Review on the Tecware Haste XXL Mousepad/Mousemat/Deskmat

DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional reviewer; I review the things I buy as a consumer. I am not at all sponsored. I am an average consumer, giving my consumer thoughts.

I have reverted to using my DSLR for taking photos of products for review as I have been getting complaints when I just lazily use my smartphone camera. So, there, better photos coming up!


It is no surprise to many that I am techie; techie in the sense that I like computers and audio gear – I am not as good when it comes to smartphones; that is to say, I own Android phones, but I need a lot of research before buying and tweaking them. It is not like computers where I know it by heart.

With that out of the way, I know a lot of brands for computer components. From GPUs, RAM, to even those that make custom sleeved cables. I know my stuff… And I am confident about that.

To my surprise, and honestly, my embarrassment, is that I didn’t realize, for all these years, there was a company here in the Philippines that make radiators for water cooling and actually out source them to other countries.

Okay, there are other facilities that are here in the Philippines that make items that are exported, sure, like other countries, but those facilities are owned by big name companies of other countries. So, this one, is really from the Philippines.

Check out more of their radiators HERE!

And to think that I know watercooling parts and have heard of Black Ice radiators over and over again and not knowing it was made here – boy is my face red.

Then a few days ago I was still hell bent on looking for a simple designed extended mousepad/deskmat. I honestly DO NOT like the over the top design of Razer Goliathus (And I simply don’t like Razer products; overpriced pieces of poorly made accessories – no hating on me. I am entitled to my own opinion. And if you say it is because I can’t afford it… I owned a lot of Razer stuff and died on me. PLUS. Look at my system! You honestly think I can’t afford a keyboard, mouse, or headset from them!? Heck, I even bought a Razer Mouse Bungee even if it is technically useless! *rages on*).

Then I saw Corsair’s MM200 extended edition; it was nice… it wasn’t truly the pure black I wanted as it had a long yellow line on the bottom and their logo there, too. The drawback? It had no stitched ends. So it is prone to fraying. That is the reason why I wanted to change my current mousepad from Roccat (Taito) because it was already fraying. And I said to myself, if I were to buy a new mousepad, I have to make sure it had stitched ends. That’s what was good about Razer, but it just had to go OVER the top with their designs and the heavy use of GREEN. (Like everyone has a green build… There are more blue builds than green according to stats of modded PCs!)

Then their is wonderfully designed, still not pure black, but closest to the minimalist design I was looking for was also from Corsair, the Corsair CGMM200 extended, but again like the regular MM200, it is prone to fraying. Sigh…

I would love to represent TekSyndicate with this deskmat; even if isn’t pure black, representing them would be great! Find more products HERE and join the TekSyndicate community HERE!

I am a fan of Logan from TekSyndicate way back in his days at TigerDirect and RazeTheWorld (Which I was also a forum member) and he was selling this awesome deskmat with their burning earth logo; sure it ain’t pure black, but to represent TekSyndicate with a nearly minimalist design is great! Sadly, I live in the Philippines so ordering from his store would have me ending up to pay for nearly 50 bucks. As much as I want to represent, it was too much for a piece of cloth. If only they had a partner to resell their mousepad/mousemats/deskmats here without having to worry about the price of shipping (maybe just raise the overall price a touch but not as much as it would be to ship it here), then without a moments breath, I will buy the TekSyndicate Burning Earth Logo Deskmat. Hands down.

Sadly… that isn’t the case.

Much like my previous post about searching for a chair, my search continued, to the point where I thought, hey, I will just buy the TekSyndicate deskmat when I go the States for vacation later this year.

Then out of nowhere, like the chair in my previous post, I found this… a Tecware Haste XXL mousemat/deskmat.

From a Filipino company named Tecware. Surprised by the quality! Check em out HERE!

To clarify my segue about the Black Ice radiators being made by a local company, Tecware is also a local company that has been around for quite a while and are making cheap, quality built, PC chassis; and quite recently extended mousepads.

It is nearly everything I wanted; I say nearly because I wish they hadn’t added the “Haste” branding on the mouse pad. The little label on the side of the deskmat with their company logo and name on, I feel is enough and makes it even more minimalist if it were the only one. But I am now just nitpicking.

Along side my old, unwashed for a year, Roccat Taito MidSize 3mm mousepad.

Just like my (worn and dirty; last washed a year ago) Roccat Taito mousepad, it has rubber base that is non slip, but unlike my Roccat Taito, this mouse is stitched on the ends to prevent fraying and has a water resistant surface that is like the Aorus Thunder P3 Gaming Deskmat – I remember JayzTwoCents feature that deskmat once and mentioned it was water resistant for accidental spill of your drink and was easily cleaned by using window cleaners like Windex or something. If this could also be cleaned with Windex that would be great, but if not, this is fully washable anyways.

It certainly makes the desk look a lot cleaner, I get to place my phone on the deskmat (I can also put it on my Roccat Taito but it does take a bit of real estate away), heck any gadget, and it won’t look cluttered or have the fear of the device getting scratched or something.

Initial size check
With the keyboard and mouse housed; ignore dusty desk…

Immediately upon using it, believe or not, there are some people like me that will notice a difference in a mouse pad if it is good quality, etc. This one was just like my Roccat Taito, it was an easy transition – it had a little smoother (maybe because I didn’t clean my Roccat Taito in a year), so there is a false sense of an increase in pulling rate of the mouse that I just lowered the speed down down 100dpi (originall at 1000dpi, now 900dpi). Apart from that, it was like any other good mousepad/mousemat/deskmat I ever used that was great quality.

Even the packaging is nice!

Overall, I am surprised by the amount I paid for a great deskmat that nearly had all the minimalist feel I want in it (I just want that “Haste” branding gone, or at least be placed like the label on the side with their company logo on it. Heck even the packaging isn’t a cheap box or something. It is good packaging and not on a freakin’ blister pack! Hello other companies! Don’t use blister packs! They injure people!

So, if you’re in the country, and in need of a minimalist deskmat that isn’t as over the top as Razer’s extended deskmats, then do look at this from Tecware. For php500 (roughly 12 bucks), this is the definition of bang for the buck!

Now time for some shameless glamour shots:




There yah go! PEACE!

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