Take a Breather

The past few weeks have been a trying one and to think I am not even training yet in residency. Just goes to show the responsibility of a physician.

I noticed I haven’t posted anything in here for 3 weeks now, and it is understandable since there have been schedule changes in my jobs, covering other physicians in their duties, giving lectures, and the list can go on. And that was just 3 weeks.

Now I have a few days of a breather; I will not be going to duties for awhile and the university is having their annual university games, so I can just see the students participating in the various sports events. In fact, I might join in some practice games of chess as I was joining these chess competitions every year when I was still a student. It will be nice to gauge myself in chess as it has been years since the last time I waged battle in this game.

I ordered a new desk and a new gaming chair to upgrade my setup once again, but sadly, the desk is on back order, and I had no time to even assemble the new chair. Two more weeks until my Christmas break begins, and this applies to all my jobs, I hope the new desk will arrive in order for me to upgrade the overall look of my gaming setup before the turn of the year.

I haven’t had a breather in awhile so I haven’t been thinking about my future as much. Give me a couple of hours with my day off I started planning what I would be doing next year in terms of residency training. And with that, comes my decision to resign in all my other jobs by March 2017, which is also the month my contract ends as a university physician, in order for me to really start studying and preparing for my residency training.

As much as I am very comfortable in my current jobs and I am certainly happy with what I am earning as opposed to those having residency training, and I extremely humbled by the persistence in asking me to become director of the health services in the university (imagine a 27 or 28 year old being a director in a university; that is quite nice), but I am also getting older and I rather be a young consultant and get through with the hardships of training to reach my ultimate dream.

Anyways, I will not spend so much time on this post as I only have a short break to have a breather of sorts, but fret not, Christmas break is just right around the corner, and if I do get my desk soon, I will definitely blog my upgrade of my system.

Til next time! PEACE!

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