Return to Rehab: To Run and Jump Again

Now that my exams are through and I am technically in vacation mode, I returned to physical therapy and rehabilitation for my right knee that was operated back in Oct. 2014. I was having regular rehab before but sadly due to the stress of internship and, inevitably, preparation of my board exam, I wasn’t able to have the intense rehab that would see me back to my normal life – that is, able to run, jump, and stand and walk for long periods and distances.

It feels awful when I was an intern using a cane at times or worst, a wheelchair, because I might get the stigma that I am just lazy and finding ways to get out of work. I am a workaholic. So that is a slap to my face. But if people do think that, I leave it be, because I know the truth that I really can’t walk.

Therefore, before I do enter residency training, I will have my right knee’s rehab as my number 1 priority; I may be able to run when there is an emergency, jump for joy when we save a life, stand hours on end reviving a patient, and when the hectic duty is over, walk long distances in a mall or any place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

A few hours ago, I just finished my rehab session. It is my first rehab session I had since I stopped to prepare for my exams some 6 months ago. My therapist, who we shall call Sir Fer, happens to be a good friend of mine and husband to my resident when I was a clerk and intern, decided not to shock my knee just yet. We started with simple exercises, but I gotta tell you, I was exhausted! Shows how out of shape I am right now. And I am sure tonight, my right knee will be sore.

At the end of the session, I was breaking down in sweat and hardly able to breathe. I am not kidding. I thought I couldn’t even stand to go home. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the pain on my right knee, it was mostly the fact that I was exhausted. Can’t wait ’til I get the hang of this again and get to do the more intense exercises so I can progress further.

Seeing how I might be saddened by the fact that I am getting easily exhausted by the simple exercises, Sir Fer just reminded me that it is my  first day in 6 months returning to rehab. And rightly so, my body was just not up for it especially when I was living a sedentary lifestyle while preparing for the exams for the past several months.

I also asked Sir Fer, since I forgot to ask my attending physician when I had a check up, if I can also return to the actual gym even if it is for my upper body and… well… I have a beer belly (but I don’t even drink beer!) that I desperately need to lose; my pants 6 months ago that I purchased doesn’t even fit now… not even if I hold my breath!

As it turns out, I may return to gym! So I might return starting June. I just need a gym buddy who can spot me. Brian (my life’s greatest friend) come back home! So I can have a gym buddy!

So here’s to rehab and my eventual return to gym! Time to completely get this right knee fully functional where I don’t have to pack my cane each time I go out!


Feels good to be back!

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