My Everyday Carry!

I have, like most everyone else, an everyday carry; this can be as simple as just a cellphone and wallet, others may have a multitool, a vlog camera, etc.

For this post, I will showcase my everyday carry (as of August 2015); by the term, this is what I take with me on a daily basis, whether I be at work or at the mall. This is different from my complete gear on vacation where I take my DSLR gear, tablet, laptop, etc., with me.

I will try and give the specs of each everyday carry (hereafter, EDC) and a link to their manufacturer’s website. I will avoid posting prices because, it may change by the time you stumble into this.

So, here goes.

1. ASUS Zenfone 2 (Previously ASUS Zenfone 5)

Let us begin with my phone; honestly, I am not too big in the cellphone/smartphone department. Ever since I was in high school, I never bought my own phone, I had to had hand-me-downs from my sister. My first smartphone was also a hand-me-down from the same sister, an Apple iPhone 3G (She bought herself a 3GS). The very first smartphone I ever bought on my own, happens to be just be my second smartphone ever, the Zenfone 5, but I since upgraded to the Zenfone 2. Why am I not so big on phones? Well, I just needed a phone where I can call or send text messages. Simple as that. But I must admit, having a smartphone like the ASUS Zenfone 2 is making me use my Apple iPad Mini a lot less.

I always said to myself though, if I do get a phone, or even a tablet at that, it would run an Android OS, because my experiences with iOS on my Apple iPhone 3G was not as good as others would say it would be. Well, to the everyday person, an iOS is a superb OS, and rightly so it is, but if you are like me, a PC geek, you hate things that are too locked down like iOS, and an Android OS, so far with the Zenfone 5 and later on the Zenfone 2, I have done a lot more customization and a lot more productivity with it than I ever had on my iPhone 3G or iPad Mini.

Plus, the time I bought this Zenfone 2, it had a price none could beat with it’s specs. I was a no brainer for me to get, since my Nokia and Samsung (I forgot their models; these were the phones I chose for my clerkship) were dying, and my iPhone 3G was practically dead.

So I may not really be a big fan of smartphones, but if it is an Android phone like this one, I had to get it and use it to it’s full potential, and thus far, it has been very good to me in my work/studies. Perfect when you are in the hospital, and then a consultant asks you a question, you can easily browse through your apps, books, or check online for the answers; Perfect when you are tired at work and just want to check your social sites; And most importantly, perfect just to bust out to play some games on emulators. Couple this with the iPega PG9021, you got a perfect handheld gaming device that still serves other purposes other than gaming.

I can also remotely control my PC/Laptop or control PowerPoint presentations remotely and be able to read the notes; this is especially useful, if one has no projector and has to present the PowerPoint directly from a laptop without being able to read the notes on the laptop screen.

Love this phone.

2. Apple iPad Mini

This was given to me by my parents and sister as a gift for becoming a clerk/junior intern. They knew I needed something for me to use for quick references, reviewer, etc. Or just go online to relax a bit while on duties.

But like I said, I wanted an Android tablet if ever I get a tablet. Though, a gift is still a gift, thus I kept it, and sure, apart from its super locked down OS, I still found good use for it.

Again, I used this just for studies or finding answers while in the hospital. And it served me well in that aspect, but I never placed any games here. It was just not a good gaming platform FOR ME. And that’s just me. Sure it has emulators and good games available for download, but it was just not powerful enough for most emulators I wanted to have

I can still do things like, remotely control my PC; control my PC/Laptop while having PowerPoint presentations, and the like. But it just isn’t as intuitive as my Zenfone 2 in doing so.

Like I said above, I am beginning to use this a lot less now since I got my Zenfone 2, but I still bring it just in case I need it. For whatever reason.

3. HUAWEI E5220 Pocket WiFi

My postpaid accounts for all my cellphone numbers (yes, I have a total of 3 numbers; The Zenfone 2 is dual sim, and my “dying” Samsung has the other sim. I just don’t bring my Samsung with me everyday.) doesn’t have 3G or 4G capabilities; I got these numbers when my iPhone 3G was dying, and I was using non-smartphone (stupidphone?) that doesn’t have the ability to go online anyways. So I opted out of the 3G or 4G fiasco. Looking back, maybe it was stupid of me not to, but than again, having a separate pocket WiFi is a better choice in the end.

Having a pocket WiFI instead of a mobile data plan for my numbers, makes it so my phone won’t have it’s battery drained faster, and if I want to share the WiFi, I don’t have to turn on my phone’s hotspot.

The bad thing about this, is that it is signal dependent of course. But then again, also is my phone…

4. USB Flashdrives

I just showed one flashdrive, btu believe me, being a computer geek and being a senior intern, I have loads and loads of these flashdrives, from different companies, of different capacities, and different interfaces (USB 1, 2, and 3).

I never leave my home for work on vacation without at least an 8GB Flashdrive with me… You just never know what you’ll need this for or when you’ll need this.

5. Romoss Solo 5 10,000mAh Powerbank

Just a new addition to my gadgets; I just bought this last month. In fact, you can read my review on this powerbank right HERE (note this post was imported from Blogger; may look messy).

