Capping Off August With a Return to Event Photography

Turn it up to eleven!

Photography wise, August has been a great month for me. It has beeen oh so long since I had multiple activities, be it personal or public, to shoot photos of.

I was invited to take photos for AUFMC Department of Pediatrics 14th Biennial Post Graduate Course; I was an obvious choice, because when I was still a medical clerk, I was also asked to take photos in their 13th Biennial Post Graduate Course two years ago.

I had nothing to do, and I was really happy they asked me to be their “official” photographer, so I had to say yes.

Enter Doctor Photographer

I mean, this isn’t my profession. I am just doing photography as a hobby. So it kinda warms my feelings when I get praised for my work.

While I was there, of course I got to see my former clerks and former co interns, as well as my former professors in Pediatrics, the NICU nurses, and the consultants/residents of Pediatrics. It was like a reunion.

With my favorite NICU nurses!!
My former clerks that became my co interns! I was late in finishing the program so I had make up duties with these guys.

I was glad the whole event went well for the organizing residents, and I was glad I was able to control the crowd when it comes to taking group shots. It was always a skill I was happy to have; having that rapport with the person or group of people while taking their shots.

“I don’t think I brought enough cameras for today’s event…” Take note, I only own one of these cameras!

This might be the last event I will shoot for in a long while. I will be moving to Manila in a months time to finally prepare for my upcoming medical licensure exam slated this Febraury 2016.

After I get my license, then yes, I may resume getting hired for these type of events again.

I am happy I was invited. Not only was I able to take photos again to feed my photography hobby needs, I got to meet my friends and mentors, I was also able to learn a few more things in the realm of Pediatrics… even if that won’t be my specialty… I aim to be an Internist.

Anyways, that’s all for now.


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