Crippled. Again.

Originally written Sept. 5, 2014

It comes to no surprise to most of my friends that I have weak knees; I torn my left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and partially torn my left lateral collateral ligament (LCL), I also partially torn my right ACL and partially torn my left medial collateral ligament (MCL), due to playing basketball bak in highschool and landing on someone’s foot that popped both my knees out. This caused me to not be able to walk for a month.

My right knee suffered yet another devastating blow when someone blindsided me for fun when I was still in my 3rd year of medical school proper. I wasn’t able to walk for 2 weeks.
Ever since highschool I was advised for surgery but always declined because I was afraid of surgeries. Ironically, I want to become a surgeon.
I was told of the risks, and I was aware of them; thus I stopped playing sports (only chess remains); I stopped running, only if I really have to in emergency cases; basically I stopped physical activities.
But yesterday, since it was our training officers birthday, we decided to dance for our doctor as a surprise for her birthday. I never told my residents of my injury because I thought, “hey! it is just a dance, not really a strenuous activity; I’m not gonna lift anyone or do any stunts, just a simple dance routine”. Unfortunately, the years of relying on my remaining ligaments and tendons on my right knee, coupled with the fact I am always on the go in the hospital, not using the elevator but rather using the stairs, added to the stress of my patellar tendon and it finally gave way in the middle of the routine.
It was embarrassing, but hey, that’s life. And I blame myself for not taking the surgeries I was told to take back in highschool.
Will be having an MRI this coming Monday to see the extent of my injury. Hopefully, it is not so bad that I will really be forced to have that surgery. I definitely would not take it if I can still get away from it,
Let me just share my X-rays for now:

As you can see from the first photo it looks as though my patella is avulsed; it is more superior and lateral. Then on the second photo the patella is indeed superior.
Anyways, my orthopedic surgeon advised me to have my MRI and I will be having it on Tuesday. Hopefully there really is no immediate need for surgery.

So that’s my life. Full of crazy surprises like this. Ah well.



I already had my MRI and am just waiting for the results.

Here’s hoping everything will be just fine.


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