Lost in PHA Convention

Well, not really lost in the Philippine Heart Association (Hereafter, PHA) Convention, just can’t think of anything better as a title; forgive me, for I am battling a total of 6 hours sleep in the past 4 days, so I guess my so called creativity is on hibernation – something I should actually be doing, too.

Anyways, the actual convention concluded yesterday, where it spanned from May 25-27, and I was there since the 24th; usually, these conventions, I am just another delegate, choosing which topics I would love to listen to, but this time around, since my sister, who is a cardiology fellow, was tasked to give a case on the second day of the event, I was there for moral support, and probably more importantly, there for technical support and such, just to make sure her case report would not be a failure.

I can’t take all the credit for her successful case report, of course not! It was her own work, and her own power that made her report a success, I was there just in case she needs me to research, clarify some topics, or even fix her laptop if need be. I am the insurance for anything that can go wrong,; thankfully nothing did go wrong, and of course, even if something did, again, in the end, it would still be her doing the actual report, the actual work, so it is really her glory. I am emphasizing this because a lot of people also credited me for her successful report, for which I am honored that they think so, but in reality, it was all on my sister.

Proud little bro here!

Apart from that case report of my sister, her co cardio fellows of the AUFMC also had their own respective parts in the event, and each, like my sister, had successful presentations.


Dr. Canono, considered my other sister, proudly representing AUFMC in the poster presentation of her study



From left to right, Dr. Debbie (my real sis), Dr. Cheng (my other sis), and Dr. Richard, representing AUFMC for the PHA Quiz Show!

The overall event was successful, and I love the location as I can easily go to the mall after the day’s lectures – you get to learn, feed your mind if you will, and then you can relax at the mall/plaza that is next to the hotel, Shangri-La  Hotel at EDSA, and then feed the tummy and the soul with whatever you please there.

This time around, however, I didn’t see my classmates, but I did see a lot of my mentors, which is great; I can give my thanks to them for guiding me throughout medical school and for their prayers when I was preparing for my board exams. So that was more than enough to make up for me not being able to catch up with my classmates from medschool there.

Away from the conventions and the realm of medicine, I got to explore places in Manila I usually do not go in a regular basis, one of which is a Bonifacio Global City, which I have gone to a few times, but like previously mentioned, I don’t visit this place a lot, but it is in my bucket list to live in during my residency training as I target either The Medical City or St. Luke’s; I am targeting those 2 institutions for Neurology training because I heard great feedback from my mentors and fellow physician friends, then seeing Global City as a whole back then, made me all the more want to live in, then seeing it again during my stay in Manila for the PHA Convention, made me long for it even more.

Pig Out!!

BGC reminds me of the States so much; it goes to show that proper city planning can even make places in the Philippines look great. It has wide sidewalks, strict traffic rules, lots of trash cans to avoid loitering just anywhere, friendly people, and lots of cops just to make it all the more safe. Add in the towering skyscrapers of corporations, hotels, etc., it really reminds me of back home in the States.

While there in BGC, we sampled a lot of the well known eateries like IHOP and a lot more; this whole trip was basically eating away anything  to the point on the last day, which was yesterday, I wasn’t as hungry as the first few days. All I wanted to do was drink or immediately head back to the hotel room so I can sleep – the latter of which curtails to the fact that I had 6 hours of sleep in the past 4 days.

Having spent 4 and a half days there for the convention, even with the lack of sleep, it was great hanging out with my sister and her colleagues who happen to be my mentors, and practically, my second siblings. I was able to unwind from all the stress reality can give and feel refreshed as I returned home and facing whatever my professional life will now throw at me.


Last day of the convention, sister decided to treat me cake; I honestly look more tired than the other people that actually have a part in the PHA Convention program


Another pig out session before returning home to Pampanga the next day and face reality

And the coup de grace, if you will, is that since my sister presented a case, she was given a token that happens to be a USB 3.0 32Gb Flashdrive from Samsung, and notorious for not being geeky and notorious for losing a number of her Flashdrives, as well as my Flashdrives, she decided to give it to me since she knows I won’t lose it and can use it to a greater extent than her, plus it is her way of thanking me for being there and helping her with anything she needed during the convention. I failed to mention that my right knee was killing me the entire convention, but the simple thank you would have easily made me feel better even without the Flashdrive, I wouldn’t have said that anyway… I mean, come on, I do want that Flashdrive…

My prize for helping out!

So with that, I end this post…

Til next time! PEACE!




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