Blog on the Go: Waking Up to Beauty

Top of the mornin' to yah!

I have honestly been having a problem with my circadian rhythm. Before arriving here in Narra Hill Tagaytay, I have a screwed hp sleeping pattern for the past two months; blame it on my two year on hospital duty as both a junior and senior medical intern, where there were many a sleepless nights.

Upon arriving here, all my worries, doubts, and the impending reality of my board exams this coming February 2016, were dug out of my sub-consciousness and I felt more relaxed.

The cold weather, the ease of my thoughts, good company, all played a factor for me, at least for the moment, to get my sleeping pattern right on track… and good timing, too, for I woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

I am your prototypical geek who stays at home more often than not, couple the fact that my pre-medical course was biology, I am easily at awe with such wonder.

I don’t take these things for granted, neither do I get to see these everyday, so it is always breath taking when I do witness such a scenery.

I have taken quite a number of shots with my DSLR (photo above was taken with my phone), and I will admit, with my busy schedule, I haven’t really touched my DSLR as much as I used to… so, I nearly forgot some of my shooting techniques. But like riding a bike, you never truly forget. You get rusty, but after a few shots, I got the hang of it again.

Post-processing will complete and make the photos even better, so as much as I don’t want to leave this place, I do want to go home and start post-processing.

Anyways, that’s it for this quick post…

‘Til next time! PEACE!

A little bit of inspiration can get a long way

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