Rockin’ at 16gigs of RAM again!

A couple or so days ago, I was having very strange errors in my system; having tested everything, I concluded that it was my 2 sticks or RAM that is causing the problem… having to run 1 of the 2 suspected sticks alone in my system for troubleshooting, it won’t even boot POST. Thus, I had to remove 2 sticks of 4gb G Skill Sniper 1600 1.25v out of my system and leave the remaining 2 to fend off for themselves at 8gb dual channel.

8gb 1600mhz RAM is enough for most people… but, I am not like most people. I do video editing in Premiere Pro and After Effects; I do a lot of photo editing with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Illustrator; I game a lot. In short, I need 16gb of RAM.

Having originally bought these sticks of RAM 2 or so years ago, I was starting to worry if they will still carry these items in local stores or local online stores… Of course, like in the old days or buying SDRAM, as long as you have the same frequency, latency, voltage, you are pretty much okay if you mix and match brands/models, but apart from performance, I am much into the aesthetics as well. Having the same exact model will ease my obsessive compulsive b*tching on how it doesn’t match.

Thankfully, there was ONE online shop that still carry it locally. If it didn’t I either have to order it from the States or sell my old RAM and buy new ones. The latter was also a good option, but come on, I still have to find a buyer, sell it for dirt cheap and nothing in return of investment, making me spend a lot more on 4 new sticks of RAM instead of just looking for 2 replacement sticks.

I’ve got mail!
Here they are!

So, needless to say, I bought it, and 2 days of running in 8gb later, it came through the mail, and just like that, I am back at 16gb (4x4gb) 1600mhz dual channel. It doesn’t look any different performance wise to the layman, but when it comes down to heavy processes, these bad boys running at 16gb will surely help. And if you use a lot of After Effects… “effects”… then you know that it will really help especially in the RAM preview.

Together with its new siblings… Rockin’ 16gb once again!
G Skill Sniper 16gb (4x4gb) 1600mhz 1.25v (raised to 1.3volts due to my mobo not running it at 1.25volts) at dual channel. Lasted 2 days with just 8gb RAM; it is great to be back up at 16gb!

It just feels great that nowadays, in this country, we need not rely too much on waiting months on end just to get a part from the States or other countries. Most enthusiast parts are now available here in the Philippines. And most of the sellers I am actually a regular customer and are good friends with… however, this was the first time I bought from this guy, but seeing how it was hassle free, like all the others, I will surely order from him again if ever I need something.

So that is all for now… PEACE!

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