So, I’m Having Physical Therapy Yet Again

Warm compress and TENS; I’m back having rehab for my right knee!

If you follow me here, then one should already know why I need rehab for my right knee, and may skip a few of the paragraphs that will follow.

So for those who don’t know, let’s have a quick recap here, I previously had an injury in high school playing basketball with a few of my friends; the injury partially tore my anterior cruciate ligament (hereafter, ACL) of my right knee. Was immediately advised for surgery to repair it, but declined as I thought, hey I can still walk, sure I can’t run or jump like I used to, but I can get by. Plus I didn’t want to have surgery… Ironically, ever since then, I wanted to be a doctor, and nowadays when I am in the hospital duties, I don’t like patients who decline a certain treatment, yet, I was like them in high school by declining the surgery.

Fast forward to 2nd year of B.S. Biology, I was running late… so, of course… I had to run in order to make it in time for class and avoid a tardy slip. But my right knee gave way. And was once again told to have surgery because my chronic injury is just getting worse. Yet, I still said no.

It is at this time where I started to rely on my left leg a lot; this of course, started to wear down my left leg. Which later on in my life, it also had an injury, but thankfully not as bad as the right knee.

Fast forward yet again to my 2nd year in Doctor of Medicine course, my classmate blindsided me, no harsh feelings, he didn’t know, so I don’t blame anything on anyone except me (because I could have said yes to surgery long time ago), but yes, my classmate blindsided me, kneed me on the lateral aspect of my right knee, causing it to snap again but towards the medial side of my body.

Had a checkup right after, did some imaging tests, and found out that my ACL is torn yet again, so it just gotten worse, and this time my Medial Collateral Ligament (Hereafter, MCL) and medial meniscus were also partially torn. And yes, medical students, that is what we call the Unhappy Triad of the Knee! And can you guess what my orthopedic surgeon advised me again? Yep, surgery. And yes, I said no.

Now fast forward to last year, I am a senior medical intern, and there was an event, where we have to have a dance number for our residents and consultants. I thought, hey, a simple dance? Why not! I’m sure I can do it. I was so wrong. My knee popped out yet again, as violent as the very first time I injured my knee, rendered me unable to stand or walk. This time, my surgeon begged me to do it for it will only get worse, so I took it.

I had arthroscopy to repair my ligaments, and had been going for rehab since then. Recently, I was told that it is alright if I no longer attend rehab and just do exercises at home, but I can only really do so much at home.

Thus, the pain returned, the weakness returned, I was about to use my cane yet again. This then prompted me to seek consult with my orthopedic surgeon and my physiatrist and we all came to a conclusion that rehab may be the best thing to do again. Sadly, I have one session this week and then 3 sessions next week then that will be all, since I will then move to Manila by the end of the month to attend my review classes. I will resume after my exams…

So add in the pain I am getting from my knee and a sudden emotional turmoil brought about by the ghosts of my past relationship, combined, it really brought me down. I was really hating the world, but this return to rehab is both therapeutic for my body and certainly my soul.

Having been locked up in my room for months on end, trying valiantly to understand what I am studying, still on the healing process of my faulty relationships; to go out, get a decent amount of workout, releasing those endorphin, really helped.

Heck, I was told that my right thigh had atrophied since I wasn’t able to do my home exercises properly these past few months, and if it continues to atrophy, of course, there will be major complications. But I was happy enough that I am back in rehab to actually help myself in something, that that bad news didn’t really affect me so much, and in fact, I feel motivated to return to my proper exercises.

Plus, my recent post about System Shock Enhanced Edition being released in GOG and that Night Dive Studios promised to release it on Steam (my preferred platform) is actually today! Steam finally has System Shock Enhanced Edition! Graphically, it is not really “enhanced” but I am not always the graphics buff, so long as the gameplay and story are great, then I am just fine. What made me really want to buy it is the mouselook option, which helps if you’re used to the games of today and how you look up and down with the mouse and not merely left and right, higher resolution support upto 1024×768 (sure it ain’t 1080p, but a massive improvement from the DOS version nonetheless and makes it easy for me to replay the game now that it has this), and some bug fixes. Another reason for me to be happy…

So, as you can see, since my move to Manila is very, very close, I decided to read a little less now, relax a little more for now, exercise to bring the strength back in my right leg, and play one of my favorite games I grew up with, System Shock, this time the Enhanced Edition, which is gonna be easier on my eye that loading up the original in DOSBox or something.

I noticed it has been awhile since I last posted here; fear not, I haven’t gone away, I was just at an emotional rut as of late… Pain in the knee getting worse, but thankfully I am going back to rehab to fix this, and the ghosts of my ill-fated relationships, which I am still trying to find ways to heal… taking it a day at a time. Those combined isn’t really helping me blog about things.

And fear not, if I find the time to document my review from November 2015 to February 2016 and the ultimate build up to the Medical Licensure Exam, you know I will blog about it.

Writing is just another way for me to de-stress, cope with difficulties, and the like; I don’t always just game, play my guitar, or take photos and videos (all of which are my other hobbies).

Anyways, that’s it for now…


For those interested in System Shock Enhanced Edition for Steam, CLICK HERE! They are currently on sale at 20% off for the first game, but if you haven’t played the second and want both, they also have a 20% off on the bundle!

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