“The Switch” To WordPress

Move Along (Off Focus T.T)
Original photo titled Move Along; taken 2011. Perfect depiction for my moving from Blogger to WordPress

I made several Blogger and Multiply accounts, but as time went by and Multiply became a Craig’s List of sorts, Multiply folded in and I switched over full time to Blogger.

But it looks as though, it is time for me to once again switch platforms, possibly fulltime, to WordPress.

I have been putting my switch to WordPress for many years due to my familiarity with Blogger, most of my audience are in Blogger, and plain and simple, I was just a lazy bum that the very thought of starting anew makes me want to see my breakfast all over again.

Then a few days ago when I was giving advice to a new blogger on what to use, I didn’t think twice in saying WordPress. Asked why I don’t have WordPress, is simply the reasons above. But my own suggestion piqued my interest…

Thus I started finding ways, if any, to import my Blogger posts into WordPress so I don’t feel as though I am starting from scratch. Lucky me, that I need not to resort to 3rd party programs or “workarounds”; there was a built in import system here.

All I need to do was export my Blogger posts into .XML and then import it here.

This system maybe be universal, in that all platforms have this option to import/export to/from different platforms, but this is the first I have ever heard of it, so pardon my astonishment if this was yesteryears’ news.

Anyways, I am enjoying WordPress and its customization options, sure I am limited since I am a poor boy and nobody loves so I can only use the free account. But hey, content of anything else.

Speaking of content, my promised posts in Blogger will now be posted here very soon, namely, my post on my everyday carry, my love letter to Pillars of Eternity (I’ve been writing this since March upon the game’s release!), a review on ASUS Zenfone 2 (but I might forego this one), and everything else. So stay tuned!



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