors and it was one of the best feelings of my life. But of course, I still have a long way to go so I couldn’t just settle with this. I still have residency training, hopefully midyear next year.

I will also mention that I lived in Manila for almost 4 months while I was reviewing for the exam and having to pack up the place and move back home it was a very unforgettable experience.

Then came the day I dreamed of forever, Oath Taking for the New Physicians where I got to see my friends from the review center and recite the Hippocratic Oath together while my family looks on is something that is embedded on my mind.

As soon as I became licensed, the very next day, it was back to the real world. By that I mean that I didn’t rub it in that I am licensed; I was never one to show off all the time anyways, so after the high of passing, I made sure I got my feet planting back down to earth the very next day. For new licensed physicians, they can immediately go training, look for a job as a general physician, or go on vacation. I for one wasn’t really looking for a job at this point, nor did I wan’t to go on vacation so to speak, but thankfully for me, I made enough of a name for myself as a medical student that I was given a lot of job offers the coming days and months. Heck, even up to this day, since I am not training yet, I am given so much job opportunities it is ridiculous.

My first few jobs were lecturing in my Alma Mater and my former review center, as well as a general physician in several institutions and mass blood donations. I knew I didn’t want to train yet, but I also didn’t wanna stay idle. So I took these simple tasks.

I was then giving a clinic schedule in a nearby diagnostic center and has now become a staple of my earnings. I was happy… I was working just 2 days a week in the center, then I got my other rackets as a general physician and professor elsewhere. I was earning enough to get the things I wanted and still able to save.

Then I was given another opportunity in school other than being a guest lecturer, I was given the position of University Physician. Now I wasn’t going to accept this but I thought that this may be a simple yet effective way to give back to my former university, AUF. So I took it and 6 months later, I feel my colleagues in the clinic is more of my family now than anything. I certainly did not regret accepting the job.


I am well received there even if I am still a rookie so to speak that I was asked to become the Director of the University Health Services at the gentle age of 27! I had to control myself… As much as I wanted the prestige, this would mean I would have to commit more than just a year in serving as their director and it will hinder my plans of training for Neurology as my specialty. So I humbly declined.

Next opportunity was to be a part time faculty in the Department of Biochemistry in AUF School of Medicine. I was also very psyched about this as I love teaching and teaching in the school of medicine is one of my goals. to think, I am a 27 year old physician and a faculty in school of medicine. Awesome. It helps that I also love Biochemistry. But sadly, my sched in my various jobs at this point took its toll and I need to sacrifice this one.

Six months since I officially started working, meeting new people/colleagues, adding friends and memories, and of course, having earned and saved up enough money and reach my quota in saving, makes me feel really accomplished. And makes me look forward to next year, my year, the year of the dragon, for even more accomplishments.

Now as we wrap up 2016 in a few hours, I got my DSLR ready for my annual fireworks photography, got my family cooking up for dinner, and got my favorite games loaded up in my PC… Cap it off with a high!



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Tables are Turned

View from the other side… Feels funny now that I am their examiner when it wasn’t long ago I was in their shoes.

It wasn’t that long ago when I donned the medical school proper uniform or even that of a 4th year medical clerk uniform. All the pain and suffering while studying on going on duties as a clerk is still quite fresh in my mind, and I do have some literal scars that are still oozing with blood from it all.

So when I was asked to help out in my Alma Mater for the current medical students’ exams, I was more than happy to help out and be their proctor/examiner for some subjects.

I wanted to give back to the university and the department that made my dreams into reality and never stopped believing that all my goals in life will be in fruition. Thus, simple acts like this can still go a long way in their eyes and then some. Plus, I am starting to acclimatize myself once again with the school policies as I am a guest lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry also in the School of Medicine in my Alma Mater and plan to help out in the lectures/reports/exams in the second semester. Helping out now will help get in tune with the medicine office and the people once again.

This is actually my first time being a proctor in an examination but still having the memories of being a student taking the exams quite fresh, I still remember the usual things my proctors would say before, during, or after the examinations, so I was easily able to adapt quickly and thankfully the students were very behaved so I had no problems during my first proctoring of an exam.

