QCY QY8 Bluetooth Earphones Review

Again, I like giving a background story on why I purchase certain gadgets. I am not a full time reviewer, hence, I do not get free gadgets to review. All the reviews I make are of devices that I spent my hard earned cash (or simply asked my parents for cash…) on. And there is a lot of research I do before actually buying the gadget, so I have at least a little assurance that I don’t buy anything obviously bad.

But what separates me from other reviewers online? I am a consumer… I am not sponsored. I will be blunt if I don’t like something.

So let’s start…

The Background Story (skip to the actual review if you so want)

My main pair of drivers, the Xiaomi Piston V2, died last week due to a heavy strain on the cord that even trying to re-solder it would not do any good, so I might as well buy a new one.

At first I thought of buying the same pair of earphones since I really loved my Xiaomi Piston V2, and would get a short 3.5mm jack extension cord to have less strain and the earphones’ cord while in my pocket.

But I then stumbled upon the idea of buying Bluetooth earphones…

Now, I am an audiophile; it helped that I inherited a lot of my dad’s tube amps and stuff that I appreciate good quality sounds. Add the fact that I am a  (wannabe) musician and played in several bands, I know how to squeeze out the best out of sound systems. Though I will admit, my genre is basically rock, so I can always set up sound systems that will compliment rock songs and nothing else.

Now being an audiophile, I do have good pair of headphones (some studio monitors), great speakers hooked to great amps, and yes, I have spent a premium on those, granted that I will never take them out of my room, so I am assured, even if I spent a lot on those, they won’t be under too much stress.

With that, I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars for a pair of earphones that I will just use for when I am out and have the possibility of it dying out, just like what happened to my recent pair of earphones… and everything before that.

So, I am after a pair of earphones that we all can say are bang for the buck.

Again, as an audiophile, I also do not like wireless drivers… I feel that there is too much interference, especially nowadays with a lot of wireless devices, that it may deteriorate the sound quality. But, of course, technology only gets better; like how I hated wireless mice for gaming, but a lot of the newer wireless mice are great for gaming. Same can be said, hopefully I thought, with Bluetooth earphones and the like.

 Thus, I decided to look for the Bluetooth earphones in good faith that they have improved the technology and have less of my fears of interference.

I was told to look at Yurbuds and Jaybird Bluetooth earphones because they are trusted; they look decent, with a decent price, but it was tough for me to buy these brands here in the Philippines.

Yurbuds Inspire LE BT Limited Edition Performance Fit Bluetooth Headphones
JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds

I was also checking Eliott Audio Active that is currently only available in KimStore here in the Philippines, but I never heard of the brand nor can I find it in Google. It may be a new comer, but I had little to know background information about this brand, so I had to pass up. It had a great price at PHP 850, supposedly from PHP 2,500 in local malls, however the ambiguity of the brand made me just step away.

I was then looking around OLX for any Bluetooth earphones and stumbled on these QCY QY8 earphones; I can’t find the brand’s website again in Google, but it appears to be like an OEM and comes in different names depending where you are. It is sometimes called Soundpeats or Matone. Correct me if I am wrong there…


With that said, even if they do not have their own site, there are plenty enough of reviews that I can get an initial idea of the product and give me the courage to make the purchase and here I am now, also giving my review, but unlike them, as a TRUE consumer. No strings, if any, attached.

The Unboxing (skip to review if you want)

First off, all photos taken with my ASUS ZenFone 2, no post processing.

At the time of my purchase, I got these pair of drivers for PHP1,200; it may be cheaper with other sellers, or otherwise, in OLX or whereever you can find this here.

The earphones, which, of course, in this day and age, also acts as a hands free headset, comes in a simple packaging. I approve. I like simple packages.

The 2 smaller boxes inside are divided for the accessories and the actual earphones.

The accessories box has the instruction manual (do read it, there are certain commands that are useful), 1 micro USB, and 2 more pairs of ear tips of different sizes (1 pair is already preinstalled) and 2 more pairs of earhooks (1 pair already preinstalled), as well as a small plastic thingamajig that keeps the cord neat, if you so want to.

