Surprise! Got some Swag from my Sis

Tearing away through my notes, nearly crying because I am already tired. Suddenly, someone knocked at my door; usually, it would be for dinner, but this time it was my sister with a paper bag saying “Happy Valentine’s, lil’ bro!”; as much as I am hating Valentine’s (Okay, the past 2 years, I wasn’t as bitter about it, but I am NOW), so I reciprocated with a greeting (I am prepping for an exam, I don’t have money nor do I go out to buy gifts), and was sincerely happy that I got a gift. Gives me something to look forward to after I read my quota of chapters.

That being said, I finished the quota of chapters and then proceeded to opening the gift.


Looking at the paper bag, we can already deduce that this is a watch; I am not totally a watch kind of guy – what I mean is that, I do have a lot of watches since it helps at work to get vital signs and what not, but I don’t usually shop for watches. So always getting a new watch from anyone is perfect as it is never in my top of my list of shopping. My top of the list will always be PC, gaming, photography, guitar-related things… before any apparel.

We then dig out a simple box, that is labeled Lacoste, so we can now say it is a Lacoste watch. Opening it you can see the actual watch, I usually have the usual black colored watches, or chrome with brown straps, simply… the boring colors, so getting this deep dark blue with light green (hey, I am a guy; I can only name simple colors! Correct me if I am wrong!) adds variety to my set of watches.

Also inside is the standard instruction manual and the watch is enveloped around this white pillow. Which I like since I can use it on my PC desk for something. Not sure what yet, but I will use it for something.

The build quality is rubbery, kind of like a soft touch feel, may attract dust easily but we will find out soon if it really does. I love the tiny little details like the Lacoste logo etched subtly on the strap lock and knob (I don’t know the technical terms… this post is showing my idiocy lol).

Nowadays, the seconds hand is taken for granted but for people like me, we still need them; to get the vital signs of our patients is one of the important data we can get for diagnosing our patients right. Vital signs is not the be all end all, but it does aid in the diagnoses.

So far, I might find it strange to find clothes to match with this, but then again, I used to wear blue colored frames, plus this is dark blue enough to pretty much match with everything anyway.

With that said, I am thankful to have a family like this. I may not be the best brother at times especially when I want to study or focus on my work, to think that they will still gift me in spite of all that. Perks of being the youngest!!

Til next time!



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