2016: A Review

DISCLAIMER: Photos of celebrities are not mine. Credits to the owners.

Waking up on the last day of 2016, at least in this part of the world, at noon, gives me but 12 hours (or less at time that this post is… well… posted) to reflect on the highs and lows of the year. This may be enough time for most people to just give a one sentence summary of their 2016, but not me; this year has been good to me, and I will take you by the hand and take you back to the best parts of the year, some bad parts that are far and in between, and you will know why this has been my year.

Let’s start off with the obvious bad parts of the year, though it may not have affected my life directly, these personalities were a big part of my childhood that I can’t go unaffected by their deaths. I am, of course, talking about the celebrity deaths. Now deaths are never nice, no matter the person, no matter the time, and I felt that it was such a bad coincidence that their time came up in 2016 giving 2016 such a bad rap. The deaths that hit me hard were that of John Glenn, Mercury 7 astronaut; I am an avid fan of anything to do with space and the early 60s space race that led up to the Apollo missions and landing on the moon were of my favorite in science history. John Glenn and the rest of the Mercury astronauts paved the way for NASA and all other space agencies we know today and the science of space travel we know today. And like his flight before launch, God Speed… John Glenn.


Next on my list is David Bowie; being a fan of the rock scene from 50s-90s, it is no surprise that I am gutted by his death. I in particular love his songs Life on Mars, Rebel Rebel, Starman, Heroes, and The Man Who Sold the World. You may ask me why Space Oddity is not in the list, if you know well enough, I tend to not like songs that become too mainstream. His style of music and fashion for his time was definitely ahead of his time. So influential that he influenced my all time favorite band, The Cure, to come into fruition. You are now one with the stars, Mr. Ziggy Stardust.


Alan Rickman makes the list not for his contributions in the Harry Potter movies, but for my personal favorite movie, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as the Sheriff. He definitely cut our hearts out with a spoon.


Florence Henderson, now of course I wasn’t born yet in the original run of the Brady Bunch, I did catch a lot of the reruns and I remember watching them almost daily with my mom in the afternoons when I was younger. We honestly need more shows like the Brady Bunch again that shows family values, and having Florence Henderson as Mrs. Brady is perfect as she portrayed a mother to us all giving us wisdom.


Erik Bauersfeld, the voice actor for Admiral Ackbar and Bib Fortun, as well as Kenny Baker, who portrayed R2-D2, both are, of course, from Star Wars movie lore, and being a Star Wars fan, this definitely gutted me. My love for science fiction truly began with Star Wars and losing them is like saying goodbye to my childhood and my humble beginnings for my love of science fiction. It reminds me I am no longer that kid anymore and I am an adult now, yet still loving science fiction and Star Wars.



Speaking of Star Wars, we can’t cap off this topic without talking about my original princess, Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia. All geeks like me would remember her in her Golden Bikini in Return of the Jedi, but I will always remember her for her smile in the outtakes; they were magical and perfect. This was the death that got me the most. And then sadly, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, also passed just a day after her.


Now honestly, that is the only bad I can say that happened this year. Even if it doesn’t affect my life directly, like I said earlier, they were a big part of me growing up, and it is just a confirmation that I am no longer a kid anymore with their deaths. With that out of the way, let us talk about the good! This may take awhile, but don’t worry, I still have a firm grip on your hand on this one.

Let us begin with the good stuff with… what is the greatest thing that happened to me in my life thus far, and that is, of course, me becoming an officially licensed physician.

Now let us go back a bit to 2014, where I had my knee operation and forced me to delay finishing my medical internship by at least 2 months and thus also forcing me to miss out on the August 2015 Physician Licensure Examination with my classmates.

I will admit, I was envious when my classmates took the exam and all passed the exam, whereas I, still had to finish my internship and waiting for March 2016 for my exam.

Needless to say, March 2016 came by, 12 difficult exams across 4 days in 2 weekends, and 2 days later, on March 16, 2016, they announced the successful passers of the physician licensure exam and there was my name.


