Getting Older and More Thrifty

As youngster I would often tell myself that once I get a job, I would lavish myself with items fitting my vast array of hobbies. These hobbies include and not limited to PC in general and PC gaming, action figure collecting, guitar collecting, and photography. I would often get lost in the idea of me earning salary just to spend it on those items.

But as it often does, reality bites, and now that I am here, finally earning my keep, I feel more compelled to save my money rather to squander about. It must be that feeling that you worked hard for that salary and you don’t feel obligated to simply spend it even on your hobbies, for which you know would bring joy to yourself.

I’ve had a bank account way back when, but only recently had it closed and joined another banking firm that I feel more at ease with. Now feeling more at ease, I was able to sample a lot of their promotions and functions; I get to more easily track my statement of account thru an app on my phone making it a breeze for me to calculate my earnings for the month and my possible expenditures (or even the allowable expenses for the month). This way I can make sure I save a penny.

It is quite a novel feeling; I know the value of money and hard work, but as mentioned earlier, as a youngster, I’d often dream of purchasing a multitude of anything that fit the bill for my hobbies, and yet now, that I am earning, albeit, not a lot, but earning nonetheless, it shatters my heart piece by piece if I have to spend on something.

Before, I’d have several days to contemplate whether or not I can justify a purchase, whereas recently, it can take weeks or even months before I can fully justify purchasing an item. This is apart from those devious impulse buys; that I have no control of at all.

This is all part of growing up (figuratively) I guess, and at least I am not that trigger happy person when it comes to spending (much like my sisters and my mom), I am more of my dad who tends to spend only when he feels he has to, and I appreciate getting that aspect from my dad. Now the things I got from him like his short temper and being short in general, I don’t appreciate, but ah well, life is unfair.


So in a nutshell, as I gotten older I became I wiser spender and more of a person that loves to save his money. I still buy things for my numerous hobbies, but within reason. I don’t pull the trigger as much as I thought I would and it says a lot of how I have matured… even if I’m immature in other aspects in life.

Til next time! PEACE!

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