Blood Letting and A Talk

Now it has been quite the couple of days for me. For most physicians being busy nearly everyday is no surprise, but for a fresh board passer like me who hasn’t committed himself to working just yet (I mean come on, I want a vacation first), it is a bit of a strange thing to be busy with medical related things that be busy planning out a vacation.

Okay, I said I wasn’t committed to working, by that, I mean that I don’t want to sign contract for training/moonlighting/whatever just yet. I can accept simple jobs for now like performing the physical examinations or give pep talks to incoming Physician Licensure Examination (hereafter, PLE) takers this September 2016.

They are simple tasks that doesn’t break my rule of not wanting to work, yet.

First let us talk about what happened April 21st, 2016, I joined a blood letting, that is my 3rd overall since I became officially licensed and this is probably my 10th or more overall since I entered medical studies. So I know the routine, plus it is simple physical examination only. However they do ask certain questions about their health in general, so there will be a few people that don’t want to donate blood, but instead ask for medical advice. I was pretty happy with that since, technically, for now at least, I am considered a General Practitioner until I start training in my chosen field later on. Now I don’t remember every pathophysiology of every disease even if I am fresh off from the exams, but I know enough to answer most questions they have.

This particular blood letting was fun because it was the farthest me or any of the blood bank staff of AUFMC ever had. AUFMC is in Angeles City, Pampanga and we have to go deep in Tarlac to have this blood letting. It was a fun road trip. Got to bond with the medtechs whom I haven’t spoken to in a long time since I was preparing for my own PLE that concluded last March 2016.

I wished they used my real name and not my nickname LOL

As you can see from the photo, we were at the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) under the U.S. Embassy, thus the U.S. Government. Thus, I made the joke that I am back home in the States as that piece of land is technically U.S. soil.

When the staff in IBB found out that I am in fact Fil-Am, I was able to speak in English without being ridiculed – I always have the feeling that if someone hears me speak in English, my primary language, that I am just a wannabe trying hard to speak in English. Because that did happen… Someone claimed that I was just pretending that my primary language us English and I was pretending not to know Tagalog. Thus why I sometimes try not to speak at all because I am not fluent in Tagalog, and I fear someone will make fun of me. I am 27 years old  and I am still afraid of being completely ridiculed.

Anyways, the day was a typical day for blood donations, we were a bit saddened that we couldn’t get more than we did, but the experience and the camaraderie during the whole event is worth it.

While I was at the blood letting, I was already aware that I have to give a pep talk, so to speak, to my former clerks who are now interns and about to take the same exam I just did last March. The PLE… this time they are scheduled later on this year at September. I asked the office when it would be held and wasn’t told when until near the end of my blood letting event that I was told it would be the very next day.

So I was toiling away making a PowerPoint presentation about my own experiences as I was preparing the PLE and give tips. I was afraid that I may miss a lot of points during the actual talk, but thankfully, I feel I was able to tackle the important points for preparing for the exams; I may have forgotten other pieces of advice, but I still felt I gave enough. I hope.

Unless the AUFSOM staff were just being nice and the interns were just being nice that I was told that I did a good job and they enjoyed my talk. Who knows… But I will believe them so I can feel good.

Hope they enjoyed my presentation! Yes there is an error in the date on my certificate… Should have been Sept 2016.

And to cap off my busy 2 days, I was greeted with this in the mail today. A Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard. I am not into these gimmicky peripherals, but get this… What is normally priced at 80-100 bucks, I got this for 30 bucks. I can’t resist the deal. I had to get it. I will tell you my rationalization of the purchase in another post when I review the device.

The left side of my Tecware Haste deskmat is no longer lonely. Look out for a review real soon!

Overall, it was a productive 2 days. I can’t be happier. Doing the thing I love the most, seeing patients/donors, giving them advice, bonding with my friends in the blood bank I haven’t hung out with in months, it was all great fun. Having to see my former clerks that are now interns and about to take the PLE, hearing their gratitude (even if I think my talk was not that good), melts my heart. I wish nothing but THE very best for all of them.

With that, I will end it here.

Til next time! PEACE!


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