I will be proctoring other exams for the rest of the week and I am actually looking forward to it as it is quite therapeutic doing this. I hardly have to answer tough questions as I would have when I am lecturing, I don’t have to make hard decisions such as those times when I am in the clinic, and I don’t have to correct anything in the test paper as I am not the one that made it, I simply relay any questions.

And I need something therapeutic as the past couple of days up to weeks, I have not been my jolly self in the clinics I work in. Gone is the funny doctor that does his best to make you smile before leaving the clinic, now we have a doctor that seems to just wait til quitting time. The latter is something I don’t want to be remembered as; I have always pride myself as being a workaholic, a guy that gets the job done in spite of the toxicity, a guy that never shies away from a task as it gets tougher, a guy that is cool when it comes to emergencies, and a guy that will never tire even if overtime is a real thing.

I need something therapeutic so I can be that kind of guy again. Not sure what has happened to me in the past few days up to weeks. I probably took life a wee bit too seriously that I have lost track of how to have fun at work. There is a number of things that I can point my finger on as to why I am not my usual jolly self, but I can’t really pin point the exact moment where I felt the dread.

Thus I try to do new things, go places, and just try to relax – and being a proctor… simply a proctor, may help me. Here’s hoping it will.

So as the tables are now turned as I am no longer the medical student/medical clerk/medical intern, twiddling my thumb while having what seems to be a restless leg syndrome as I toil away at the exams, I am now the proctor and examiner looking at younger medical students that are now having the mannerisms I had during exams. It is a perfect circle. And pretty soon, they will also become proctors or examiners for future medical doctors… and thus, the cycle continues.

Tables are turned!

Til then! PEACE!

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Another Day, Another Job Done

Now it is no surprise that I am juggling 3 jobs and other rackets that I have every now and then. My stable jobs are clinic duties in a diagnostic center and in a university as well as a guest lecturer in the same university. My other rackets would be a guest lecturer in different institutions, ER duties in hospitals, or the more usual, being a general physician for blood letting events.

Today, I am the latter, a general physician for blood letting. It is yet another day of the usual history and physical examination, prescribing medications if ever so needed, and just having fun.

However, today, I was joined by some clerks, who happened to be some of my good friends, and it made the experience even better. Now, when I have clerks, I usually give funny names for our team. Back then, I had the “Lizard Squad”, then I had “The Seawolves”, and now, we have “Team Packers”. Long story for all the origins of those names.

Needless to say, today, my clerks are all boys, so being all boys, we were slightly rowdy and talked about games, movies, comics; you name it, anything geeky or nerdy, we talked about it.

It was a very relaxing day honestly; no huge lines of patients, no emergency cases, and whatnot. Just 4 male doctors chilling out.

This blood letting event is a charity event by a family that lost their child to cancer 5 years ago and have been doing this annually for the past 4 years. A very noble cause and we were all happy to be a part of it.

Overall a fun and benign day for all of us.

Let’s go TEAM PACKERS! I’m the short guy 4th from the left with a black 3/4ths long sleeves

Til next time! PEACE!

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Friends for Keeps

We always say that we wont forget a certain batch of friends, most people will say high school friends, others would choose college friends. For me, as much as a I loved and enjoyed the company of all my classmates from the different phases of my school life, it will come to no surprise that I hold my medical school classmates above all else.

It may seem cliche when I say this, but having to go through literally hell and back during my medical studies with them; all the blood, sweat, and tears; all the tiny arguments and patching up at the end of the day; they all meant the world to me and sharing it with my classmates made the experience of medicine a lot more tolerable.

This is why I hold them so dear and thankfully with me, even if I had some arguments with some of them, I never ended up hating any one of them. They are my friends for keeps, they are my friends for life. Nothing can compare to what we went through together. No one else can understand.

One great thing about my batch of friends in medical school is that it is far easy for us to hang out; all we have to do is make sure it doesn’t get in between our commitments as doctors, after which, we choose a day, and we hang out, like we were still classmates just hanging out after class.

We are all comfortable with eachother that saying anything, absolutely anything, we are just fine. Showing that whatever we have been through as classmates, strengthened our bonds, and no amount of insults or jokes can sever that. In fact, it is a strong showing of friendship having to joke and insult eachother and it is nothing to one another.

I am mentioning all this friendship stuff as I was able to catch up with 2 of my former classmates at medschool that are both currently residents in the department of surgery in AUFMC, namely, Doc Opal and Doc Anne.

