I am now a Logitech G Fanboy

It all began sometime last year when I first bought a Logitech G600 mouse to replace my Razer Deathadder 2013; I was so blown away be the quality and function of that mouse and the Logitech Gaming Software that I decided that I do want to have other Logitech G peripherals.

It wasn’t until I finished and passed my Physician Licensure Exams earlier this year that I bought another Logitech G peripheral. I saw the G13 on super sale and just had to get it, and again, even if the keys were not mechanical keys, the overall ergonomics and the ease of use with the Logitech Gaming Software, hereafter LGS, I was blown away.

Then not long after, my old headphones were biting the dust so I knew I had to get a replacement for those late night gaming and it was a no-brainer, it had to be a Logitech headset. I got me the Logitech G430 and I was never into those “7.1” gimmick even if I am an audiophile, let alone an emulated 7.1 surround sound. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the emulation and how games became even more atmospheric with the G430 and coupling it with my triple monitor setup. Nowadays, even in broad daylight, I am using my G430 to be immersed in the game.

Now, it has been years that I was holding out on getting a controller as I am obviously a PC gamer and still believe in keyboard and mouse, but let’s face it, there are some games made for the controller *cough* Darksouls *cough*. And so I knew I needed one in case a game I like is better played with controller. I have always been looking at the Microsoft XBox 360 controller for the PC, either wired or the wireless variant, but never got myself to get it. And it has been 4 years since I thought of getting it.

Fast forward to today, it was truly and impulse buy when I purchased the F310 by Logitech (or course), but somewhat also due to the circumstances, I needed to get it. The circumstances were not that I finally found a game that may use it (which I did, Slain: Back from Hell looks more fun with a controller), but the circumstance that arose when my credit card failed 3 times in 3 different stores prior to today. Worried that my credit card is just no longer being read right and may need to be swapped out, I needed to try it yet again just to see if it still is functioning. Lo and behold, it worked, and I took it as a sign from above that I needed to buy this controller as my credit card failed 3 times prior.

Why not the F710 I hear you ask? Well, it doesn’t fit my theme of my setup, and I still choose to keep my setup’s theme intact. That is also the reason why I didn’t get any other headset from Logitech; the G430 matches my setup plus the G633 and G933 wasn’t available in the store at that time.


Just for good measure as I am running out of USB 2.0 slots, I got me a 4 port USB 2.0 hub.

Now as you can see, my Logitech G family is growing. Why don’t I have a Logitech G keyboard? I would but the Logitech G810 I am eyeing uses Romer G switches which I am not a fan of; I am using a Ducky Dk9008 Shine 2 Cherry MX Blues and I love me some Cherry MX Blue switches. The Logitech G keyboards that do have Cherry MX switches just have this wild “gaming” look to it; I like simple looking, professional looking keyboards, and that is why I love my Ducky Shine 2 keyboard.



Logitech does have a G610 but is only available in Cherry MX Red or Brown and I am a BIG fan of the Blue Switches. Plus, the G610 only has white LED backlit keys; I need em blues…

Now, I don’t see myself getting any other Logitech product in the future (unless I plan to switch out my webcam or when they make the perfect keyboard), but I can say that maybe I finally becoming a fanboy of the company and its peripherals.

Til next time! PEACE!

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2 thoughts on “I am now a Logitech G Fanboy

    1. Yes, I love Logitech and their peripherals. Nice to note that I have upgraded to the Logitech G933 Headset and the Logitech F710 gamepad. I also added the Logitech G920 and the shifter since I love racing, the Logitech Z333 speakers, and an additional Logitech K400+ wireless keyboard perfect when racing to adjust setups of cars heheheh It shows my love for Logitech!

      However, I still wish their higher end mechanical keyboards have Cherry MX blue switches rather than their proprietary Romer G switches. But it is understandable why they would market their own switches more.


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