There was once a meme about how a child’s punishments such as being home early, getting into bed early, etc, are now actually an adult’s idea of rewards, and I simply scoffed at it. Thinking I will still find those more of punishments, but as I gotten older, in turns out, that meme is true; I know find having to sleep early, staying at home for the weekends, etc, more satisfying.

However, for those rare occasions where I do go out and invite some buddies to hang out with me as well, I find myself longing to be back home as fast as I can to either be in front of my PC to play games, read some ebooks, or simply tune in YouTube and lay on my bed as the sandman visits me and I end up waking up to a PC still running and I am right back where I left off the day prior – that is browsing the net or playing games.

I used to think it would be much more fun just being out and about elsewhere other than home, and at a health standpoint, I guess it is; I get to walk and have a bit of an exercise here and there. But as I gotten older, I find it more of a chore. Have I become so sheltered that I will only go out if I need some school supplies, have to go to work, have to go to he bank, or the like. Heck, even if I know I need to buy something, I prefer looking at online shops where I have little to no interaction with other people as I shop.

I know it is strange that I am becoming more sheltered than I ever was especially that my career begs me to be very sociable; don’t get me wrong, I am very sociable kind of guy. I can easily make friends and such. But given the choice, I am still an introvert appreciating my own company more than anything else. I like being alone with my thoughts more, but I still have an open mind enough to accept other’s opinions if forced to be hanging with others.

I guess this is also in tune to when I was younger and my preference to playing by myself. This may explain as to why I am more satisfied being at home in my room alone with my thoughts and creativity. Why I prefer playing single player games to avoid the complexity of socializing. Maybe why I rather shop online than have a face to face conversation/transaction.

This isn’t healthy so to speak, I should be more outgoing, but as for now, I will stay as an introvert as much as I can cos I am more comfortable that way. I will interact and be sociable only if need be. But until then, when I feel more outgoing, my walls that surround me in my room will keep my secrets.

Okay, I won’t even read this over again to edit or try to make so much sense into this post, I will just post it and well… it is a random post with sort of a random theme. I was just typing as I think. Take this with a grain of salt.

Til next time! PEACE!

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