Mom’s Birthday Treat

Being the youngest, I have the luxury of being always treated when we go out to family outings and what not. Being the youngest, I never have to think about really paying for anything for anyone unless it is an emergency; I would usually just save my allowance and buy something for myself or so.

Sure, I would treat the family out to dinner sometimes (I treat my friends more often) but technically, the money I saved up is still from my parents; this is the first time since I became a licensed physician and earning my own money with hard work that I can say that I treated my family with my own money.

It just so happens that it is my mom’s birthday so all the more special.

Now my dad didn’t come along (again); he isn’t much of a guy that likes going out, plus he feels that someone needs to watch the house, so he really decided to stay at home. He just made sure we brought him loads of take out.

So there we were: me, my mom, my sister (Doc Deb), and Doc Jap, having dinner in this placed called Ichiban (Stylized as 1chiban, seeing as it stands for 1 in Japanese), but don’t let the Japanese name fool you, there is a multitude of different meals here and not limited to Japanese. However, if you know will so well, you know I love Japanese food, albeit, still having a world of difficulty using chopsticks.

It felt great having to treat this bunch of people after getting treated by them almost all my life. It is my way of giving back although I know a dinner is not nearly enough to pay them back for all the gifts, support, and whatnot, they have given to me being the youngest in the family.

I can’t wait til the next time we all go out like this, hopefully my eldest sister, Maggie, would now be here, at least for vacation, and my dad will be confident enough to leave the house, so we can all be complete, and hopefully, by then, whether or not I treat again, or simply get treated, the mere fact we are complete, I would be just as happy.

Here are a few shots of the evening. These were shot using my phone and my sister’s iPhone.

Mom's Birthday Treat!
Happy Birthday, mom!!


Happy faces, happier tummies!

With that, I end this post.

Til next time! PEACE!


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