PC Uprgade: Logitech G600

All of zhe buttons of zhe internetttssss

This is not a new mouse per se, it was released if I’m not mistaken way back at 2012, but since the day my DeathAdder 2013 is on life support (not sure what caused it to break down after barely a year and a half of use… And I am OC, I do not bash my gadgets or whatever) earlier this year, I wanted to switch to a Logitech mouse because I hear they are much sturdier and the more important note, not as expensive.

So, I was looking into the G502 at first but when I saw the G600, knowing it was an older model release, the idea of having 20 buttons, plus the ring finger click (Which can be used as a “G-Shift” to effectively create a second set of key maps on the fly) was too hard for me to resist.

I was saving up for it and was planning to buy one before October because I will be in Manila for my Board Review, but as I was just looking around last night just to make sure I know how much I am supposed to save for, lo and behold, I was reached by a friend of mine, who happened to have stumbled into someone selling a Logitech G600 for more than half the price off of a new G600.

It was a demo/display item in a shop and surprisingly, it was still in great condition. I was able to inspect it before purchasing it earlier and I was floored. For what is supposed to be a PHP3,500 ($75.00) for a brand new one I got a steal for PHP1,200 ($25.00). Yes, I effectively saved 50 bucks!

Sure, the lifespan may have been halved because I don’t know how this was treated on display/demo in the shop, but from the external looks of things, it seemed to have been taken care of. And for 25 bucks, I still couldn’t go wrong.

If it breaks, well, I can always get another, this time a brand new one, but overall, thanks to my OC-ness, I feel this will last a long time.

Time to remap all games keys in game and link Adobe programs using the profiling in Logitech Software.

A great day. A great Deal. Can’t be happier today!

Til Next Time! PEACE!


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