Dat Trodat


So, a couple of days ago I received my Trodat, though you may be asking yourself what is so special about a Trodat? Anyone can surely get one made to order anyway.

Well, this is my first official Trodat that has my name with the letters M.D. at the end of it. Yes, this is Trodat for work, but unlike anything before it, it is officially with the M.D. on it.

Again, this may seem like just an ordinary thing to most people, but for a young professional, getting ready to face the real world on his own, this means a lot to me. It reminds me of the hard work I had to endure to get those 2 letters at the end of my name, and it can be a source of being proud and a source of being down to earth; remembering the hardships can really be humbling at times. And I intend to stay down to earth no matter what my social stratification may become in the future.

This is but a short post, highlighting my Trodat that made me oh so happy.

Til next time! PEACE!

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