Dusting off my DSLR

I See You
Time to go shooting again! This photo was taken way back 2011…
I have been invited to join my sister and future boss, as well as her co-physician buddies that happen to be my future bosses, too, to have a 2 days and 1 night stay at Tagaytay; now don’t ask me too much of that place for I am a geek/nerd/dork/dweeb that doesn’t do too much travelling. And that’s weird for a photography enthusiast to not look for adventures… Anyways, my forte will always be street photography.
With that said, I will dust off my DSLR, plan what exact stuff to take as I won’t bring ALL my gear. Plan out what are the possible good shots to take, and since I am with a group, what good group photos, or heck, since they are there, they will be my models and I can do creative photography with models (my second most forte). I might even venture out into making a travel VLOG; give me a good reason to test out my R9 390 I got weeks ago in video editing, and gives me good practice.
I will share a pretravel blog on what gear I’ll be taking, what are my initial plans in shooting, and if I do make a travel VLOG, how to go about it.
This is short, not totally structured post… but hey, I just feel like typing tonight before gaming.
Also, these may be the few posts I will be making in Blogger (sob) for I might be migrating to WordPress really soon.
For now, PEACE!

Creative Freedom

I make videos… a lot of videos. I edit photos… a lot of photos. I design promo posters… not so much of them. And I design invitations… not as much as well.
Where am I going with such am eldritch introduction? Well, it just goes to show, that even if I am busy enough as it is with my senior medical internship, I still find time to do media editing, whether it is for personal use or for my clients.
Of course, when I take photos, or make videos, for my own personal pleasure, I have complete creative freedom, but as we all know, if we were to make our clients happy with our work, we tend to ask them what they envision and we will create it for them, may not be as accurate as what they say or want to see, but a very good approximation indeed.
However, with my background of editing a lot of photos and some promo posters added to my repertoire, my clients give me the benefit of the doubt in giving me COMPLETE CREATIVE FREEDOM for whatever project they hire me for; whether it’s editing photos, designing invitations or promo posters, or making videos. They have so much faith in my “creativity” that I can do most anything.
It is flattering, but of course, you start thinking what if your design isn’t what they really want. Sure, they may give you complete creative freedom, but that is not to say the project is no longer subject to ridicule especially if it deviates away a tad too far from their expectations in general.
But the vindication you’d get from their approval, their sincere approval; the way they are truly happy with the outcome of the project, with the fact that you made all the decisions, creatively speaking, without little to no input from your client. I’m telling you, there’s no happier feeling in the world when that happens.
This is probably just a simple post to show my appreciation to most of my clients who trust in me and my so called skills in photography, videography, and designs. With such freedom, I can try new things, and along the way increase my self esteem, to produce even better content in the future.
So cheers!


Let’s start the brand new year right with some fireworks display photography!

Now, I hope y’all had a splendid 2014 and I wish you all would have the best 2015!


My first event where I am not the photographer


Okay that may come of with a different interpretation depending on how you’ll read that; I am not trying to say I am invited to parties/events for the sole purpose of being their designated photographer. In fact, I don’t go to parties or events, unless I learn something or if I am in fact, their photographer. I don’t go to parties/events for the sake of going. I need to learn or do something like taking photos.
But this time around, I was invited to the AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014, with the theme of Disney. Yes, the very same department that I am their unofficial photographer for many years, and the same one I made an invitation and AVP’s for their event.
They know of my injury and operation, and they knew that it would be asking too much for me to be their photographer, so I endorsed my groupmate and friend, Dr. Rupesh Raut, to be my proxy this time around since I still can’t walk for long periods of time.
And the department were happy enough with me making the invitations and AVP’s, so they didn’t feel like assigning any more “work” to me. I placed quotation marks on the word work, because, videography and photography is more of a hobby and a means to get away from the the treachery of the real world than work. So, if only I could walk, I wouldn’t mind being their photographer again.
But then again, it is quite a refreshing change being in a lot more photos than before. My first event apart from my graduation in both B.S. Biology and Doctor of Medicine courses, that I had a lot of photos in. Because, of course, being the photographer, you are more used to the other end of the camera. And when the time comes, that someone tells you to join the group for photos and they’ll take the shot for you, I don’t know about the rest, but I for one, would usually say it is alright, it is their night, I am more used to the other end of the lens anyway.
It was a great night, sure was fun, I came in as Pinocchio, and it was a blast seeing the residents, consultants, heck even my co interns, and the clerks, dress up for the event.
Seeing the reactions of the people when they saw my AVP’s was nerve wracking since I was expecting them to hate it or call it simple. But, no, it was praised, and now I got another source of service for my clients. I can now make AVP’s for their events. I am glad they loved it. Makes me want to practice more Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC editing. And probably practice more with videography with my DSLR in the near future.
With that said, I had fun in the very first event/party that I had nothing to do in the actual event/party. Sure, I missed being the photographer, I missed being the one in charge of other things in events, but maybe sometimes, it is also nice to kick back and enjoy the show. Can’t always be the workaholic I am now, right?
Special thanks as always to the AUFMC Dept of IM family, for more than 6 years, have been believing in my services, though not as professional quality as real photographers or videographers, but still happy with my work makes me very thrilled. To think this is only my hobby.
To my co interns, who made it easy for me to face the world again without a single bout of obscurity of what has become of me.
To the clerks, who constantly help up and down staircases when need be.
And well, the consultants, who were so happy to see me up and walking again, and this time without a cane!
I plan to go to the mall on my own tomorrow, and next week hopefully hang out with my friends in San Fernando and go to Manila.
After tonight… the sky’s the limit to where my legs can take me =]

