“I am looking for _________; Can you tag him/her…” is just SICKENING.


Okay, this is starting to piss me off and this just shows what kind of character a person really is; all these posts in Facebook (I have long considered a cesspool of human stupidity; why I use Twitter more) about tagging a guy or girl and have a photo of a person apparently looking for said guy or girl.

I am never one for fads especially fads or viral posts that is quite insulting; when I first saw these, I thought hey, how would the person in that photo feel if they found out they are used in a meme. Sure, one can blame them for posting photos like that online in the first place, but even so, other people don’t have the right to use their photos without permission let alone in a unflattering manner.

This just goes to show that people still think they are better and entitled to so much more compared to other people for they think “they look good” in the public eye. But them doing this, well, you are uglier than you think. And the people in the photos you’ve made into a meme or shared into a meme is far more good looking than you can ever be.

I want you people making these memes or sharing these memes to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “are you happy with your life?”, “are you better than the people in the memes you posted?”, “are you even human?”; I don’t even pray for the day that your face will end up in an unappealing meme, for I am better than that. I just hope you start thinking about the people behind those memes… how are they feeling? They are probably bullied now thanks to you. Do you want to be bullied? Do you want strangers to use your photo without your permission? Do you want to be better?

The world is not made this way, with every action, comes an equal and opposite reaction; you may find those posts harmless and funny, but the people in those photos are most likely hurt and crying thanks to your lack of judgment.

The internet and social media must be used properly; use the internet to learn and not to insult (but excuse me in this post for I used the word stupid to describe Facebook and stuff), use the social media for what it really is for, interaction with new people in a mature fashion, exchange of ideas if useful, and/or catch up with friends/family you have lost contact with all those years.

The internet is not used to spread fake news and social media is not a place to spawn cyber bullying.

You are better than that, I know; sharing these kinds of memes doesn’t make you a smarter, better, a more good looking person. No. It is the complete opposite. It makes you look dumb as hell, worst, and down right hideous. Show the world you are better. And who knows, your face will be less likely to end up in an unflattering meme.

So there you go, I just had to rant about this. This post may not be perfectly written, but I was speaking from the heart.

Til next time! PEACE!

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