Dusting off my DSLR

I See You
Time to go shooting again! This photo was taken way back 2011…
I have been invited to join my sister and future boss, as well as her co-physician buddies that happen to be my future bosses, too, to have a 2 days and 1 night stay at Tagaytay; now don’t ask me too much of that place for I am a geek/nerd/dork/dweeb that doesn’t do too much travelling. And that’s weird for a photography enthusiast to not look for adventures… Anyways, my forte will always be street photography.
With that said, I will dust off my DSLR, plan what exact stuff to take as I won’t bring ALL my gear. Plan out what are the possible good shots to take, and since I am with a group, what good group photos, or heck, since they are there, they will be my models and I can do creative photography with models (my second most forte). I might even venture out into making a travel VLOG; give me a good reason to test out my R9 390 I got weeks ago in video editing, and gives me good practice.
I will share a pretravel blog on what gear I’ll be taking, what are my initial plans in shooting, and if I do make a travel VLOG, how to go about it.
This is short, not totally structured post… but hey, I just feel like typing tonight before gaming.
Also, these may be the few posts I will be making in Blogger (sob) for I might be migrating to WordPress really soon.
For now, PEACE!

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