Blog on the Go: Being Dr. House on Duty

Resumed my duty, albeit, with a cane and all. Dr. House I am to be called yet again and from here on out. Not really a bad thing; kinda cool really.

Anyways, having resumed, it felt great seeing the people I work with again. As if nothing has changed; everything was the way it was before my injury took its toll again.

It felt like home.

I don’t normally take time to take a picture if my duties, but hey, I’m on my final 2 weeks of duty as an intern. I will then be preparing for my board exams. I should take this opportunity to savor these moments.

As of writing, I am 7 hours away from my shift being over. Why am I still up without patients? I overdosed on coffee again…

By the way, picture above is me, on the left, and my duty mate, Dr. Kristianne.

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