Another Lazy Rainy Afternoon

Waking up this morning, I knew that I will be taking a break from my studies; Come on, having completed 4 subjects in 8 days was no mean feat. I’m telling you, it took a lot out of me. So I think I deserve an early break in the week before I resume my studies in preparation for my board exam this coming February 2016.

Having said that, I couldn’t have picked the right time to take a break.

It started raining and it did cool down what would be yet another hot day here in the Philippines. Global warming is true in the sense that in these months, or what we call the “Ber-Months”, you know… SeptemBER, OtcoBER, etc., plus it’s a pun like when you are freezing and you “Brr it;s cold”. With that said, it is expected to be colder, not freezing cold, but colder than it normally is in this time of the year.

Alas, El Nino reared its ugly head again.

But hey, we do get rain which, again, is quite peculiar this time of the year… it isn’t the rainy season during the “Ber-Months”.

Anyways, it is a good day to just lay in bed, maybe game a bit here and there, and overall, rest the weary mind before I start studying again tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with my one of my favorite Garbage songs entitled “I’m Only Happy When It Rains”.


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