I love this. My Zenfone 2, though higher capacity battery life compared to let’s say an iPhone 5S, it does go through quite quickly depending on what you do in a day. I usually charge every 36hours (yes, I track how many hours my phone usually lasts before charging), but if I game, or text a lot or call a lot (which I do in the hospital due to referrals, etc), I do have to charge after 18-24 hours after previous charge. And we all know, by the advent of all mobile devices, finding a free socket to charge in is now rare. In fact, even USB ports of PC’s are occupied with devices being charged.

At first I wanted to jsut buy an extension cord, so everyone can share a charge, but then again, I would leave my devices on charge while I go through the different floors, in different rooms of patients, etc., thus risking missing important calls or messages. So I needed a powerbank so I can charge on the go.

And this Romoss has been nothing else but truly AWESOME. It has dual output (one is 2.1A and the other is 1A) so I can charge my HUAWEI E5220 pocket WiFi and my Zenfone 5 at the same time. In fact, if you have an octopus cord, you can charge even more devices! Albeit slower charge… but still. Perfect.

Do read my review for more info on this powerbank.<

6. iPega PG9021

I wanted to have a controller that is bluetooth, so it can be used with my Zenfone 2 and emulators, and can still be used with my main PC system by way of bluetooth. Not only that, it should have a clip on for the said Zenfone 2 and have a XBox controller form-factor. Sounds impossible? NOPE.

I found this iPega PG-9021 that is everything I just said above. And for a good price.

Now I won’t say everything about the controller for I have a review right HERE (note: also from Blogger; may look messy).

Do read it.

This is perfect for those boring days at work where you see people playing Clash of Clans or what not and you play Doom on your phone by way of DOS emulator and then mapping the controls to your controller.

Heck, if I have the urge to “catch ’em all!”, I can also do so by way of various Gameboy emulators.

Because REAL gamers don’t settle for games that are for casuals… Just saying.

7. Xiaomi Piston V2 Earphones

I was in the market for good quality earphones that don’t break the bank, and these pair of drivers certainly are, and literally are, BANG for the buck.

With its sleek looks (I got the gold ones), and sleeved cables, it can trick the unknowing and may pass for an even more expensive earphones that they really are.

Once you dial in the equalizer just right on your device, these earphones are truly a wonder to hear.

Of course, when you go out, be it alone or with other people, sometimes you need to listen to music… have a soundtrack for your life… so a simple strut around the mall or park can be so epic when “Bittersweet Symphony” starts playing and blasting through your earphones.

8. WIRES!! And Stuff!

Of course, this is a must, I need a couple of micro USB cables to charge my devices while I’m at work or out somewhere. I still bring along my Samsungs micro USB AC charger, cause I may need to charge my phone/pocket WiFi/powerbank all simultaneously and I just had one AC adapter from ASUS. Sure I can charge my powerbank and plug in devices on it’s USB ports to charge simultaneously, but it charges itself and the devices EXTREMELY slower if charged simultaneously. So I must charge them separately.

I also have this peculiar CDRKing Lightning to Micro USB adapter for my iPad Mini. BUT WAIT, you say! You have that octopus cord, you say. Well I SAY!! That octopus cord only charges, it doesn’t transfer files, so if I need to transfer something to and from my iPad Mini, I am screwed with the octopus cord. And why don’t I buy the actual lightning cord? Because it is too expensive. This was 10% of the total price of the cable. No brainer.

I also have an On The Go (OTG) cable for my phone. So I can quickly transfer files from my Flashdrive if need be. Just being a boyscout here.

9. Wallet

Self explanatory. Usually empty.

10. House/Room Keys


Not pictured because people sure know how to make copies by screen capture and molding the key. Not saying I did it, but I heard of it that’s why people warn me not to take pictures with my keys, any keys, visible. Let this also serve as a warning to you all. Be it true or not, better safe then sorry.

10. Rubbing Alcohol

Yes, I am a “germaphobe”… well only when I am in the hospital. Of course, you see patients that are sick, you can’t always go to the bathroom to wash your hands if in a hurry, so rubbing alcohol is necessary.

11. Rosary

I may not look like it, but I am religious, I get really scared if I don’t bring one along. Every time the going gets tough, I just hold on to this, say a little prayer, and everything gets better for me.

And that concludes my EDC.

So, how do I keep all these things when I am on the go? I have several travel bags/cases where I keep them. Note… All these cases came from Medical Representatives when I attend medical conventions… very handy. As I can’t find these items easily in the local malls for the life of me.

I have this small case for my powerbank, wires, flashdrives, pockt WiFi, chargers…

For my earphones, I also have a nice little organizer and case for it… doesn’t come with the earphones when you purchase them, I just got this separately thanks to the Medical Representatives.

Yes, I also keep my controller in a case when I travel. That’s how OC I am! But there’s more to it… read below as to why I have a lot of cases.

Then they all go in together a larger case.

Why do I still have other cases for my stuff if I will ultimately end up putting them inside a bigger caset that obviously accommodates them all?

Let us be realistic, some days, I don’t want to game, or I don’t need to listen to music, etc, so I need not bring the everything (which kinda contradicting to the EVERYDAY CARRY moniker); if I just want to bring my chargers, I will bring the smaller bag/case for example.

And of course, my wallet, rosary, rubbing alcohol, and phone is kept in my various pockets.

So there you go! That is my EDC as of August 2015.

Tell me what you guys think what are your EDC!



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