Enter “Chibi Doc Chan”!

I am an otaku of sorts, I enjoy reading manga and watching anime. You add the fact that I am a PC gamer, geek/nerd, makes you realize why I am single. Sigh, if only I can live in the region of the world *cough* Japan *cough* where a guy like me will be appreciated.

Well, back to the post. With the fact that I am into a anime/manga, a good buddy of mine sent me a Chibi version of myself; at first I thought he made it in Photoshop or something, but that sly friend of mine confessed that he just found an online program to make said Chibi. Ah well, at least he was honest enough that he was lazy to boot up his Photoshop to make a Chibi me, which is why I asked him in the first place to make me a Chibi because I, too, was lazy to make it in Photoshop. A dear procrastination, unlike love, you don’t seem to wanna let me go, huh?

So without further ado, here is my Chibi!

Chibi Me vs Real Me

Now you know why I thought he made it in the first place, because if you compare my photo and the Chibi, it does look a lot like me. Or simply, my face is that generic. It may very well be, but hey, let us pretend  my face is unique.

As to why my Chibi has a cane, well, I am known for having a knee injury way back in high school playing basketball with some friends, and since then, the pain comes and goes, thus I am usually seen with a cane when I can’t carry my body weight thanks to the pain.

Then last year I had surgery to finally repair my torn ACL/MCL and was once again donning the cane post-operation.

I have earned the nickname Dr. House ever since high school…

Thus ends my not so productive day; was pretty slow at my readings as I finished a mere 4 chapters of Pharmacology review… sigh. I gotta pick up the pace tomorrow as I plan to finish this book in 2 days or 3. Wish me luck!


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