Rollercoaster Weekend and a Megaman E Tank Mug to Top It Off

It has been a trying weekend to say the least; had to go to work in what should be my days off on the weekend, started to develop body malaise and chills, then got a call last night to help my mom go to a hospital as she was having chest pain.

The latter with my mom, for me, as a physician myself, looked like a regular GERD, but I still wanted her to have an ECG as well as cardiac markers just to be sure and we all decided to have her admitted to have a repeat ECG and cardiac markers after 10-12 hours. My sister, a physician as well, who happens to be on duty in the hospital last night made it easy for me to leave my mom at her care in the hospital last night.

I didn’t go back to my work (I was supposed to be 24 hours duty) so I went back home to nurse myself as I was coming down with something bad. I was really having chills, body malaise, and severe headaches. No amount of my usual pain killers can relieve my headache. I was this close in getting admitted myself.

Waking up to the same bad headache and chills as I went to sleep with, I decided to have a CBC with platelet count as I was visiting my mom in the hospital anyway. It was weird making a request for myself and not for my patients.

As all that was happening, I was supposed to hang out with one of my best friends who decided to visit the Philippines after years of not being around here. Sadly, work, my current condition, my mom being admitted, didn’t really help us hang out. However, he did visit me at work once and he even dropped by my mom’s hospital room to visit her as well. I was happy enough to see my best friend I haven’t seen in years, but he dropped a bomb on me. In a good way.

We were once talking about geeky stuff and I mentioned that I saw something at the Fan Gamer site: it was a Megaman E Tank Mug, and I thought it would be cool to have it as I would most likely be the only one here in the Philippines to have it. This makes it easier for me at work to know if the mug is really mine or not. And to stop people from trying to use it without my permission.

I was wondering why he was so hellbent on giving me my “pasalubong”; as he kept on trying to give it to me days prior to today, I was starting to presume that maybe, just maybe, he got me the mug that we were once talking about.

Lo and behold, he appears with a USPS box with a 2 day priority mail label on it. I started to lean towards my hypothesis that he did in fact get me the mug. After he left my mom’s room, I was looking at the box more intently and saw it was from Fan Gamer! And the item inside was in fact the E Tank Mug!

Having gone home as my CBC was normal and my mom was discharged (her tests are normal, too) I was eager to open up my care package.

E Tank Mug!
A USPS care package!? From Fan Gamer!? And look at the bottom, it says “EMug”!? COULD IT BE!?
E Tank Mug!
I like opening packages from the bottom, and this greeted me.
E Tank Mug!
OKAY! It is the E Tank Mug!!
E Tank Mug!
The E Mug is protected very well and I got a free random rubberized coaster; this coaster is inspired by the classic Megaman/Rockman Password screen!
E Tank Mug!
And here she is! Much like how the E tank fills up Megaman’s health/energy, with this E Mug my energy will be filled by way of coffee!

Having my CBC test normal, my mom being discharged, and getting this, all those combined made my otherwise bad weekend into a good weekend.

Can’t wait to clean this up and start using it. I love coffee, I love video games, and I love the classic Megaman series. This was the perfect gift someone like me can ever have. And to get it as a surprise from my best friend, made it all the while better (even if I already had a small idea what it was since he kept bugging me to get my pasalubong and the box had all the clues).

It is the little things that make you smile.


E Tank Mug!
Yes I pretending to drink from E Mug… It wasn’t clean yet lol. And yes, my favorite color is blue.


Til next time! PEACE!


For those interested in getting this, click here! It will lead you right to the E Mug in Fan Gamer’s site!

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