Oh, how the years go by

As I went to AUFMC just to get my papers signed prior to me registering for both the physician licensure review and examination slated for February 2016; I am unable to take the examinations this month of this year because I finished my internship 2 months later than my batch due to me missing one rotation thanks to my injury and subsequent surgery of my right knee… an injury that has plagued me since I was still in high school.
After getting some of the papers signed, and still having tons not yet signed, I decided to kick back and visit my Alma Mater, AUF, that is literally just next door to the hospital.
It was a strange and warm feeling visiting the school I have studied in for 8 years… 4 years taking up B.S. Biology and another 4 years taking Doctor of Medicine.
Sitting down in the stone benches where I waste a lot of hour after school with my friends for life during premed; we may have taken different paths since we graduated, some took jobs, some started a family, and some, like me, went to medicine, yet, we still, up to this day, stay in touch thanks to the advent of these social media sites. Though I loathe Facebook in general and love Twitter more, it is thanks to the former that I can still chat with friends that I would have lost touch with.
Nostalgia started creeping up to me, and for the first time in years, I felt a slight relief. I felt that the weight of the world was taken off my back even just for a few moments. I didn’t have to think about the papers to be signed, I didn’t have to think about registering and beating whatever deadline there is, I didn’t have to think about reading my review books. I felt that I was taken back to my days when I was a B.S. Biology student… 
I am not saying I was a lazy student that time. Far from it, I was at the top of my game without having to work too hard. I was literally the top of my class, graduated Cum Laude, 0.15 GWA away from Magna Cum Laude, and I bagged The Outstanding Student in Science and Technology award. What I was trying to say when I mentioned that it felt like I was taken back to the days of my premed, was that I was relaxed even in the face of difficult challenges. I was relaxed, and I conquered it all.
Nowadays, I think I am less confident than I used to and that’s why I get stressed out.
Visiting the school and sitting down on those stone benches reminded me to stay cool, stay relaxed, for I have already conquered a lot, and I can do a lot more.
How the years go by, indeed. From that scrawny teenager, just wanting to be noticed academically in his department, to a scrawny adult, who just wants to make a difference in the medical world. I have come a long way.
Many good and bad memories in the school, but they all forged me today. And I am thankful for all those.

Blog on the Go: Make Up and some R&R

Late at Night When All the World is Sleeping
Rare selfie… But you will see a lot of selfies in this post… Ah well.

Ah, a successful make up duty must be rewarded with a little r&r.
I made my way to my favorite part of SM North EDSA, which is Annex 1, because most of the enthusiast PC shops are here.
What better way to wash down the last remaining taste of internship, than having to look at my passion: computers. Well, one of my passions.

But being all elated, I was able to walk all the way here in spite of my operates. I guess it is the endorphins that got me all happy and blinded by the fact that it is painful; it must adrenaline that kept me going when I realized the pain I was going through.

Thankfully, I found a little stall inside Annex 1, right next to the electronics, called InfiniTEA. Now, I am not a tea lover, I am a pure bred coffee lover. Such an addict I am that I have my own, yes my own, and not a family owned, coffee maker in my room. Yes, I also like my coffee black. To hell, I say, to these coffee establishments that sell for the name and not the coffee itself.
Yet! I found that I needed a place to stay to rest my knee for the moment, but for the life of me, the closest coffee shop feels like a mile away, so going back to my resentment to tea, I had no choice but to try out InfiniTEA.

The sleepy head and the crippled. Needed a place to rest the wary knee, and somehow
eradicated my sleepiness

Luckily, they have other derivatives without tea in it and I got me a cookies and cream frappe, and upon the first sip and subsequent brain freeze that followed, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Technology around me, my favorite tunes bursting thru my
earphones, and Cookies and Cream frappe; a perfect
way to relax after some make up duty

Now can this be something I’ll get used to and start drinking these type of beverages? Probably not, but that’s coming from a coffee junkie who needs 5 mugs of coffee throughout the day to even remotely function right.
As I am typing this, I am resting my weary knee, but nonetheless, scouting for beauty. No, not girls; I just got out of a serious relationship I wanted, where I was sure of pursuing… but that’s a tale for another day me thinks.
This beauty I speak of is technology; apart from my passion of computers, I am also into photography and music (I play the guitar mostly), and Annex 1 is melting pot, well for the most part, for my passions.
I am literally breaking my neck trying to look around from my seat. And as soon as I finish this drink and feel as though my knee can make it through a triathalon, I am look into every nook and cranny for best possible deals for whatever tech I need.
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Blog on the Go: Studying… or trying.

Since I am still on leave due to my injury and my upcoming operation for my right knee on October 7, 2014, I have nothing better to do than to study. Or at least try to study.

Well, I could play some games, but I just bought Borderlands 2 that was on sale in Steam and still waiting for it to finish downloading. And the internet speed by local ISPs here in the Philippines is slow at best. Ah well.

Time to hit the E-Books!!