It was nice just to catch up with eachother after all these months of doing our own thing in the world of medicine. It was just like a regular day for us; we caught up, talked about life and training, and just had a great time like we were classmates all over again.

13769471_10209843026292963_945238743947342751_n (1)

Coffee time!

Here we are just having coffee, after which, we spent the entire day walking around the mall. One good tidbit, is that Doc Anne bought herself a ukulele. Partly my fault, as we are both musicians (I play mostly guitar and keyboard, she plays guitar and drums) and I wanted to look for an amplifier, and while we were at the music store, she saw the ukulele on good sale. Needless to say, like a good friend, I forced her into buying it. It was all goo fun.

13681035_10153720941491451_7561878374420941938_n (1)
Dinner time!

We then had dinner and after which, we all went out separate ways. Having a sense of clingy-ness, we all made sure we got home safe and swore we would all hang out again some time in the future.

And I surely can’t wait to do this all over again. Hopefully this time, we can get more of our former classmates into the mix.

With that! I end my post!



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When You Love Your Job

Not that many people I know can actually say that about their job; it probably is a job with good pay, but not something they can say they love. I for one am in prime position to say I love my job; I may not be training yet in my chosen specialization just yet, namely neurology, so maybe I have yet to see the full stress my profession entails, but thus far, I can really say I love my job.

Seeing patients in the clinic with different cases I can exercise my thought processes in order to diagnose and give the proper treatment. Now I am not saying I know all diseases and treatment, I do still need to read, and I still may find some cases perplexing, but all in all, I feel that I am at my element… mastering my craft.

I am a young doctor and I am sure I still have a lot to learn, and with my current duties in a diagnostic center and possibly a spot as a University Physician in my Alma Mater, will help me see different case, critically think about diagnostics and treatment, and basically learn my own style of examining patients.

This is a short post just showing that after such a long time in my life, I really feel quite happy again. And I intend to stay as happy as I am right now.

Til then! PEACE!


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To the Mall, A Wild Bowser Appears!

I had planned to go to the mall today to get some school supplies and some rechargeable batteries in preparation for my upcoming review. My move is fast approaching, so I need to make haste in buying all the necessary things.

I also had plans of either buying more Steam Wallet cards; so in case there is a good game on sale while I am reviewing. Or a new plushie that can become my mascot for my review.

A little bit of history people, yes, I do love plushies, but it is strange that a guy like plushies, or stuffed toys to most people. Well, it all began when I was in high school, a girl, who was a close friend of mine, gave me a little Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day, and since then, I was always fascinated with plush toys. I do not buy myself plush toys, majority of what I own in my room are given to me by my close friends… or girls that were… yeah.

Sure, I was given Teddy Bears by my family when I was younger, one notable bear, simply named Teddy, was given to me by my eldest sister, and is one of my cherished plush toys. But it had to take a girl, outside my family, on a Valentine’s day, to get my fascination of plush toys up and running.

Like I always say when I give out stories… Like every great story, it’s all about a girl.

Thus, why a guy like me like plush toys in the form of cats, bears, and anything GEEKY. The latter can be gaming wise, computer wise, science fiction wise. The 2 former, well, it is self explanatory.

Now we know why I wanted to but a plush toy today.

Time for us to return to today’s interesting happenings.

So, I was there at the mall, after at least an hour after setting foot in the mall, I spent nearly 30-45 minutes just sitting down. It seems that my right knee still can’t take long walks. I found myself just watching the kids play at the back of the mall where there is a large open area for people to either sit or have some play time. I was just watching these kids running, jumping, and it got me choked up thinking, “Man, I wonder if I will be able to run again… or even jump?”. Yes, those thoughts have been circling my mind thanks to my injury since high school and subsequent surgery last year.

I was just sitting there, watching them play, and I just felt like an old man. I’m sure I will be able to have a complete recovery, but I will have to wait until my exams to return to rehab full time.

Looking at those kids gives me something to aspire for: I will run and jump again. And I will be able to do it better after my full intensive rehab is through next year.

Let us face it, my life and chosen career didn’t really give me enough time to recovery completely from my injury and surgery.

