Midweek Project: Legend of Zelda Key Hanger

I have a tendency of forgetting where I place my keys, forgetting to bring my USB FDD to work or when I go out, and a number of other similar things like that. I stumbled into a key hanger that is a wooden slab with one of the most memorable Legend of Zelda scenes ever. Thus, I thought, hey, I can make this myself, not exactly, but still similar in theme and function. And so… I did. For it is dangerous to go out alone.


From Etsy user/creator (idk) Deeply Dapper; Follow link to original page if you rather get this (and this is better quality than my DIY project). CLICK HERE!


First, I dropped off the local mall to get some hooks and a frame. The other item in the photo was just a RCA female to female connector since my older connector is bugging out and the audio in my PC is cutting off due to that.



Next, I already had the other items that can aid me in this project in my room. I used a ruler to try and valiantly make the hooks straight, a pencil to mark where I am supposed to place the hooks, a push pin (along with a hammer) to create pilot holes, and a 3M tape of the gawds (outdoor mounting tape).


So I only spent for the frame (around 5 bucks) and for the hooks (which are like less than a dollar).

Now that I got all materials ready so to speak, I then had to find a perfect Legend of Zelda “It’s dangerous to go out alone! Take this.” image and make it fit in an A4 sized photo paper as the frame I got was A4. Why did I get A4? It was the only size that is available in the bookstore, and I had no intention of staying in the mall looking for another frame.

After which, I started marking as best I can for the hooks. Now the hooks I bought is a set of 8 hooks; I first thought it was a set of 10, so it will look a lot better, but alas, it is 8, and I just placed them 1 inch apart from each other.


Placing the hooks, I first had to use a pushpin and slightly hammer it down to make pilot hole, the next thing is as expected and easy, just screw in the hooks. But take note, do it slowly to avoid cracking the frame.




Placing all the hooks, I then simply placed the printed Legend of Zelda scene, and then added the 3M mounting tape. Finally, simply place it at my door (though, make sure you wipe your door or any area you plan to place this before mounting it. This ensures no dust will interfere with the tape while trying to adhere).


Immediately placed my keys, USB FDD, employee ID, etc., just to test it out, and yes, I am very happy with this simple project. It is very simple, yet it is very functional, and for a gamer like me, and a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series, this is also a bit of nerdgasm for me (Don’t sue me Barnacules for using the word Nerdgasm).

Click the photo to go to my photostream in Flickr!

The photo I shared from Etsy is the most ideal key hanger for this theme; usually in the game, you get one or three items to select in the various caves/shops, so the hooks are placed perfectly since it is basically a particle board. I chose a frame because I don’t want to undergo the difficulty of finding someone that can make a plaque similar to those particle boards/wooden boards with the scene printed on it. And I have a lot more things than three items, so having more hooks is better.

With that, I will be very surprised if I still forget where my keys are or such.

Til next time! PEACE!

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