I have been using a PC for many years now; first time I ever used a PC was when I visited my uncle and he taught me the basics of DOS and eventually he taught me Windows. HE also helped my family buy and upgrade our first PC that was primarily used by my older sisters. That didn’t stop me from trying a few games on it and getting in trouble after.

Fast forward to 1998 and I was already an avid gamer and RPG fan but I then saw Baldur’s Gate on PC and I wanted to play it. IT so happens Baldur’s Gate was utilizing a component that was fairly new at the time, discrete graphics cards. This is when I knew I wanted to get a new PC and get a GPU (3DFX VooDoo2) so I can play Baldur’s Gate and other newer PC games.

It wasn’t until 2002 where I first built my own PC; bought all the components on the cheap (what do you expect? I was 13 and my parents didn’t want me to build a PC for gaming only). I had an Intel Celeron at the time and an Nvidia GeForce 4 series GPU. Overall it was a cheap and somewhat weak PC. But it did the job.

Over the years, I improved my builds with better quality parts, increasing the tiers of my components; Thru the years I have used Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium 2, Intel Pentium 3, Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core 2 Quad, and now still rocking my Ivy Bridge (No reason to upgrade yet) 3770 i7 also from Intel. As for the GPU, I’ve used Voodoo cards, mostly Nvidia cards, and just recently, tried an AMD (formerly ATI) cards, specifically the R9 390 card.

As for the other components thru the years, I can’t really remember, but as I gotten older and gotten better at building and my wants outweigh my needs, I am getting higher quality parts; a lesson learned from my previous Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 build. Had a great CPU and GPU, cheap PSU, motherboard, etc. It shorted out to say the least.

Now that I got a short history out of the way, it is time to showcase my current build. Let it be known to most builders like me, I tend to buy the important components first to make my new system run. I then save up to buy other accessories and components. I don’t buy them all at once since I am not as rich as most people think I am. I save up my money for this.

I named my current build SHODAN. Inspired by one of my all time favorite PC game series System Shock. SHODAN is the protagonist in the series, an AI. SHODAN stands for Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network.

I will show you how it started to where it currently is by way of photos. ENJOY!


My Workstation (As of 12-22-2012)
Circa 2012; newly built, I had no real idea how I wanted to make my setup look neat. I was young.


My Workstation as of 8-11-2013
Circa 2013; made some upgrades and fixed my setup overall.
My Workstation as of February 2014
Circa 2014; Ditched my older monitors and got 2 matching IPS monitors.


My Workstation as of August 22, 2015
Circa 2015; I got a new (and current) GPU at this time and had enough horsepower to run triple screens.
June 5 2016; got a better gaming chair and since my old pc case was having heat issues, I got a new case at this time.






As with my previous builds, you can clearly see that SHODAN has evolved. It will always have new parts put into it until I feel the need to finally changed the processor and everything else. Thankfully, having used better quality parts and accessories, I can still reuse some components with the need arises to finally upgrade the whole system.

And thus, this is SHODAN… my current PC rig.

If interested to know each component, click here to go to PC Part Picker and see how much I spent thus far. Take note, this is not the current market price. This is what I spent at the time of buying.

Til then! PEACE!