Went Out After 20 Days Being at Home!

First off, it’s a Friday, and you know what that means!!

It’s Friday, I’m in love!! Well, not really, but The Cure is one of my all time favorite bands, and this is one of my all time favorite songs from them!

Okay that aside, I went to a birthday party of one of my good friends and mentor, Dr. Edwin, whom you may know if you some of my travel blogs to Tagaytay.

I was a great way to get out of the house for the first time in 20 days; yes, 20 days. Why 20 days? Well, I have been trying to read and relax as much before the big review comes along this November. And I am usually the type that doesn’t got out unless I really need to anyway.

Back to the party, it was nice seeing my other mentors there and my classmates, who took the physician licensure examination last August and all passed. It was a breath of fresh air hearing their stories about the review and the exam and even gave me tips. I met with my former residents and they were also giving a lot of good tips for residency. Overall, I felt relieved by the amount of support and the amount of confidence they showed me even if I, myself, don’t have enough confidence sometimes.

Can’t wait for February and get my own license!

Anyways, it wasn’t long that this guy, that doesn’t go to parties a lot, because he rather stay at home or have a good cup of coffee else where in a quiet place, start to show his energy level dwindling by the bass beat of the songs.

Not that I don’t like the songs, as made evident above, I love 80s songs, that’s how I got into Alternative Rock in the first place and learned the guitar, and again, as made evident above, I was listening to The Cure, my favorite band that were prolific in the 80s.

It all began when they turned the lights off and turned on the machines for the lase light shows. Then the DJ starts dropping some remixes of 80s songs with heavy emphasis on bass. With the flickering lights, as in, exaggerated use of the lights, I started to get a headache… and then the beat of the bass was getting to me. So, I spent the rest of the party just outside, away from the laser light show machines.

Guess all my time not going to parties really can be detrimental at times when you do have to go to one. Ah well, everyone knows me anyway. I get invited, but 75% of the time I won’t go. Today is an exception for this was the birthday of my good friend and mentor. Sure hope I didn’t give him a bad impression for being outside more than have the time.

Well, that’s it for my day, I think I will load up some games or start reading again. Either way, I somehow feel a new breath of life come into me as I have not been going out for the past few weeks and became a monk of sorts in my room reading endlessly.

But this sacrifice will pay off… and it would be worth it.



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