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It Was Worth All The While

Fresh from the IQUAME interview, where we student leaders as a whole answer various questions, and I having answered a couple of questions myself was thrown this question out of the blue: “Do you still remember your first year in AUF?” Having paused for a moment and trying to traverse through the labyrinth of my aging mind (not enough time especially with the prying eyes of the interviewers seem likely to get heavier by the stare), I just had to say yes, when in all honesty, I can’t remember that many events that took place when I was at first year at that moment; as if I threw all memory away of my not-so-distant past.
Now trying to retrace the events from first year up to this point and it may not be that specific like what shirt I wore on the first day, but things that I believed shaped up my years in AUF, and having reached my fourth year in B.S. Biology, a perfect means to summarize my college life.
Much like everyone else, straight from graduating high school, going through the main gate of AUF, which will later be synonymous to the likes of Big Boy, you’d probably get a rush of confidence in saying “I am finally a college student,” and having the feeling of being more mature (I know I did, but I was the most immature at that time… maybe even now) and yet getting lost in the many rooms and buildings and ultimately asking a higher level where the PS building is located. Feeling good about yourself finding the room you need to be in only to be petrified by the sight of your new classmates and stiff to the bone in front of your new professors – all such things would lead to a hellish first few days of your new life in college as it did me when I was first year.
As the smoke cleared from the first days of college life, no subject, in my mind, or that of my classmates’, seemed daunting, but as always, a subject that seems to be trouble-free and most likely to be taken in for granted only to outweigh any major subject that came before or after, feared and yet respected. Yes, I am speaking of CFE. Bearing the name of Christian, I am easily remembered by all my CFE professors and to no surprise, “volunteer work” and “volunteer recitations” were eminent. I also recall before taking the exams, me and my classmates bravely elbow our way through to the CFE board just to read the extra 5-10 questions based on it. And we all know how much those 5-10 points can help us.
Nearing the end of first year, I finally got my first official college crush (yes, she is and still is a beauty), at that point I told myself that I will get a girlfriend in college (has not been been fulfilled… yet). Mustering every ounce of courage I had to get her number, befriend her long enough to ask her out only to get turned down because apparently there is a height requirement. Though this experienced had traumatized me, I still get to smile about it every time I recall it.
Sophomore year came; to think it could never come sooner. Had a certain attitude towards the new “freshies” as “I am more college than them” even if most of them, guys and girls, are taller than me. Not old enough to be as cool as the third and fourth years, yet not young to hang around the the first years anymore. I was, or so I thought, in the “in” crowd – having no more 7AM classes, and finally got some lower levels to push around. So I was, like most of my friends, lax in second year.
My bonds with my friends strengthened here as we lasted a year together; my bonds with the other courses within CAS strengthened as well; and in time, my “I am more college than them” attitude was thrown out the window and I became friends with the lower levels. All throughout my second year was mulled with new friends.
The most memorable subject I had back at second year was Special Filipino, having to sing Tagalog songs and recite the national anthem in front of fellow foreigners who later will become my good buddies (the nosebleed group). We usually get away with a lot more things than any other student in AUF but we still have a way of getting into trouble with Ma’am Nepo in the ISA. I should probably give her a visit and show her the “new” Christian.
Second year flew by much faster than that of first year and before I knew it, I am sporting an I.D. with “B.S. BIO 3” on it (fine, there wasn’t any number placed at that time so I made one myself). Being a certified “kuya”, I have resurfaced my attitude towards the lower levels and with that I tend to strut about the campus only to be hounded by my second and third moms (my mother’s close friends who are tasked to watch over me in school) to have “a better posture.”
Strengthening bonds as I did in second year only this time with my professors begs for the stereotypical labeling of teacher’s pet to be written on my forehead. Still pretty close with all my other friends and at this point I realized that I never had a major falling out with any of my friends. Of course, I have had enemies already made at this time, some of which are still after me (notices a red laser dot quivering on his wall), none of them were ever once a friend of mine. Well, that will all change at this point.
It happens with everyone, severing a bond with a friend, even it is for a moment, because of certain things. Tensions piling up to my third year and continue to amass in my fourth year. I have lost quite a few friends at this point, having reconciled with most, whereas others it’s as if I didn’t really care for them in the first place. But whatever the case, though they may no longer be in my circle of friends, I still owe them because they shaped up my life as well. So, love your enemies… it pisses them off that way anyway.
Girls are an integral part of a guy’s life, so girls continue to beckon me all through my years in AUF. Eager to advance from my stagnant love life only to have the height requirement laugh at my face again. Once asked from the guidance and counselling if I had any problems with my love life, I simply answered no, with my philosophy, I wouldn’t have a problem in my love life if it never existed in the first place.
Now I am at my graduating year, being bullied by my thesis, valiantly trying to ensure my graduation, and typically trying to make the most of my last year with my classmates before going our separate paths later on. I must admit though, it hasn’t been smooth sailing this fourth year for me in terms of academics or interacting with my friends appropriately – lost track of my studies for many a reason and haven’t always been a good friend if need be.
Just now entering the finals of the first semester, plenty of time still to make up for my shortcomings and make the most of my last year, I could easily say that these four years in college will, in due course, overshadow my elementary and high school years combined.
So that’s how it went, some things omitted, turning out like this from a scrawny kid back in the day, learning a lot from the academe and life in general and now I would try and finish my final year with a lot more memories to be placed well in my heart. Like that time when I feared my new classmates but would later become my close friends; that time when I can’t find my way around school but ultimately can go through the school blindfolded; the three day weekends; and when you don’t know your classmates well enough, let alone your new professor, but share a laugh in class – that’s when I felt like I belonged. Answering my question I threw when I was second year, “What’s the point of all this? What is it worth to study this long and hard?” well, with all my friends and memories I shared with during my studies, simply, “it was worth all the while.”

