Somewhere I Belong


Entering my 3rd week as the new University Physician at my Alma Mater and so far I am having an absolute blast; I am having fun because of my co-workers there, seeing my old professors and how happy to see me and how far I have come, and to see patients with different, albeit, non-toxic cases, also helps me grow as a physician. Add the fact that I am also working in a diagnostic center where I see much older patients than the students in the university, I do get to see a multitude of cases, albeit again, non-toxic cases.

Now, do note, I am not the only university physician, there is still another who is also part time like me, who happened to have been longer than I have; long enough to have remembered me during my B.S. Biology and Medicine years in the same university.

She is far more experienced than me, but I strive to be as confident and experienced as her as time goes on. I mentioned confidence… this is because since I am practically a very young and brand new physician, even if I do know the case and the treatment, sometimes I just can’t help but question myself and over think if I did the right thing or not.

This becomes more apparent when it is time for me to refer to specialists, since at this point I am a general physician, and start to wonder if my referrals are right. Since most of these specialists I know are my professors in medicine, they might think I didn’t learn anything at all.

But apart from my self doubts, overall the patients that do come back for follow mention my treatment plan will always have an improvement. I really need to build that confidence.

Thus far, as mentioned above, I am enjoying every minute of my time there in AUF as their physician, always looking forward to going there in the morning, so much so that in some days where my call time is 7am, I am usually the first one there, and thankfully, I am given a copy of the clinic’s key that I am able to enter even no one else is around.

Add the fact that I am also enjoying my time at the diagnostic center where I am also the general physician, I have the weekdays to look forward to, even more so than the weekends.

Let us also throw in that I will be teaching some subjects in School of Medicine in AUF and teach my favorite subject which is Biochemistry, everything seems to be falling in place for me this year. Perfect practice until my Neurology training next year.

I am indeed looking forward for the coming days and so on in all my current ventures and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can before I become a specialist in a field in medicine.

I feel that I am happy at how things are panning out for me after what I considered a trying time since I had reinjured my right knee and had to have surgery. Seeing my old professors both in medicine and in premed all happy to see where I am, for this year at least, makes me feel humbled as without them, I wouldn’t even be here at this point. And hearing that I have most of my life planned out, for the coming 5 years or so (which includes the training), they are even more happy and relieved to see their former student come so far and has planned his future enough.

Doing What I love.

I am happy that I feel like I belong now.

So here’s to a good time and for a brighter future, not only me, but for everyone.


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Oh, how the years go by

As I went to AUFMC just to get my papers signed prior to me registering for both the physician licensure review and examination slated for February 2016; I am unable to take the examinations this month of this year because I finished my internship 2 months later than my batch due to me missing one rotation thanks to my injury and subsequent surgery of my right knee… an injury that has plagued me since I was still in high school.
After getting some of the papers signed, and still having tons not yet signed, I decided to kick back and visit my Alma Mater, AUF, that is literally just next door to the hospital.
It was a strange and warm feeling visiting the school I have studied in for 8 years… 4 years taking up B.S. Biology and another 4 years taking Doctor of Medicine.
Sitting down in the stone benches where I waste a lot of hour after school with my friends for life during premed; we may have taken different paths since we graduated, some took jobs, some started a family, and some, like me, went to medicine, yet, we still, up to this day, stay in touch thanks to the advent of these social media sites. Though I loathe Facebook in general and love Twitter more, it is thanks to the former that I can still chat with friends that I would have lost touch with.
Nostalgia started creeping up to me, and for the first time in years, I felt a slight relief. I felt that the weight of the world was taken off my back even just for a few moments. I didn’t have to think about the papers to be signed, I didn’t have to think about registering and beating whatever deadline there is, I didn’t have to think about reading my review books. I felt that I was taken back to my days when I was a B.S. Biology student… 
I am not saying I was a lazy student that time. Far from it, I was at the top of my game without having to work too hard. I was literally the top of my class, graduated Cum Laude, 0.15 GWA away from Magna Cum Laude, and I bagged The Outstanding Student in Science and Technology award. What I was trying to say when I mentioned that it felt like I was taken back to the days of my premed, was that I was relaxed even in the face of difficult challenges. I was relaxed, and I conquered it all.
Nowadays, I think I am less confident than I used to and that’s why I get stressed out.
Visiting the school and sitting down on those stone benches reminded me to stay cool, stay relaxed, for I have already conquered a lot, and I can do a lot more.
How the years go by, indeed. From that scrawny teenager, just wanting to be noticed academically in his department, to a scrawny adult, who just wants to make a difference in the medical world. I have come a long way.
Many good and bad memories in the school, but they all forged me today. And I am thankful for all those.

Blog on the Go: I hear, I smell, I taste. Our ENT rotation.

