The Quantum Leap to Windows 8.1

I have been putting this off for the longest time I’m afraid; partly due to the obviously atrocious Start Screen (formerly Metro) and the fact that the Start Button itself, the most recognizable button in the computer world, in my opinion was taken away. Running or searching programs will still be easy with the Win + R or Win + S commands, but if you were used to pressing the start button and start running programs by simply typing the program name may put you off slightly.
Now there are a lot of stuff I like and hate about Windows 8.1, but I will probably make an entirely different post when I have more time.
In fact, my pet peeves about this OS may have an easy work around that I have not discovered yet, as I am just 4 days into Windows 8.1.
I have installed personal scripts, and other programs that system hack it to make my Windows experience just the way I want it. And thus far, apart from the quirks, I am quite happy with Windows 8.1.
I will still learn the new features of this OS and add more tweaks to further enhance the experience and I will share my thoughts, as well as some of the scripts I have made and how they affect my OS and some of the programs I use to make my life a lot easier with the transition from Windows 7 to 8.1.
Anyways, I got duty again tomorrow, so I should hit the hay.
Quantum Leap into Windows 8.1
I am quite happy with my tweaks; starting to shape up into the OS it deserves to be; Here I am updating my Adobe CC programs. And as you can see, I have Asuka from Evangelion as my wallpaper. I have Rei on the other screen covered by Photoshop CC.

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