Creative Freedom

I make videos… a lot of videos. I edit photos… a lot of photos. I design promo posters… not so much of them. And I design invitations… not as much as well.
Where am I going with such am eldritch introduction? Well, it just goes to show, that even if I am busy enough as it is with my senior medical internship, I still find time to do media editing, whether it is for personal use or for my clients.
Of course, when I take photos, or make videos, for my own personal pleasure, I have complete creative freedom, but as we all know, if we were to make our clients happy with our work, we tend to ask them what they envision and we will create it for them, may not be as accurate as what they say or want to see, but a very good approximation indeed.
However, with my background of editing a lot of photos and some promo posters added to my repertoire, my clients give me the benefit of the doubt in giving me COMPLETE CREATIVE FREEDOM for whatever project they hire me for; whether it’s editing photos, designing invitations or promo posters, or making videos. They have so much faith in my “creativity” that I can do most anything.
It is flattering, but of course, you start thinking what if your design isn’t what they really want. Sure, they may give you complete creative freedom, but that is not to say the project is no longer subject to ridicule especially if it deviates away a tad too far from their expectations in general.
But the vindication you’d get from their approval, their sincere approval; the way they are truly happy with the outcome of the project, with the fact that you made all the decisions, creatively speaking, without little to no input from your client. I’m telling you, there’s no happier feeling in the world when that happens.
This is probably just a simple post to show my appreciation to most of my clients who trust in me and my so called skills in photography, videography, and designs. With such freedom, I can try new things, and along the way increase my self esteem, to produce even better content in the future.
So cheers!

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