Blog on the Go: Visiting Granny and Visiting Manaoag

As my exam draws ever closer, I am both nervous and excited. Obviously nervous because this means the world to me, yet excited because I am exhausted reviewing already.

I told my parents I want to go to Pangasinan so I can visit my granny (mother-side) and at the same time visit Manaoag; I always visit Manaoag before the start of my school term during med school, well into my internship, and I don’t plan to stop now.

We then decided to stay for the night and visit Manaoag tomorrow so we can listen to the mass as well.

I love visiting this place, not to say I don’t enjoy my father-side granny way up Ilocos Sur, but Pangasinan is a lot closer to us then Ilocos ¬†realistically is. Apart from the logistics, I love this place because it seems a lot of my more fond memories of my life’s milestones begin here.

Major life decisions like when I first decided to take up Biology and subsequently Medicine, to as weird as my hobbies where I decided to seriously get into guitars. It all started here.

Thus, going here before my exam is good. Plus, as mentioned, visiting Manaoag as I have always done since I started Medicine makes it a lot easier for me to face this very frightful exam.

This is no vacation, don’t get me wrong, I got my notes with me so I can still study while my mom, since this is her childhood home, visits her friends and relatives, and my dad tagging along with her, as they all literally sing, drink, and be merry. Here I am toiling away at my notes. ALONE. Much like most of my Valentine’s Days of past. Just the way I am used to. It could be better. But after this exam, it will. Not saying I will find a girl, but I can join in with the ridiculousness and hysteria of family affairs.

After visiting Manaoag tomorrow, we will immediately head back to Angeles City and by next week I will return to Fairview for the final few days of the review and then, ultimately, the exam.

A few more hurt, and it will all be better.

I’ll be fine, once I get it. I’ll be good.


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