Let us have a closer look at the earphones:


There is a QCY logo that will light up; the right earpiece has a large button (with the QCY logo) that acts as the multifunctional button (power on/off, play/pause, answer/end call)
The business end
Also on the right earpiece, you can find the build in mic, as well as the volume buttons (can also be used to change tracks)
On the left earpiece, you can find the micro USB charging port



  • Model: QY8
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.1+EDR
  • Chip: CRS8645
  • Operating Range: 10m
  • Bluetooth Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, APTX
  • Noise reduction: CVC6.0
  • Cable Length: 60cmBattery: 80mAh
  • Charging Time: about 2 hours
  • Talking Time: up to 6 hours
  • Standby time: about 175 hours
  • Net Weight: 16.4g
  • Color: White & Black
  • Dimension: 40 x 24 x 32mm/1.57 x 0.94 x 1.26 inch


  • Headset type/design: Bluetooth Headset
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Sensitivity/Sound pressure level: 90dB
  • Operating Range: Bluetooth wireless connecting Up to 10m
  • Answering volume control, music (pause/play)
  • Noise reduction: CV6.0
  • Frequency: 2.402-2.480 GHz
  • Rated Power: 3W
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Compatible with most mobile phones, mp3 players, and computers

Overall, the sound quality, without any equalizer, is honestly, sub par; the highs are “trebly” that it may sound like tin cans; the mids are robust; and the lows are nearly non existent to me (well the impedance level is 16ohms anyway). However, when you dial in the equalizer, these pair of drivers are GREAT! It may not really be like the more higher end earphones, but believe, for the price, and a little bit of tuning up with the equalizer, it would be a crime to ignore these.

They are very easy to set up, much like any other Bluetooth device; I like how when you turn this on/off or try to pair it with a device, a voice message will play. Of course, the QCY logo lights up different colors/flickers depending if you are turning it on/off or pairing, but the voice messages adds to a faux sensation of a higher end pair of earphones. You can pair up to 2 devices at THE SAME TIME, but I have yet to find a good use for such a thing.

The battery life on these is said to be  at least 6 hours, and the charging time is 2 hours; I have just charged these once, and used it extensively for 2 days (amounting to more than 6 hours of playtime) and yet I still don’t need another charge.

They are very light weight; well, most Bluetooth earphones are really for those sporty people that love to gym or jog, etc. Build quality, overall, is “plastic fantastic”, but it looks like high quality plastic that won’t break easily. Of course, these would probably hit the dust if you stepped on them or sat on them on a hard platform, but if you drop it, or be a little bit rough, they would survive.

The included earhooks, I wish they were a little more firm to actually do a better job. Not once has these earphone fall out of my ear (heck, I was back riding in a tricycle once and these didn’t fall out), but I feel if they only kept the same earhooks that the QY7 has, it would be BETTER. Not that these are bad, they are good, but it could be BETTER.

The ear tips, I wished they had a little more sizes, because for some reason, the ones preinstalled were really a tight fit in my ears and, at first, they were kind of uncomfortable. The 2 that comes with the package is TOO LARGE and the other one is TOO TINY (too tiny in my opinion that I don’t think there is anyone that would actually use them). But that is just me I guess. I did get used to the preinstalled earbuds in the end.

Pairing this up with my ASUS Zenfone 2, Apple iPad Mini, and my main desktop, this performs very well. I tried going out of my room, and I estimated at least 3 meters away from the aforementioned devices did the earphones give off a voice message stating that you are out of range; if you return in range in a certain amount of time (I wasn’t able to measure the time), it will automatically, for example, pair up with the device and continue playing the song, otherwise, you are going have to pair the devices again.

I have yet to test these as a hands-free headset as I no longer get as many calls as I used to since… stuff happened. But yeah, you will use this more for music or (mobile) gaming or such most of the time anyways. I will update this part when I do test it out with calls or even when I am gaming online with my buddies.


I am blown away. The price and the sound quality of these drivers, granted that you too the time to dial in the equalizer… I can’t praise these enough.

And to think that these are Bluetooth devices that as an audiophile I fear of having interference or choppy sounds are finally put to rest.

The Yuletide season, if you are reading it at the time of this initial post, is not yet over, you guys can pick this up for your buddies, and they will love it. Take it from an audiophile.

I initially bought these to replace my previous Xiaomi Piston V2 earphones that died, and decided to get them in Bluetooth to avoid the wires getting stressed into breaking again. My first pair of Bluetooth earphones, and I am glad I chose these.

With that, go get them.

Til next time!


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