Somewhere I Belong


Entering my 3rd week as the new University Physician at my Alma Mater and so far I am having an absolute blast; I am having fun because of my co-workers there, seeing my old professors and how happy to see me and how far I have come, and to see patients with different, albeit, non-toxic cases, also helps me grow as a physician. Add the fact that I am also working in a diagnostic center where I see much older patients than the students in the university, I do get to see a multitude of cases, albeit again, non-toxic cases.

Now, do note, I am not the only university physician, there is still another who is also part time like me, who happened to have been longer than I have; long enough to have remembered me during my B.S. Biology and Medicine years in the same university.

She is far more experienced than me, but I strive to be as confident and experienced as her as time goes on. I mentioned confidence… this is because since I am practically a very young and brand new physician, even if I do know the case and the treatment, sometimes I just can’t help but question myself and over think if I did the right thing or not.

This becomes more apparent when it is time for me to refer to specialists, since at this point I am a general physician, and start to wonder if my referrals are right. Since most of these specialists I know are my professors in medicine, they might think I didn’t learn anything at all.

But apart from my self doubts, overall the patients that do come back for follow mention my treatment plan will always have an improvement. I really need to build that confidence.

Thus far, as mentioned above, I am enjoying every minute of my time there in AUF as their physician, always looking forward to going there in the morning, so much so that in some days where my call time is 7am, I am usually the first one there, and thankfully, I am given a copy of the clinic’s key that I am able to enter even no one else is around.

Add the fact that I am also enjoying my time at the diagnostic center where I am also the general physician, I have the weekdays to look forward to, even more so than the weekends.

Let us also throw in that I will be teaching some subjects in School of Medicine in AUF and teach my favorite subject which is Biochemistry, everything seems to be falling in place for me this year. Perfect practice until my Neurology training next year.

I am indeed looking forward for the coming days and so on in all my current ventures and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can before I become a specialist in a field in medicine.

I feel that I am happy at how things are panning out for me after what I considered a trying time since I had reinjured my right knee and had to have surgery. Seeing my old professors both in medicine and in premed all happy to see where I am, for this year at least, makes me feel humbled as without them, I wouldn’t even be here at this point. And hearing that I have most of my life planned out, for the coming 5 years or so (which includes the training), they are even more happy and relieved to see their former student come so far and has planned his future enough.

Doing What I love.

I am happy that I feel like I belong now.

So here’s to a good time and for a brighter future, not only me, but for everyone.


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