Preview of My Travel Blog

Morning has broken…

If you are following me in Twitter (look at the right side for the Twitter widget if you want to follow me…) and here in WordPress, you all know that I had a weeked getaway to Tagaytay… It was a magical and relaxing place we got that named Narra Hill Tagaytay, and it was well worth the road trip.

This post serves as a sneak peak of the photos (Or you can visit/follow me on Flickr HERE for earlier access to my latest photos) I took during the trip.

The next post, if it will be about my travel, will show my favorite photos I took, including the one above, my experiences, and of course, my review of Narra Hill Tagaytay.

So stay tuned! There will be loads of photos to share, experiences to share, and a review so you guys can know more about Narra Hill Tagaytay!


Photographer mode again… After eons and eons of inactivity!

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