When I finally mustered up the required strength, I powered along towards the bookstore and bought everything a student going for review classes needed. I am all set for the most part. I still need to find cheaper alternatives to Field Notes and a better note pad for taking down, well, what else? Notes!

I was also able to buy some cheaply priced AAA Eneloop batteries that can be used for my recorder as I study; hey, talking to oneself and then playing it back seemed to help me back then. And it also serves as a replacement for my stolen AAA Eneloop, which were intended for my DSLR’s flash remote, that was unfortunately used with my penlight at the hospital and was that was taken away from me. Such is life.

An aspiring-doctor-to-be’s survival kit for the upcoming review classes!

I then ran into one of my best friends, Mick, and boy was I happy. Not only is he my trusted friend for nearly 10 years, but we both seemed to have gone through very sour relationships. We are a dying breed, me and Mick. Not that many guys would sulk about a bad relationship – they would try and find another girl to either show the world or the girl that they are just fine. But me and Mick? Nope. We take our respective relationships seriously, and when things go bad, we both sulk.

He was the first when to have his relationship go sour and he was quite open about him being down. I soon followed; I tried making things work, but alas, I had to let go. But unlike Mick, I was never open about having good or bad relationships; they were always very private for me.

Knowing that he was in the same boat as me; sulking around, etc. I reached out to him and asked if he ever gotten over the hurt, yet. He wasn’t. I was really not alone. For in my case, I also wasn’t really fully healed.

Running into him, we both shared our experiences of our respective sour relationships and just gave each other a pat in the back; in time, we will both find another girl that can sway us, until then, we will take it day by day, it may hurt, but we both learned from each of our experiences.

But why does learning have to hurt so much!?

And yes, maybe I do still miss her…

After the strange sharing of life stories, it was time to just be the 2 geeky, witty guys we are known to be. We are natural comedians, though both of our jokes run along the lines of pop culture, geeky/techy things, and the like. Our jokes will not make our other friends laugh, but together, along with our Fil-Am friends, will kill.

His high school friend happen to see us just chatting while at Starbucks and decided to join us, too. As you all know, I am a free lance musician; I started playing the guitar, my forte, in high school and been in a lot of bands. But since entering medical school, I have left most of my bands to concentrate. Mick is also a guitarist, and to my delight, his high school buddy is a bassist. We tossed up the idea of creating a new band after my exams – I am happy Mick is in on it, because I can surrender lead guitar duties to him. I am already tired of being the lead guitarist. Too much stress.

After sipping the last remaining fluid that is called coffee and munching down and some cookies, we entered the mall again in search for the plush toy. I wanted a new mascot, a guardian, or a familiar, for my desk, my PC desk to be exact. This will also serve as my mascot for my studies. I wanted something in the vein of Charizard or if I am lucky, either a Cacodemon from Doom or a Tonberry from Final Fantasy.

As we entered the area that sells plushies, my eyes went straight onto a Bowser. It spoke to me and it was the most bad ass plushies out there. Hands down! I had to get it. So got it I did.

King Bowser!! Is my chosen plushie as my new mascot and guardian of the PC desk. He will also join me as my official mascot of my review in Manila.
Look at the quality! And yes, I am downloading Heroes of Newerth… read on below to find out why.

Just look at this thing, for under 10 bucks I am surprised by the wonderfully well built plush toy this is! And upon getting this, I can let it join his Super Mario plush toy siblings!

Family is nearly complete! Mario and Luigi were gifted to me by my sister, as for the shroomies, they were gifted to me by my classmate in pre-med.

Finally, we decided to leave the mall, but not to head home, rather to a local computer shop where we played some Heroes of Newerth (hereafter HoN). I don’t normally play MOBAs; I used to play League of Legends but not to a degree where I am near pro level. Out of all the MOBAs out there, I enjoyed Smite the most because of the controls. I am not fond of Real Time Strategies, whose control scheme seems to be in every MOBA, but in Smite, it uses First/Third Person controls that PC gamers are a lot more used to. – WASD controls.

So, when Mick was inviting me to play with him since last year, I was always finding ways not to play, however today, I had no choice.

“What am I doing here!?” – Me, as we were in a computer shop prepping to play HoN with my buddy Mick

I was surprised, I was able to pick up the game fast as it was really like any other MOBA game I ever played. Sure, I didn’t rack up the kills today, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. As to whether I will continue this in the future? Let us wait and see. I am currently installing it on my system, but as MOBAs go, I still enjoy Smite. Then again, I am not a MOBA fan as much.