I still can’t forget that day: I was out for lunch and coffee with my close friend Amanda, who was visiting the country as she moved to China for work and studies. She was here for a few weeks and we decided to meet up and hang out and just to help me calm down after the exam. The funny thing was I wasn’t able to eat a lot and she knows me well enough that I eat a lot despite my size, but I guess I was really feeling the effects of the exam at this point. After Japanese lunch (our favorite) and coffee we decided to go around the mall and we ran into my sister, Debbie, who happens to be a licensed physician too and is already a consultant at this point. The importance of running into my sister is apparent once me and Amanda decided to go home: I got a call from my sister, and since I just saw her in the mall, I thought she was calling me if I needed a ride going home, but it goes like this:

Debbie: Hey doc! (take note, we usually call eachother doc as a sign of professionalism and respect, so this was nothing new)

Me: Hey doc… sup?


Me:…………………………………….YOU LIE!

It turns out her bestfriend since their medical school days and co fellow in AUFMC Section of Cardiology, Dr Cheng, called her up after Doc Cheng’s boyfriend, Dr. Lloyd, found out I passed when he was checking the website.

I didn’t really believe it myself since I was at the website and was like refreshing it every 15 minutes. So when I went back and saw my name, I was on cloud 9. Truth be told, my right knee still hurts but I jumped for joy and the pain of jumping on my bad knee was worth it.

The best part was when I stormed out of my room and shouted from the door to my mom just across the living room laying down on the couch watching TV. As soon as I said it, I just blinked once, and she was right at my face giving me a tight hug! Then my dad got home from his afternoon jogging and when he found out he ordered pizza for us and the neighbors. It was nuts!

I got a barrage of messages/calls and what not from friends and mentors and it was one of the best feelings of my life. But of course, I still have a long way to go so I couldn’t just settle with this. I still have residency training, hopefully midyear next year.

I will also mention that I lived in Manila for almost 4 months while I was reviewing for the exam and having to pack up the place and move back home it was a very unforgettable experience.

Then came the day I dreamed of forever, Oath Taking for the New Physicians where I got to see my friends from the review center and recite the Hippocratic Oath together while my family looks on is something that is embedded on my mind.

As soon as I became licensed, the very next day, it was back to the real world. By that I mean that I didn’t rub it in that I am licensed; I was never one to show off all the time anyways, so after the high of passing, I made sure I got my feet planting back down to earth the very next day. For new licensed physicians, they can immediately go training, look for a job as a general physician, or go on vacation. I for one wasn’t really looking for a job at this point, nor did I wan’t to go on vacation so to speak, but thankfully for me, I made enough of a name for myself as a medical student that I was given a lot of job offers the coming days and months. Heck, even up to this day, since I am not training yet, I am given so much job opportunities it is ridiculous.

My first few jobs were lecturing in my Alma Mater and my former review center, as well as a general physician in several institutions and mass blood donations. I knew I didn’t want to train yet, but I also didn’t wanna stay idle. So I took these simple tasks.

I was then giving a clinic schedule in a nearby diagnostic center and has now become a staple of my earnings. I was happy… I was working just 2 days a week in the center, then I got my other rackets as a general physician and professor elsewhere. I was earning enough to get the things I wanted and still able to save.

Then I was given another opportunity in school other than being a guest lecturer, I was given the position of University Physician. Now I wasn’t going to accept this but I thought that this may be a simple yet effective way to give back to my former university, AUF. So I took it and 6 months later, I feel my colleagues in the clinic is more of my family now than anything. I certainly did not regret accepting the job.


I am well received there even if I am still a rookie so to speak that I was asked to become the Director of the University Health Services at the gentle age of 27! I had to control myself… As much as I wanted the prestige, this would mean I would have to commit more than just a year in serving as their director and it will hinder my plans of training for Neurology as my specialty. So I humbly declined.

Next opportunity was to be a part time faculty in the Department of Biochemistry in AUF School of Medicine. I was also very psyched about this as I love teaching and teaching in the school of medicine is one of my goals. to think, I am a 27 year old physician and a faculty in school of medicine. Awesome. It helps that I also love Biochemistry. But sadly, my sched in my various jobs at this point took its toll and I need to sacrifice this one.

Six months since I officially started working, meeting new people/colleagues, adding friends and memories, and of course, having earned and saved up enough money and reach my quota in saving, makes me feel really accomplished. And makes me look forward to next year, my year, the year of the dragon, for even more accomplishments.

Now as we wrap up 2016 in a few hours, I got my DSLR ready for my annual fireworks photography, got my family cooking up for dinner, and got my favorite games loaded up in my PC… Cap it off with a high!