Bright Ideas Media: AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine Christmas Party 2014 Promo

I think I should start sharing the various invitations, audio visual presentations, etc, that I am tasked to do for my various clients.
Recently, however, I haven’t been having that many clients because I have been quite busy with internship plus I just had my surgery not too long ago, but if doctors from the hospital I am having my internship asks, then surely I can accommodate their requests.
So, AUFMC Department of Internal Medicine, the department I have closely affiliated with ever since my medical school days, asked me to make an invitation and couple of AVP’s. Since I know them so well, I decided not to charge.
First off, I will share the invitation; since the theme of the party is Disney, we got Mickey here in his Santa costume, and you’d notice the Disney logo is changed in order to be in tuned with the Christmas theme and it being held by AUFMC Internal Medicine.


Mickey Mouse is a trademark of Disney, and this was used in fair use, and like I said, I am not being paid for this, so there is no monetary gain. Don’t sue me Disney! =] I love you.

Next is the AVP for the Christmas party… It is to supposedly introduce the Disney characters to build up the hype for the party’s theme.
Here is how it looks like:
Lastly, the party has a talent show; yes, there will be judges and contestants to battle it out with their talents, be it singing, dancing, and whatnot. The AVP I planned for the talent show was a commercial of sorts.
And this is how it looks like:

With that, I am thankful that my designs and renders were wholeheartedly accepted without that much revisions other than the date and location of the event.
This makes me want to get back into working for clients again. It is always nice to interact with the clients, give your ideas, ask for their’s, and when you release your draft and they love it, you feel a sense of pride.
I am looking forward to the party, but I am not sure if I can be taking photos during the event due to my recovery from my knee surgery.
Here’s hoping I can do so…
Time will tell…

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

I have been in a rut lately, no surprises, what with my love life and the lack thereof, with my acute gastroenteritis leaving me dehydrated, and the fact that the most dreadful of all rotations is fast approaching (yes, I am scared of OB), I’ve been listening to melodramatic songs to ease the tides.
Now this is gonna be a short post, I just wanted you guys to see my latest photo, before I have to rush back to the bathroom and defecate a violent watery foul smelling stool (too much information?). I originally thought of taking this shots of my memory cards (hence the title “Thnks fr th mmrs” inspired by Fall Out Boy, while I am in my rut listening to melodramatic songs) as macro shots, but it turned out to be boring and not quite the way I envisioned it was supposed to be. Thus, I stayed with a the regular shot. And it turned out okay-ish.
It was also supposed to be featured, if it were macro, in my first episode of “RAW Edits”, but seeing that it didn’t turn out the way I want it to be, I will postpone, yet again, the first episode of “RAW Edits”.
Meh. Here is the shot…



It may not have turned out the way I want it to be, but I will still share my macro shot of the memory cards…


RAW Edits: The Beginning of Everything?

I’ll be trying to start a new segment her in my blog, that is, to show how I edit my shots and I will be giving out a link to the RAW file (not all my following entries in this segment will give out a link to my RAW photos; they may be under Copyrighted, other wise I will share anything deemed Public Domain), and give you, the audience a chance to edit them to your style and you may share it here in my blog or may be used in another site/publications/etc (but please, do respect me, the original photographer; please credit me and give a link to my Blogger and Flickr accounts).
I will be incorporating a video that I will dub over just to see my thoughts during the edits and why I chose to edit the way I did. I will soon incorporate live commentary as I edit on the spot with a webcam as well, but that is when I finally get settled in video editing as well as getting my room cleaned up.
This is the proposed intro to my videos; I used Adobe After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC to render this. The music is by Kevin MacLeod entitled “Early Riser” and the aperture animation is not originally mine, it is from ikander from Lucky 9 studios; apart from that, all other effects were done by me.
Tell me what you think? Is this a good idea? Hoping that I can keep this up especially since I can have a very busy lifestyle.