Bloatware… Everywhere.

So much bloatware, I can’t even…

Let us first define what a bloatware is, even though I am sure most of you already know what they are and how annoying they can be:

Bloatware is simply a software that is overpacked with features and therefore slow or unwieldy; software that is inefficiently designed and occupies an excessive amount of memory or disk space. – Wiktionary

These are preloaded software from manufacturer’s of, more famously, Android smartphones. Take in for instance, ASUS Zenfone 2: It’s version of Android firmware is loaded with unnecessary software/applications that simply takes up space and, honestly, the software’s/application’s “usefulness” is anything but. I had to remove them to retrieve lost space and free up the phone’s processes for software/applications that do serve its useful purposes.

This, of course, is not limited to smartphones. Heck, it all started for me with laptops or prebuilt PC’s (nope, not my PC… it was my friends’. I have always custom built my PCs) that come from, let us say, Dell, Acer, ASUS (again), Lenovo, etc.

Back then, they weren’t so much of a hassle, a couple here and there, some even quite useful indeed. But if that wasn’t your cup of tea, you can easily uninstall them.

I remember when I used to buy laptops or netbooks, out of necessity thanks to school/hospital reports, and I had the option of having a Windows OS, Linux OS, or none at all – the latter, obviously, I had to provide the OS myself, usually I would go for a Linux distro online. But nowadays, most of the laptops that are being sold, or at least what I have noticed since Windows 8.1, or preloaded with a Windows OS (recently, of course, Windows 10) and you no longer have options of either Linux or no OS at all.

Sure, this is a business deal, a package, a contract, or whatever you have it, much like in the old days when IBM PCs would usually just come in Windows, but at least back then Windows was great and had little to absolutely NO bloatware, since it really didn’t exist back then.

When I used to buy laptops or netbooks without an OS, there was no bloatware of course. Having to provide the OS yourself frees oneself from the atrocities of those bloatware… or worse, the reservoir of viruses, a preloaded Norton or McAfee antivirus, that is simply a bitch to uninstall at times.

I know the layman may benefit from all this, but trust me, the other, more tech-savvy individual, that knows his/her way around regedit, C++, and the like, will find the bloatware’s “useful” features is nothing but a marketing bait that eats your needed device’s RAM or Processing power for something that you can do on your own if you are willing to just do a few commands here and there.

This has become my concern lately partly due to the fact that I had to setup my sister’s new laptop that she will be using for her hospital work; I wanted her to buy a laptop without an OS to avoid bloatware and I would more control on how things are being installed. But alas, as we were shopping for her new laptop earlier, they were all preinstalled with Windows.

My sister’s new Acer E 14 laptop. For more info and complete specs on this machine, go here:

Everyone knows that I tried Windows 10 on my netbook, because there was no way I will subject my main system to Windows 10 when I had setup Windows 8.1 the way I want it to function based on my work ethic. As I was testing Windows 10 on my netbook, much to my dismay, there was so much data tracking Microsoft hardcoded on the OS. From the way I type and if I use touch screen devices where I can wright with a stylus or the like, it will also want to track that and report it to Microsoft. Excuse my language, but that is simply bullshit. I am tired of NSA trying to get everything about me, let alone having Microsoft do the same exact thing.

I love Linux, but there are still some programs I use, like Adobe, that are still Windows and Mac exclusives. I can use WINE or the like in Linux but sometimes the performance takes a big hit. So I am still using Windows for such programs.

Having enough experience on Windows 10 with my netbook and finding many ways to block data tracking by the evil faceless overlords of Microsoft, I was able to apply the same fixes to my sister’s laptop so they won’t take anything from her… for the most part. Who knows, Microsoft may have done more shit on the code of Windows 10 that I simply deactivated some of the data tracking parts of the OS. I may have simply barely scratched the surface. But for now, that is still good enough for me and my sister.

Of course. I wasn’t able to do all those without first removing the darn bloatware. I use CCleaner for cleaning the OS’ registry, temp files, etc., as well as use it for uninstalling programs. It took me an hour to remove all the bloatware! And trust me, reading the names and running a few of the bloatware, they really were not useful.

I know I can’t break a business/marketing deal that Microsoft has with most laptop/netbook/PC distributors/manufacturers and most of those devices will ship with Windows (again, in the IBM PC days, Windows is really a great thing to have along your device), but with how much Windows has changed akin to being a super secret spy that is just a few digits away from knowing your social security number, and let us not forget those manfacturer’s bloatware, I can’t help but wish the option of either having Linux or no OS at all is still available for those who know the cons of having Windows preinstalled in their machines.

But that is wishful thinking.

And if I just spend an hour or 2 with a new laptop/netbook/PC with preinstalled Windows 10 or bloatware, I can get it to run the way I want it to run. It is just a shame that I have to go to great lengths to do so.


Anyways, til next time!


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