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“I am looking for _________; Can you tag him/her…” is just SICKENING.


Okay, this is starting to piss me off and this just shows what kind of character a person really is; all these posts in Facebook (I have long considered a cesspool of human stupidity; why I use Twitter more) about tagging a guy or girl and have a photo of a person apparently looking for said guy or girl.

I am never one for fads especially fads or viral posts that is quite insulting; when I first saw these, I thought hey, how would the person in that photo feel if they found out they are used in a meme. Sure, one can blame them for posting photos like that online in the first place, but even so, other people don’t have the right to use their photos without permission let alone in a unflattering manner.

This just goes to show that people still think they are better and entitled to so much more compared to other people for they think “they look good” in the public eye. But them doing this, well, you are uglier than you think. And the people in the photos you’ve made into a meme or shared into a meme is far more good looking than you can ever be.

I want you people making these memes or sharing these memes to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “are you happy with your life?”, “are you better than the people in the memes you posted?”, “are you even human?”; I don’t even pray for the day that your face will end up in an unappealing meme, for I am better than that. I just hope you start thinking about the people behind those memes… how are they feeling? They are probably bullied now thanks to you. Do you want to be bullied? Do you want strangers to use your photo without your permission? Do you want to be better?

The world is not made this way, with every action, comes an equal and opposite reaction; you may find those posts harmless and funny, but the people in those photos are most likely hurt and crying thanks to your lack of judgment.

The internet and social media must be used properly; use the internet to learn and not to insult (but excuse me in this post for I used the word stupid to describe Facebook and stuff), use the social media for what it really is for, interaction with new people in a mature fashion, exchange of ideas if useful, and/or catch up with friends/family you have lost contact with all those years.

The internet is not used to spread fake news and social media is not a place to spawn cyber bullying.

You are better than that, I know; sharing these kinds of memes doesn’t make you a smarter, better, a more good looking person. No. It is the complete opposite. It makes you look dumb as hell, worst, and down right hideous. Show the world you are better. And who knows, your face will be less likely to end up in an unflattering meme.

So there you go, I just had to rant about this. This post may not be perfectly written, but I was speaking from the heart.

Til next time! PEACE!

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Take a Breather

The past few weeks have been a trying one and to think I am not even training yet in residency. Just goes to show the responsibility of a physician.

I noticed I haven’t posted anything in here for 3 weeks now, and it is understandable since there have been schedule changes in my jobs, covering other physicians in their duties, giving lectures, and the list can go on. And that was just 3 weeks.

Now I have a few days of a breather; I will not be going to duties for awhile and the university is having their annual university games, so I can just see the students participating in the various sports events. In fact, I might join in some practice games of chess as I was joining these chess competitions every year when I was still a student. It will be nice to gauge myself in chess as it has been years since the last time I waged battle in this game.

I ordered a new desk and a new gaming chair to upgrade my setup once again, but sadly, the desk is on back order, and I had no time to even assemble the new chair. Two more weeks until my Christmas break begins, and this applies to all my jobs, I hope the new desk will arrive in order for me to upgrade the overall look of my gaming setup before the turn of the year.

I haven’t had a breather in awhile so I haven’t been thinking about my future as much. Give me a couple of hours with my day off I started planning what I would be doing next year in terms of residency training. And with that, comes my decision to resign in all my other jobs by March 2017, which is also the month my contract ends as a university physician, in order for me to really start studying and preparing for my residency training.

As much as I am very comfortable in my current jobs and I am certainly happy with what I am earning as opposed to those having residency training, and I extremely humbled by the persistence in asking me to become director of the health services in the university (imagine a 27 or 28 year old being a director in a university; that is quite nice), but I am also getting older and I rather be a young consultant and get through with the hardships of training to reach my ultimate dream.

Anyways, I will not spend so much time on this post as I only have a short break to have a breather of sorts, but fret not, Christmas break is just right around the corner, and if I do get my desk soon, I will definitely blog my upgrade of my system.

Til next time! PEACE!

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A Decade of Friendship

A week ago, I was blessed to have hung out with my friends from college whom I have known for 10 years now.

One of them, Lee, happens to also be my classmate in medical school on top of being a friend of mine since B.S. Biology days where he served 1 year my senior. Upon graduation from medical school and finishing up our senior internship, he had to move back to South Korea and serve a mandatory 2 year military training. We were able to catch up since he had 10 days of vacation here before going back and finishing up his training that will last 10 more months.

