The Tale of the “Missed” Missed Calls and Phantom Messages


To my dismay, my phone stopped notifying me about calls or messages; some messages I just received were originally sent to me a few days ago. Me and my friend even tested the calls if it would show up; he called my number, nada.

Not even the infamous “did you try turning your phone off and on again?” would work on me this time around.

I will admit, the build of Cyanogenmod 13 (hereafter CM13) for my ASUS ZenFone 2 (hereafter ZF2) wasn’t all that stable at that time. There were numerous crashed from different apps and the system itself was soft restarting.

Considered the no calls or messages notifications as the last straw, I decided to get the May 13 build of CM 13 for my ZF2. Thus far, fingers crossed, there are no crashes noted, and all notifications are working.

Sigh, I don’t know how long this has been happening. I mean, I still receive messages from time to time, on the right date and time, but when I noticed that old messages are also flooding in; friends in Facebook sending my private messages that I am not picking up their calls or replaying to their messages lately, signaled me a red flag that this may have been going on for a little while now.

Hopefully there are not that many important calls or messages I accidentally missed. To think, I usually reply late or really miss calls even when the notifications are working, all the more now that no notifications are coming in.

Since I did a fresh install of the latest CM 13 build, I had to redownload all my apps and will have to download the latest database of my medical apps. Not to mention, change the themes, icons, and whatnot, of my phone to make it more personalized.

Guess I have to get crackin’ on this.

‘Til then! PEACE!

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