To the Mall, A Wild Bowser Appears!

I had planned to go to the mall today to get some school supplies and some rechargeable batteries in preparation for my upcoming review. My move is fast approaching, so I need to make haste in buying all the necessary things.

I also had plans of either buying more Steam Wallet cards; so in case there is a good game on sale while I am reviewing. Or a new plushie that can become my mascot for my review.

A little bit of history people, yes, I do love plushies, but it is strange that a guy like plushies, or stuffed toys to most people. Well, it all began when I was in high school, a girl, who was a close friend of mine, gave me a little Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day, and since then, I was always fascinated with plush toys. I do not buy myself plush toys, majority of what I own in my room are given to me by my close friends… or girls that were… yeah.

Sure, I was given Teddy Bears by my family when I was younger, one notable bear, simply named Teddy, was given to me by my eldest sister, and is one of my cherished plush toys. But it had to take a girl, outside my family, on a Valentine’s day, to get my fascination of plush toys up and running.

Like I always say when I give out stories… Like every great story, it’s all about a girl.

Thus, why a guy like me like plush toys in the form of cats, bears, and anything GEEKY. The latter can be gaming wise, computer wise, science fiction wise. The 2 former, well, it is self explanatory.

Now we know why I wanted to but a plush toy today.

Time for us to return to today’s interesting happenings.

So, I was there at the mall, after at least an hour after setting foot in the mall, I spent nearly 30-45 minutes just sitting down. It seems that my right knee still can’t take long walks. I found myself just watching the kids play at the back of the mall where there is a large open area for people to either sit or have some play time. I was just watching these kids running, jumping, and it got me choked up thinking, “Man, I wonder if I will be able to run again… or even jump?”. Yes, those thoughts have been circling my mind thanks to my injury since high school and subsequent surgery last year.

I was just sitting there, watching them play, and I just felt like an old man. I’m sure I will be able to have a complete recovery, but I will have to wait until my exams to return to rehab full time.

Looking at those kids gives me something to aspire for: I will run and jump again. And I will be able to do it better after my full intensive rehab is through next year.

Let us face it, my life and chosen career didn’t really give me enough time to recovery completely from my injury and surgery.

When I finally mustered up the required strength, I powered along towards the bookstore and bought everything a student going for review classes needed. I am all set for the most part. I still need to find cheaper alternatives to Field Notes and a better note pad for taking down, well, what else? Notes!

I was also able to buy some cheaply priced AAA Eneloop batteries that can be used for my recorder as I study; hey, talking to oneself and then playing it back seemed to help me back then. And it also serves as a replacement for my stolen AAA Eneloop, which were intended for my DSLR’s flash remote, that was unfortunately used with my penlight at the hospital and was that was taken away from me. Such is life.

An aspiring-doctor-to-be’s survival kit for the upcoming review classes!

I then ran into one of my best friends, Mick, and boy was I happy. Not only is he my trusted friend for nearly 10 years, but we both seemed to have gone through very sour relationships. We are a dying breed, me and Mick. Not that many guys would sulk about a bad relationship – they would try and find another girl to either show the world or the girl that they are just fine. But me and Mick? Nope. We take our respective relationships seriously, and when things go bad, we both sulk.

He was the first when to have his relationship go sour and he was quite open about him being down. I soon followed; I tried making things work, but alas, I had to let go. But unlike Mick, I was never open about having good or bad relationships; they were always very private for me.

Knowing that he was in the same boat as me; sulking around, etc. I reached out to him and asked if he ever gotten over the hurt, yet. He wasn’t. I was really not alone. For in my case, I also wasn’t really fully healed.

Running into him, we both shared our experiences of our respective sour relationships and just gave each other a pat in the back; in time, we will both find another girl that can sway us, until then, we will take it day by day, it may hurt, but we both learned from each of our experiences.

But why does learning have to hurt so much!?

And yes, maybe I do still miss her…

After the strange sharing of life stories, it was time to just be the 2 geeky, witty guys we are known to be. We are natural comedians, though both of our jokes run along the lines of pop culture, geeky/techy things, and the like. Our jokes will not make our other friends laugh, but together, along with our Fil-Am friends, will kill.

His high school friend happen to see us just chatting while at Starbucks and decided to join us, too. As you all know, I am a free lance musician; I started playing the guitar, my forte, in high school and been in a lot of bands. But since entering medical school, I have left most of my bands to concentrate. Mick is also a guitarist, and to my delight, his high school buddy is a bassist. We tossed up the idea of creating a new band after my exams – I am happy Mick is in on it, because I can surrender lead guitar duties to him. I am already tired of being the lead guitarist. Too much stress.

After sipping the last remaining fluid that is called coffee and munching down and some cookies, we entered the mall again in search for the plush toy. I wanted a new mascot, a guardian, or a familiar, for my desk, my PC desk to be exact. This will also serve as my mascot for my studies. I wanted something in the vein of Charizard or if I am lucky, either a Cacodemon from Doom or a Tonberry from Final Fantasy.

As we entered the area that sells plushies, my eyes went straight onto a Bowser. It spoke to me and it was the most bad ass plushies out there. Hands down! I had to get it. So got it I did.

King Bowser!! Is my chosen plushie as my new mascot and guardian of the PC desk. He will also join me as my official mascot of my review in Manila.
Look at the quality! And yes, I am downloading Heroes of Newerth… read on below to find out why.

Just look at this thing, for under 10 bucks I am surprised by the wonderfully well built plush toy this is! And upon getting this, I can let it join his Super Mario plush toy siblings!

Family is nearly complete! Mario and Luigi were gifted to me by my sister, as for the shroomies, they were gifted to me by my classmate in pre-med.

Finally, we decided to leave the mall, but not to head home, rather to a local computer shop where we played some Heroes of Newerth (hereafter HoN). I don’t normally play MOBAs; I used to play League of Legends but not to a degree where I am near pro level. Out of all the MOBAs out there, I enjoyed Smite the most because of the controls. I am not fond of Real Time Strategies, whose control scheme seems to be in every MOBA, but in Smite, it uses First/Third Person controls that PC gamers are a lot more used to. – WASD controls.

So, when Mick was inviting me to play with him since last year, I was always finding ways not to play, however today, I had no choice.

“What am I doing here!?” – Me, as we were in a computer shop prepping to play HoN with my buddy Mick

I was surprised, I was able to pick up the game fast as it was really like any other MOBA game I ever played. Sure, I didn’t rack up the kills today, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. As to whether I will continue this in the future? Let us wait and see. I am currently installing it on my system, but as MOBAs go, I still enjoy Smite. Then again, I am not a MOBA fan as much.

Now it was time to separate ways with my best friend as we both wanted to go back to our homes. It was nice seeing my best friend, talk to him about my love life, or the lack thereof, and it’s ensuing problems it brings, as well as hear his story of his similar fate with his love life… or the lack thereof again. Got to buy my school supplies, batteries, and BOWSER! My mascot! I also got to chat with a new acquaintance in the form of Mick high school buddy and play some HoN.

Overall, today was just a way for me to unwind before the big review. It got me to deal with my sour relationship and able to talk about it when I otherwise can’t talk about it with my other friends (it helps that Mick is in the same boat as me I guess). It was just a great day.

And to cap it all off! I came home to this burger. It may look burnt, but boy was it tasty. Carcinogen tasty… Just kidding. Maybe… I don’t know.

Seems burnt…

I plan to meet up with most of my close friends this week before I move to Manila and I will make it as fun and worry free as today.

Til next time!



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