For the 10 days he was here, we hung out for 5-6 days, it sounds funny, but that shows how much our friendship is. We are closely knit, as we both known each other since B.S. Biology and became classmates in medical school and had to go through the hardships of medical school together, simply makes us like brothers.

The saying goes, you’re friends in medical school or during residency training will be your friends for life. No. That is wrong. They become family.

During our hangouts, we also decided to meet up with our other close friends for 10 years. We couldn’t possibly see all our friends of the past 10 years during his 10 day stay here, but we made the most of it, and hung out with our closest.


From left to right: Lee, Me, Bin, and Eugene

First batch of friends we met up with were Bin and Eugene; Eugene was my classmate in B.S. Biology and followed me and Lee to medical school, but we are not batch mates. Bin on the other hand, was also in B.S. Biology and was Lee’s classmate in Biology.

We ended up talking like a bunch of old men and reminisce our B.S. Biology days; great times they were. And we are happy to have all met each other and became good friends that up to this day, we can easily call one another up and hang out. We topped off the night with talking about, what else, but video games, while having coffee. Just the way we like it.

We then decided to hang out with the other half of our friends 2 days later, for they weren’t available to hangout with the 4 of us prior. Von and Janet are from B.S. Psychology, a course that is under the same room as us, College of Arts and Sciences, and they were Lee’s batch (Making me the youngest one. Obviously.). A tidbit is, Janet then pursued Nursing and we stumbled on one another in the hospitals when I was a clerk and an intern.

We first caught Dr. Strange, and being a real physician myself, I was a bit critical in some points of the movie. But it is fictional, so what can I do? Then again, they could have consulted a medical professional because there is definitely going to be a medical professional watching this film and they will, like me, criticize those scenes.

From left to right: Lee, Janet, Me, and Von

After the movie came dinner. More jokes and reminiscence of the good old times ensued. It felt great.


Coffee as always tops off our nights when hanging out; I don’t drink beer and thankfully, they don’t seem to like drinking beer as of late, so coffee it was.

These hangouts with our close friends for 10 years were more of Lee just catching up with me and them since he left for South Korea. However, I found that it was also good for me. As I gotten older, I really started going out less; as Lee returned, that was the most I went outside and hung out with friends that I ever did in the prior months. It helped me restart myself more than it did for Lee in my opinion.

As I end this post, I am once again contemplating whether I hang out with my friends this weekend or stay in like I always do, but having hung out with Lee and my other good friends, I am starting to lean on hanging out with friends and going out again.

With that! I end my post!

Til next time!  PEACE!

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“Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls”

Threesome chat with the freaks and ghouls

Halloween, at least this side of the world, is done and dusted, and as everyone else here, dressed up in their favorite fictional character, mythical character, animal, etc., there are some of us, that are probably not into mainstream activities and are just feeling to old for this, and those latter two might just be me.

As it turns out, like the undead sprouting out of the ground, my best friend of 10 years, my fellow B.S. Biology major in AUF, and my classmate in medschool also in AUF, and fellow physician, Lee, who is now undergoing mandatory military training in South Korea, has not only returned to social media, but here in the Philippines.

Albeit, he will only stay here for a week or so, and a hangout is inevitable, I can’t help but ask him and our other good friend from medschool and fellow physician, Aris, to join in a three way voice chat reminiscent of our days in medschool. We aren’t complete though, we still lack our other friends from medschool, Kokoy, Lou, and Flanz, but seeing as they are busy lately, we decided to still push through with the three way voice chat, or what I rather call a threesome voice chat.

We talked about anything… and the fact we haven’t seen or talked to Lee for over a year other than very seldom PM’s in FB, it felt natural. It felt as if we all never left that room in AUF during medschool. It is as if we can be just who we really are and don’t care since we know eachother well enough to be that way.

I have been friends with Lee, like I said, for 10 years since Biology days, and I guess we know eachother better than anyone else in our medicine class back in the day; he knows my family quite well, and I know his. Covering eachother’s backs when our respective families call us and wonders where the other one is or went. Covering tracks so to speak, and it comes in as a natural reflex for us and need not ask the other to do so if they call. It is instinctual and that is something that can only happen when you know one another too well that you can easily finish one another’s sentences. That’s brotherhood.