Now it was time to separate ways with my best friend as we both wanted to go back to our homes. It was nice seeing my best friend, talk to him about my love life, or the lack thereof, and it’s ensuing problems it brings, as well as hear his story of his similar fate with his love life… or the lack thereof again. Got to buy my school supplies, batteries, and BOWSER! My mascot! I also got to chat with a new acquaintance in the form of Mick high school buddy and play some HoN.

Overall, today was just a way for me to unwind before the big review. It got me to deal with my sour relationship and able to talk about it when I otherwise can’t talk about it with my other friends (it helps that Mick is in the same boat as me I guess). It was just a great day.

And to cap it all off! I came home to this burger. It may look burnt, but boy was it tasty. Carcinogen tasty… Just kidding. Maybe… I don’t know.

Seems burnt…

I plan to meet up with most of my close friends this week before I move to Manila and I will make it as fun and worry free as today.

Til next time!


The Martian and Pig-Out Kind of Day!

From left to right, Dr. Olie, Dr. Chan (ME!), Dr. Alex (our mentor), and Dr. Joed

Me and my good friends have been planning to hang out for the past couple of days, but weren’t able to due to my headache or due to the heavy rains. Luckily, today was sunny enough for us to brave the wild and meet up in a local mall to catch The Martian, and of course, catch up with each other in the process.

We were also joined by our friend and mentor, who happens to be my inspiration in deciding to take Internal Medicine as my specialty after my board exams. So, we may not be a big group today, it was still composed of my close friends that make up for the lack in number. Of course, I would love to see all my classmates and hang out with them today, but such is life, that everyone, I included, would have conflicting schedules and is not possible to see each other in any casual means… maybe in future conventions where different medical disciplines will eventually force us to meet each other…

Anyways, we decided to watch The Martian, since most of us grew up wanting to be an astronaut and are really into space flight and the progress done by NASA and the other agencies, heck, we even tuned in for the NASA press conference about flowing water on the surface of Mars a couple days back, so it was an obvious movie for us to watch.

I am no film buff honestly, in fact, the only movies I really ever watch are these science fiction movies, and being a geek, I am the guy that watches movies like Star Wars more than anything else. Saying that, I will not try and review the movie, nor will I give spoilers here. But if I were to rank my favorite movies about space travel (minus Star Wars of course), this movie ranks my #2 favorite movie of that theme. #1 is still Apollo 13 for it is not fiction, but the way it was made into a movie was perfect, and #3 would be Interstellar.

What I like about this movie and Interstellar is that they may be both science fiction, but they are MORE science than fiction. What I mean by that is that, yes the stories are of fiction, but the science is real. I am no expert in astrophysics, astronomy, or the like, but when I was younger, my dreams of being an astronaut or astronomer lead me to read many science books on the subject. So, with little knowledge I have of the matter, it is enough to appreciate the authenticity of both movies.

And this movie in particular, had me on the edge of my seat on the most thrilling parts, got me choked up at the dramatic parts, and this movie even has humor… the humor that won’t wear out to quickly. In fact some of the jokes, are not your regular “toilet humor”, it is witty, and intelligent. Something like I would appreciate.

So in short, I enjoyed this movie, and if you are into astronomy, or in for it for the science, heck if you are in for just a good movie overall, you won’t regret watching this. Take it from a guy who doesn’t watch that many movies because there are a lot of movies that I find awful, so I avoid watching them in general; if this guy gets off his ass to watch this movie, then maybe it really is worth the money.

After the movie, of course, we got hungry, so we ventured away from the mall and the usual eateries into a place deep inside Clark Freeport Zone and into a cozy little place called Clark Lomi House… or was it something else… Oh jeez, I forgot where we ate!

The food was great, it was more of home cooked Filipino meals and I love that; plus like I always say, having to eat any meal with your good friends, makes the meal even better.

We got to talk about our future careers and how we will go about reaching our goals, caught up with what has been happening with us lately, and many more. It was like the good old times and I may sound old by saying that, but yeah… great times, great times… and looking forward for another great hangout with my buddies… both in the medical field and those who aren’t.


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