Twenty Sixteen!

Wow, so let us start off by saying Happy New Year as this is my first post of the year! A bit late! But screw it! Better late than never!

I was late in posting this as I had to go back to Manila for the rest of my review; about a month away from the exam… I have no idea if there is anything in my head. I am nervous, but there are days where I am so numb it is ridiculous. And one of those days is today.

And with that, I wanted to share a few shots, three to be exact, of the local fireworks display.

Now I have been doing this every year since I started my photography hobby back… 2010 or 2011 if I am not mistaken; I am too lazy to look at my archives, but it is somewhere in the region. Anyways, I have been this every year except when I was duty as a clerk welcoming 2014.

I learned a lot from Greg Cazillo at (do go there, though the forums have been a bit bare since I last logged in their YEARS ago; med school caught up with me!), and if it wasn’t for his lectures online, I wouldn’t be able to dial down the right settings year in and year out. This is why I also stress having an archive, a quick archive, like Flickr with all the proper setting placed on the description for quick reference if you want to replicate a shot with little time for practice shots.

You can always right-click and see the photo’s information in Windows or load up your post processing program of choice, in my case Lightroom, but if you are on the go or simply outdoors away from your PC and nothing but a smartphone next to you, you might as well have a quick reference online like Flickr with the settings on the description.

It may be time consuming to always add these settings in your portfolio, etc, but it is well worth it especially for me who is no longer shooting as much as I used to.

I have blabbered on yet again, so without further ado, here are my shots to welcome the new year!




There yah go! Hope you all love it!

I have a felling 2016 will ROCK!

Til next time!

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