That is not to say I am not brothers with the dudes in medschool or my other classmates when I was still in Biology, but with Lee, it is different.

I’ve known Aris, Kokoy, Lou, and Flanz, for 6 years, and that is still a lot, and as the saying goes, if a friendship lasts more than 7 years, it will last a lifetime, we may be one year shy of the 7 years, but we are confident that this friendship will last a lifetime the moment we sat down in class.

And while we are the subject of friendships in class, my groupmates since 1st year in medicine is just as special; also knowing them for 6 years, Joed, Vyel, Melody, Elaine, Danica, and Paul, remain my go to people when the going gets tough. We were groupmates from 1st year to the penultimate clerkship, and our bonds were strengthened and tried by all the challenges clerkship entails. I still hang out with some of them from time to time.

Having chatted with Lee and Aris, made me excited for the day we are all done with our training and then we can all have a reunion in class, along with our good friends and classmates from Nepal, and we will be eating out all together and reintroduce ourselves, this time with our specialization at the end of our names: I can’t wait to stand up in that reunion and say “Hi, I’m Dr. Christian Udarbe, Adult Neurologist… I missed you guys…”.

And I mean it… I miss my medschool classmates. Even if they are somewhat of freaks and ghouls.

Til then! PEACE!

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Midweek Project: Legend of Zelda Key Hanger

I have a tendency of forgetting where I place my keys, forgetting to bring my USB FDD to work or when I go out, and a number of other similar things like that. I stumbled into a key hanger that is a wooden slab with one of the most memorable Legend of Zelda scenes ever. Thus, I thought, hey, I can make this myself, not exactly, but still similar in theme and function. And so… I did. For it is dangerous to go out alone.


From Etsy user/creator (idk) Deeply Dapper; Follow link to original page if you rather get this (and this is better quality than my DIY project). CLICK HERE!


First, I dropped off the local mall to get some hooks and a frame. The other item in the photo was just a RCA female to female connector since my older connector is bugging out and the audio in my PC is cutting off due to that.



Next, I already had the other items that can aid me in this project in my room. I used a ruler to try and valiantly make the hooks straight, a pencil to mark where I am supposed to place the hooks, a push pin (along with a hammer) to create pilot holes, and a 3M tape of the gawds (outdoor mounting tape).


So I only spent for the frame (around 5 bucks) and for the hooks (which are like less than a dollar).

Now that I got all materials ready so to speak, I then had to find a perfect Legend of Zelda “It’s dangerous to go out alone! Take this.” image and make it fit in an A4 sized photo paper as the frame I got was A4. Why did I get A4? It was the only size that is available in the bookstore, and I had no intention of staying in the mall looking for another frame.

After which, I started marking as best I can for the hooks. Now the hooks I bought is a set of 8 hooks; I first thought it was a set of 10, so it will look a lot better, but alas, it is 8, and I just placed them 1 inch apart from each other.


Placing the hooks, I first had to use a pushpin and slightly hammer it down to make pilot hole, the next thing is as expected and easy, just screw in the hooks. But take note, do it slowly to avoid cracking the frame.




Placing all the hooks, I then simply placed the printed Legend of Zelda scene, and then added the 3M mounting tape. Finally, simply place it at my door (though, make sure you wipe your door or any area you plan to place this before mounting it. This ensures no dust will interfere with the tape while trying to adhere).


Immediately placed my keys, USB FDD, employee ID, etc., just to test it out, and yes, I am very happy with this simple project. It is very simple, yet it is very functional, and for a gamer like me, and a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, this is also a bit of nerdgasm for me (Don’t sue me Barnacules for using the word Nerdgasm).

Click the photo to go to my photostream in Flickr!

The photo I shared from Etsy is the most ideal key hanger for this theme; usually in the game, you get one or three items to select in the various caves/shops, so the hooks are placed perfectly since it is basically a particle board. I chose a frame because I don’t want to undergo the difficulty of finding someone that can make a plaque similar to those particle boards/wooden boards with the scene printed on it. And I have a lot more things than three items, so having more hooks is better.

With that, I will be very surprised if I still forget where my keys are or such.

Til next time! PEACE!