-End of Article-
This was written Circa 2009 for my then college, The College of Arts and Sciences, where I was a student under the B.S. Biology program. I was asked to contribute two articles that year, quite fitting that it was my graduating year, so out of the two, this is the only one I can recover from my old files. I don’t remember where I saved my second article that year, but anyway, this was better than the second article. Plus, this only took me 10 minutes to write up; I was a better stringer of words back in the days…

Playing Doctor…

I have returned to my medical clerkship this morning after being struck down with measles and was out of the loop for 2 weeks as a result of it.
I must say, having to get my body used to the workload, having to get used to being a slave all over again, and having to train mentally and emotionally to deal with all the banter, insults, demands of patients just because we have yet to have our very own coveted white coat, is quite overwhelming as I am not totally recovered from my illness just yet, and having to do all these in one day, is just a tall task. But its a tall task that I can do, indeed.
The only thing that is hovering over my head right like silly friend rearing his/her ugly head while your texting your significant other is that I have a pre-operation report tomorrow that I just received the chart to study tonight (in which I will do after a power nap LOL). I hope I won’t get eaten alive tomorrow.
Overall, I can say that it’s good, no, it is great, to be back in clerkship. 3 weeks to go, before our class review for the comprehensive exams and its graduation. 3 weeks, gotta be strong. Just 3 more weeks.
Now, I will take my power nap, and hopefully return later tonight with enough energy to kick ass in tomorrow’s pre-operation report. FIGHT!

Rain Check

I was going to lecture today in a hospital in Arayat, Pampanga, as part of my requirement in the community rotation I am currently in. However, last night, the rain began subtly, and other cities and provinces has announced no classes for elementary and high school. Of course, college was not suspended just yet because the rain wasn’t too hard for the government officials to think otherwise. And even if they are suspended, we are already post-graduates in School of Medicine, so we would still be left out of the “no-class-festivities” if ever the college classes were suspended.
The lovely thing is, even if me and my groupmates are post-graduates, currently 4th year, thus Junior Medical Interns in the School of Medicine, we are not in any hospital rotation right now to require us to be present, rain or shine. We are in community rotation, so our head of the department in Preventive, Family, and Community Medicine, sent us a message saying we will not meet today. I received the message around 5am, thus, I slept and extra 6 hours. Hey, I have to enjoy this free time because my major hospital rotations are fast approaching again and I won’t taste good sleep in my last 6 months of junior internship.
I didn’t take any photos yet of the nice bed-weather, but this photo I will share was from my Psychiatry Rotation a month ago. I was already done with my 36 hour duty and hence I was going from Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center in Manila. I don’t live in Manila, nor do I drive a car, so I take the bus home to and from Angeles, Pampanga. It was also raining most of the time of my two week rotation there, and I took this as I was going home:
Rain or Shine
On the way home…
So yeah, this bed-weather is, what else? Enticing me to go back to bed. Which I think I will after I take my lunch. So that’s it for now.

Lecture, lecture, LECTURE!

Reporting is an integral requirement in junior internship, so I am not surprised having a report, or two, every week to our residents or consultants. But to be tasked to lecture to nurses, nursing students, and other students in similar medical fields, comes to me as surprise.
Being a medical student, albeit, A STUDENT, makes this quite the endeavor indeed. I am both excited and dreaded at the thought that I will lecture these people from the different medical fields when, I myself, am a student and also learning as much as they are.
My topic, thankfully, is a somewhat easy topic, that being Measles. I have made my PowerPoint presentation weeks ago, but now at the every eve of my lecture, I am forgetting what I have read. Typical.
But hey, I have been on a roll lately with my previous reports garnering great praises from my residents and consultants, so hopefully I will continue this run up until I graduate.
Here are further requirements needed for my lecture: A tarpaulin and flyers. I made them simplified mini lectures as compared to my more in-depth PowerPoint, because I have a feeling that where ever and for how long the hospital decides to have these, most likely it will also be read by patients themselves, thus, those will a much lower knowledge of medicine in general.
Here are the gist of my lecture by way of a simplified tarpaulin and flyer designs:
AUFMC PFCM Measles Flyers Page 1
First page of my flyer
AUFMC PFCM Measles Flyers Page 2
Second page of my flyer
AUFMC PFCM Measles Tarp
The Tarpaulin

So yeah, my PowerPoint will be more in-depth, and less… non-medical friendly, in the sense that one should have a background in any of the medical fields to have an idea what I am saying. Thankfully, I am lecturing within the hospital.
So yes, wish me LUCK! And PRAYERS are appreciated!