Blog on the Go: Colds and Pangasinan Medical Mission

When both my heroes in Internal Medicine, namely my sister, Dra. Debbie Udarbe, and her best friend, who is effectively my other sister, Dra. Rayzen Canono, made plans of having a joint medical mission in Tarlac, where Dra. Canono’s hometown, and another one in Pangasinan, our mother’s hometown, once they both finish their residency program, I knew that I would want to volunteer myself to aid them even if it means I will be having make up duties later on in my internship.

I just arrived here in Pangasinan with my whole family sans my eldest who is in the States right now, but we have the whole gang more or less. Our friends and colleagues will be arriving later tonight and tomorrow morning just in time for the medical mission that will be held in the afternoon.
I was greeted by old friends, relatives, and my grandmother from my mother’s side. Of course, conversations starts either by them saying “my have you grown” or “do you remember me?”. Ah yes, the typical questions… Smile and answer appropriately.
I was also greeted with some boiled bananas, rice cakes, and whoppers from Burger King… So, having the taste buds of an American, you’d know I’ll definitely gone for them bananas… Obviosuly. Sarcasm alert if you missed it.
As you can see from the picture, no rest for the wicked as I am making my presentation for an upcoming report. Such is life. Such is medicine.
One thing for sure, tomorrow will be grand, even if it is cloudy at this time, and even if it will probably rain tomorrow, it certainly will be grand. The best part is, I can proudly where my white coat, even if I’m just an intern, and to be standing next to my sisters (including Dra. Canono) who are already consultants during the whole event, along with being with my buddies from the ER department in AUFMC, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my weeked, albeit, I will be making up for the lost duties later on. Not to mention that I have colds. Again.

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