Catching Up

Hanging out… Down the street…

So I thought of taking a break from my reading and catch up with my buddies; it so happens that one of them came back from the States for a few days, so it was all the more perfect to meet up with my good ol’ Fil-Am friends.

I must say, going out, even if I am an advocate of honing ones skills at home by locking oneself in their room studying or the like, is good every once in a awhile. Forget all your stupid responsibilities and feel free even for a moment. I haven’t laughed so much. Well, maybe last Independence Day, June 12, where I also met up with mostly the same guys, that I laughed just as hard.

It goes to show that we, even if we no longer hang out as much as we do during our college days, and even if we are not complete (there are more of us that moved back home in the States), it is as if we never lost touch of one another and still clicked like we did back when were younger.

I may sound old by saying that, but hey, we are really not getting any younger, but I appreciate that we stayed as good friends, and as mature as we did get when we got older, we still have our wacky immature side.

Can’t wait ’til the next time we hang out again. And guess what, we might play a pen and paper RPG before I go to Manila, so that would be fun!

‘Til then! PEACE! =]

The Chocolate Warrior reunites with The Chocolate Emperor

Oh… I forgot to mention. Yes, I shaved my hair. I am an egghead.


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