Midway through our rotation here in Mt. Carmel Dept of ENT-HNS, and much like when we were clerks, it is a relaxing, yet enlightening, rotation.

It goes to show we still don’t k ow a lot about medicine in general. So much to learn, so much to improve on.

But one thing I love about this rotation is that since we rotated here as clerks before, the staff still remember us very well, and we are welcomed like family.

Also, our consultants are chill, in that, even if we make mistakes a^nswering questions, they don’t make you look like an idiot, and instead teach. Encourages one to learn more when there are no evil consequences…

Now, just have to end the day’s duty so we can prepare for tomorrow’s possible reporting. But since they are so chill, it is an informal reporting anyways.

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Circle of Life

“Circle of life… best way to be a doctor is to be a patient yourself.”

-Dr. Raul Limos
My 14th rehab session has been done and dusted, and I am beginning to walk with the use of a cane. It still a long ways from full recovery, but I am glad that with my progress; at first I was frustrated, because I wasn’t seeing any progress in the 1st 2 weeks of rehab.
I usually get visitors when I go to rehab, in the form of my co-senior interns, the junior inters, residents, or even consultants. One of the things I look forward to when I go to rehab is having visitors to give you a pep talk.
On my 14th session, it was something a little more special. My former patients I handled during my rotation in Internal Medicine and Surgery are also in rehab, sometimes at the same time as me. They usually say hi to me and make small talk, but on my 14th session, there was this lady and her son, her son recognized me, and kept on thanking me because I was one of the interns along with my resident in the ER that helped his mother who suffered a stroke. He was very happy with how we managed and took care of his mother. And was surprised to see me in rehab after my operation.
I’ll admit, I am not the main physician of his mother, I am a mere senior intern, AKA slave for the residents/consultants,  so him thanking me may be exaggerated or something I don’t even deserve, but seeing how sincere he was with his thank yous, I can’t help but feel glad, even if I contributed the least, to be part of the medical team that helped his mother, who now happens to be my rehab buddy.
The phrase mentioned above, as clearly stated, was mentioned by my professor in Radiology, Dr. Raul Limos, when he heard about my humbling moment, having to share rehab session with a former patient, and he couldn’t have said it any better.
Having to be the patient, instead of the physician, for the time being, is certainly an experience I will not forget, and it will aid me in becoming a better physician, because I am now in the other side the coin, having to be in the shoes of a patient, having to see their point of view, having to feel the frustration… I’ll keep it in mind when managing future patients. Not only to manage the disease, but also manage any ill emotions that can come from being a patient.
Well, it’s time to study for the upcoming board exams, because with that moment seeing a very thankful son of a mother I was in the medical team managing, I feel so psyched up and want to pass my board exams ASAP and become a full fledged doctor.

Bright Ideas Media: AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014 Promo

I think I should start sharing the various invitations, audio visual presentations, etc, that I am tasked to do for my various clients.
Recently, however, I haven’t been having that many clients because I have been quite busy with internship plus I just had my surgery not too long ago, but if doctors from the hospital I am having my internship asks, then surely I can accommodate their requests.
So, AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine, the department I have closely affiliated with ever since my medical school days, asked me to make an invitation and couple of AVP’s. Since I know them so well, I decided not to charge.
First off, I will share the invitation; since the theme of the party is Disney, we got Mickey here in his Santa costume, and you’d notice the Disney logo is changed in order to be in tuned with the Christmas theme and it being held by AUFMC Internal Medicine.

Mickey Mouse is a trademark of Disney, and this was used in fair use, and like I said, I am not being paid for this, so there is no monetary gain. Don’t sue me Disney! =] I love you.

Next is the AVP for the Christmas party… It is to supposedly introduce the Disney characters to build up the hype for the party’s theme.
Here is how it looks like:
Lastly, the party has a talent show; yes, there will be judges and contestants to battle it out with their talents, be it singing, dancing, and whatnot. The AVP I planned for the talent show was a commercial of sorts.
And this is how it looks like:

With that, I am thankful that my designs and renders were wholeheartedly accepted without that much revisions other than the date and location of the event.
This makes me want to get back into working for clients again. It is always nice to interact with the clients, give your ideas, ask for their’s, and when you release your draft and they love it, you feel a sense of pride.
I am looking forward to the party, but I am not sure if I can be taking photos during the event due to my recovery from my knee surgery.
Here’s hoping I can do so…
Time will tell…

Information Overload


My brain is reaching saturation, information wise. I have been valiantly trying to read in the past couple of weeks to pass the time while I am still recovering from my operation of my knee last month.
But alas, reading so much, in such little time, can lead to insanity and information overload.
So why couldn’t I just stop?
Well because of my stupid guilt feeling of not being productive in a day…
Ah well, another one of my idiosyncrasies…