One of Those Days…

Yesterday, once again, I had little to no sleep, but had to had to battle on through the day because me, my mom, and my sister, were to visit my grandmother (mother’s side), visit my late grandfather’s grave (still, from mother’s side), and visit the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag, where I have always gone to before ever school year when I was a medical student, and now I visited for my upcoming review and eventual board examination this March 2016.

I have often said, I practice my religion in my own personal way; a lot of my friends would often be surprised that I have a small prayer book or a rosary with me when we were still students and up to the days when we were all having duties as senior medical interns.

I may not show it as much as others, but I do believe in God and all the miracles I can surely equate it to His doing and I am thankful.

Like I said, I worship/practice my belief in my religion in my own personal way. I often feel that I need not let anyone else know that I believe in God, that I pray, or anything of the like; I feel it is as if I am trying to show off that I am a good person. I like keeping a lot of things in my life as private as possible… er… some aspects of my life private… because, hey, I am blogging, I do have social media site accounts, so my private life can be so much. I will only show what I want to show.

But saying that I like keeping things in my life private including how I worship, then why am I blabbering about it here now?

Of course, even if there are things you like to keep to yourself, sometimes you do have that rare spurt of the moment where you feel like talking about it. So there…

I always go to Our Lady of Manaoag every start of the four years in med school to always ask for guidance during my studies, and of course, for family. And it always brought me security. It made me feel more relaxed tackling what would be daunting tasks for a mere human being to tackle on his own.

Everyone know I like collecting, be it guitars, Gundam kits, miscellaneous action figures, and anything that is basically geeky and collectible. Well, every time I visit Manaoag, or any religious sites, I always love looking at their rosaries and the like. And through the years, I have gotten a lot of rosaries; I get at least one rosary with me when I go out. It keeps me safe.

Some of the stuff I got in my recent visit to Manaog. Also pictured, though not to clear in the background, are my go to wooden rosaries gifted to me by my professor in medical school

I also like getting mini/pocket prayer books, because I will admit, there are times where I forget a prayer, and if I am on the go, I can’t always be assured that I have internet to browse through the web and find said prayer.

Each item I get for myself, I love. Of course, there is always one or two items that you are most excited about.

My favorite rosaries are wooden rosaries given to me by one of my professors in medicine. They are my go to rosaries when I go out or when I pray and will continue to be my go to rosaries. During my visit yesterday, there was one rosary that you can say “spoke to me”. It was beautiful in my eyes… partly due to the fact I love the color blue. This new rosary will be added to my go to line of rosaries.

My new rosary that will be added to my line of “go-to” rosaries

And the other item I was so happy having is this mini figurine. Along with the pouch it comes with, I can place a rosary in it and can have it with me in my travels.

This is a beautiful find! A mini figurine… wonderful carved.
Now my updated religious paraphernalia is complete! I can bring these anywhere I go for guidance and protection!

After saying all my prayers and asking for all guidance for my upcoming review and exam, it was time for us to visit my grandmother. She lives in Pangasinan, so it was no question to visit her after we visited Manaoag.

Upon arriving in her house, since I was banking on 30 minutes of sleep before leaving our house in Pampanga, it was no surprise that after having lunch, I sat in the couch, and was knocked out; I slept a good hour and a half.

My grandmother understood, and decided not to wake me up. I promise when all these exams end this March 2016, I will be more attentive to her and not just sleep.

After having that hour or so sleep, it was almost time for us to return to Pampanga, but not until we visit my late grandfather’s grave.

It is tradition here to visit the graves of your loved ones during November 1-2, but we were too busy to visit his grave then, so we were making it up yesterday. And for good measure. I told him about my upcoming exams and how, when he passed, that I was just in second year in medicine, and now I am but an exam away from being a full fledged doctor.

After all that is said and done, it was time to get knocked out in the car, going back home. Do not worry, I wasn’t driving.

It has been quite awhile since I said “today was a good day”, and yesterday certainly was one of those days.

Til next time!


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