The Martian and Pig-Out Kind of Day!

From left to right, Dr. Olie, Dr. Chan (ME!), Dr. Alex (our mentor), and Dr. Joed

Me and my good friends have been planning to hang out for the past couple of days, but weren’t able to due to my headache or due to the heavy rains. Luckily, today was sunny enough for us to brave the wild and meet up in a local mall to catch The Martian, and of course, catch up with each other in the process.

We were also joined by our friend and mentor, who happens to be my inspiration in deciding to take Internal Medicine as my specialty after my board exams. So, we may not be a big group today, it was still composed of my close friends that make up for the lack in number. Of course, I would love to see all my classmates and hang out with them today, but such is life, that everyone, I included, would have conflicting schedules and is not possible to see each other in any casual means… maybe in future conventions where different medical disciplines will eventually force us to meet each other…

Anyways, we decided to watch The Martian, since most of us grew up wanting to be an astronaut and are really into space flight and the progress done by NASA and the other agencies, heck, we even tuned in for the NASA press conference about flowing water on the surface of Mars a couple days back, so it was an obvious movie for us to watch.

I am no film buff honestly, in fact, the only movies I really ever watch are these science fiction movies, and being a geek, I am the guy that watches movies like Star Wars more than anything else. Saying that, I will not try and review the movie, nor will I give spoilers here. But if I were to rank my favorite movies about space travel (minus Star Wars of course), this movie ranks my #2 favorite movie of that theme. #1 is still Apollo 13 for it is not fiction, but the way it was made into a movie was perfect, and #3 would be Interstellar.

What I like about this movie and Interstellar is that they may be both science fiction, but they are MORE science than fiction. What I mean by that is that, yes the stories are of fiction, but the science is real. I am no expert in astrophysics, astronomy, or the like, but when I was younger, my dreams of being an astronaut or astronomer lead me to read many science books on the subject. So, with little knowledge I have of the matter, it is enough to appreciate the authenticity of both movies.

And this movie in particular, had me on the edge of my seat on the most thrilling parts, got me choked up at the dramatic parts, and this movie even has humor… the humor that won’t wear out to quickly. In fact some of the jokes, are not your regular “toilet humor”, it is witty, and intelligent. Something like I would appreciate.

So in short, I enjoyed this movie, and if you are into astronomy, or in for it for the science, heck if you are in for just a good movie overall, you won’t regret watching this. Take it from a guy who doesn’t watch that many movies because there are a lot of movies that I find awful, so I avoid watching them in general; if this guy gets off his ass to watch this movie, then maybe it really is worth the money.

After the movie, of course, we got hungry, so we ventured away from the mall and the usual eateries into a place deep inside Clark Freeport Zone and into a cozy little place called Clark Lomi House… or was it something else… Oh jeez, I forgot where we ate!

The food was great, it was more of home cooked Filipino meals and I love that; plus like I always say, having to eat any meal with your good friends, makes the meal even better.

We got to talk about our future careers and how we will go about reaching our goals, caught up with what has been happening with us lately, and many more. It was like the good old times and I may sound old by saying that, but yeah… great times, great times… and looking forward for another great hangout with my buddies… both in the medical field and those who aren’t.


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