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Decisions… Decisions…

I thought being a 27 year old and not having to train yet in my chosen residency program, I would just enjoy my life as a general physician, being a mentor in my former review center for medical students, being a guest lecturer in school here and there, and a (motivational) speaker in several institutions. Sure, that alone sounds like I am juggling quite a number of tasks, however, I am very happy with my work load and more importantly, I am not directly involved with the administration of any of the institutions I work in.

I just have to be  a physician in the clinics I work in and not care about the inner workings of the school/clinic/diagnostic center; I can just teach as a guest lecturer and need not worry about the syllabus, grades, and everything else – being a guest lecturer, I am simply given a topic and I teach it; I can just give a talk to people, either to motivate them or guide them in a phase in their life, and not worry about organizing these talks.

And more importantly, I still have, surprisingly, enough time for my own leisure activities.

Looking at my current writeup of my resume/curriculum vitae, one would say it is a pretty handsome paper for a 27 year old. And it will only get better from here.

I was content with the content (wow… I need a thesaurus) of my resume and plan to just add more weight to it as I get older, as I train, as I try to add more letters at the end of my name. But recently, I have been given more opportunities that most individuals in my age group would never have. I am not trying to be a show off here or anything, but I am both surprised and happy that I am given such job titles and opportunities at this stage of my life where most of my friends I know aren’t in this position or never had this opportunity.

Let us run down what I am doing for now, take note, this is not me being a show boat: I am a general physician at a university and a diagnostic clinic, I am a mentor for medical students in my old review center, I am a moonlighter in several institutions, I am a guest lecturer for the department of biochemistry, anatomy and possible physiology in the school of medicine in my Alma mater, I am a guest lecturer in the department of biology also in my Alma mater, I am proctor/preceptor in the hospitals for medical students, and I am a guest speaker for a number of topics in a number of institutions. And that is to name a few. I have a lot more ventures and these are things that not many in my age group are doing or has done.

So another opportunity came knocking at my door, and as a 27 year old, I find it a tad bit bonkers that they even considered me. The university I am working as a general physician is asking me to become the overall director of the university health services that was previously held by my mentor and good friend. He left the university last summer for other opportunities, but he held it for 5 years prior and he had a lot more experience in the medical field and admin way before he was given the title as director.

Here I am, a fresh new doctor in the world of medicine, a young start up at the age of 27, with little experience handling administrative work. Sure, I was a constant student leader, a president in many organizations, both as a student and not, held positions in the hospital as a senior medical intern, etc. but I always had a superior to eventually fall back on when the going gets tough. Now if I do accept the position as director, it is all on me. Any decisions I make, I will receive reprimands or praises. I will be in board meetings where there is a high chance that I am the youngest one (heck I am the youngest person in the university clinic right now). Persuading the higher ups at a young age may be difficult. Having being bombarded with administrative work may make me lose my mind especially when I am still inexperienced with these.

Though I am very flattered by their consideration. Like I said, not that many friends of mine are given this kind of opportunity at this age, so I didn’t expect them to consider giving me the position of director. And to think I just a fresh face in the world of medicine having recently passed my board exams (with one take, mind you) and just started working 3 months ago.

Most people, even those older than me, may jump at the opportunity, but I have grown enough (figuratively) to ask when is the deadline for my decision as I don’t want to simply jump at the idea. They gave me until the end of this semester to think it thru and that is a little over a month left.

I am 50-50 with the idea, mostly due to my age and my inexperience; I feel like I might just let them down, and as a team player, I hate bringing people down. The other thing is, I will have to readjust my schedule, possibly quit some my other ventures, and recalculate my earnings as I am contented with my current workload and salary.

Let us be clear, I am not really too big into the money idea, but let us be honest, I have a certain set of skills that takes you to hone and a license that one can’t simply buy, so I also want to be properly compensated for my services that I am sure not that many people can provide.

 Once I can justify the increase number of hours I will gain, the proper compensation that equals the workload or at least equal what I am earning now with lesser hours, being able to fix my schedule all over again and possibly quit some of my other ventures, and the fact that I will gain confidence in my abilities to be a good director, then there is a good chance that I will accept the position.

I will use the grace period given to me to really think this through and seek out advice from my professors that never failed to help me out in these difficult decisions.

But one thing is for sure, whatever I decide, I will stick by it with no regrets and use it to my advantage to grow more mature and hone my skills.

Til then! PEACE!

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