Weekend Getaway to Tagaytay

Photography gear ready! Travelling light, only bringing a few of my camera accessories with me. No tripod, no telephoto, etc…

I am nearly all packed up for tomorrow’s trip to Tagaytay; never been there before, nor do I truly know where that is since I am the type of guy that loves staying at home. I just can’t pass up this chance to take amazing photos there. Sure, I may never have stepped foot in Tagaytay before, I am still aware how beautiful the area is and what a photographer paradise it is. And I am itching to get back into photography!

I will be travelling with my sister and future boss, Dr. Debbie, along with her colleagues and my futures bosses, Dr. Edwin, Dr. Jap, and Dr. Jerico. And I am close with each and every one of them so it will be a great trip, no doubt.

My forte in photography will always be street photography, but it just so happens that I do a lot of flash photography with inanimate objects and with live models; I am with good company, so I can also dust off my model and flash photography skills. They better be ready…

Other gadgets! Also travelling light, won’t bring the whole family of gadgets…

Of course, one can’t simply travel without the other essentials… First off, would be my other gadgets. I will bring my pocket WiFi, my chargers, cables, my Romoss Solo 5 (I love this power bank and I can’t recommend it enough!), my Xiaomi Piston V2 Earphones (I’ve had this for 4 months now and I promise to make the review soon…), and my iPega PG-9021 bluetooth controller (just in case I do get bored, highly unlikely, but I am a boy scout…). I will leave my laptop because we won’t stay there far too long and I got my Asus ZenFone 2 to browse the net if need be. Plus, I brought 2 of my SD cards for photography, so saving the photos externally for space won’t be an issue… I don’t “spray and pray” when I shoot photos anyway.

Charging up!

This trip means that I will not read for another couple of days in preparation for my board exams at February next year… I know it is still a ways off, but I just want to read as much as I can before the pressure gets to me.

But everyone has their limits even if it is casual reading, so this trip will serve as a get away from reality even for a moment; I will do my best not to think about the exams, my logbook, my pinkform to be signed, etc… it will be me, my friends, just having a blast!

Toiletries all packed up!

I am very thankful that they invited me for this trip, I mean, they always do invite me when they have shenanigans, but I was either not in the mood, busy, or just want to stay at home and play some games. But, like I said, the trip to a brand new place that I am assured of beautiful sights, I just can’t pass this up…

Clothes a ready!

The rain my play a factor in our touring, but never will it play a detrimental role in taking photographs… One should be vigilant when shooting wonderful photos, use the items/models around him/her creatively, and use mother nature to his/her favor… I could take wonderful black and white photos thanks to the gloomy mood, have highly saturated photos showing the rain cleansing the earth, or I can make faux film style photos – highly grainy, with false/muted colors… the (gloomy) sky’s the limit!

So, tune in for some great photos that I will share here via my Flickr. You can even visit my Flickr Photostream here and add me up there if you want.

I will also, probably update the blog with a Blog on the Go post tomorrow night… we will see.

Til then! PEACE!


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