“Hung down with the freaks and the ghouls”

Threesome chat with the freaks and ghouls

Halloween, at least this side of the world, is done and dusted, and as everyone else here, dressed up in their favorite fictional character, mythical character, animal, etc., there are some of us, that are probably not into mainstream activities and are just feeling to old for this, and those latter two might just be me.

As it turns out, like the undead sprouting out of the ground, my best friend of 10 years, my fellow B.S. Biology major in AUF, and my classmate in medschool also in AUF, and fellow physician, Lee, who is now undergoing mandatory military training in South Korea, has not only returned to social media, but here in the Philippines.

Albeit, he will only stay here for a week or so, and a hangout is inevitable, I can’t help but ask him and our other good friend from medschool and fellow physician, Aris, to join in a three way voice chat reminiscent of our days in medschool. We aren’t complete though, we still lack our other friends from medschool, Kokoy, Lou, and Flanz, but seeing as they are busy lately, we decided to still push through with the three way voice chat, or what I rather call a threesome voice chat.

We talked about anything… and the fact we haven’t seen or talked to Lee for over a year other than very seldom PM’s in FB, it felt natural. It felt as if we all never left that room in AUF during medschool. It is as if we can be just who we really are and don’t care since we know eachother well enough to be that way.

I have been friends with Lee, like I said, for 10 years since Biology days, and I guess we know eachother better than anyone else in our medicine class back in the day; he knows my family quite well, and I know his. Covering eachother’s backs when our respective families call us and wonders where the other one is or went. Covering tracks so to speak, and it comes in as a natural reflex for us and need not ask the other to do so if they call. It is instinctual and that is something that can only happen when you know one another too well that you can easily finish one another’s sentences. That’s brotherhood.

That is not to say I am not brothers with the dudes in medschool or my other classmates when I was still in Biology, but with Lee, it is different.

I’ve known Aris, Kokoy, Lou, and Flanz, for 6 years, and that is still a lot, and as the saying goes, if a friendship lasts more than 7 years, it will last a lifetime, we may be one year shy of the 7 years, but we are confident that this friendship will last a lifetime the moment we sat down in class.

And while we are the subject of friendships in class, my groupmates since 1st year in medicine is just as special; also knowing them for 6 years, Joed, Vyel, Melody, Elaine, Danica, and Paul, remain my go to people when the going gets tough. We were groupmates from 1st year to the penultimate clerkship, and our bonds were strengthened and tried by all the challenges clerkship entails. I still hang out with some of them from time to time.

Having chatted with Lee and Aris, made me excited for the day we are all done with our training and then we can all have a reunion in class, along with our good friends and classmates from Nepal, and we will be eating out all together and reintroduce ourselves, this time with our specialization at the end of our names: I can’t wait to stand up in that reunion and say “Hi, I’m Dr. Christian Udarbe, Adult Neurologist… I missed you guys…”.

And I mean it… I miss my medschool classmates. Even if they are somewhat of freaks and ghouls.

Til then! PEACE!

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